Sean Plunkett – Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris

21st Sept 2022

Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris is a New Zealand vaccinologist and associate professor in the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care at the University of Auckland.

Prominent in New Zealand’s pandemic response, Associate Professor Petousis-Harris helped to set up an international network for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in 2019.

Watching over Covid-19 vaccines is now a key task for the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN), which attracted funding from the U.S. government. She’s co-director of the network, which is run by UniServices out of the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences at the University of Auckland.

COVID-19 Immunisation Implementation Advisory Group (IIAG)

The Immunisation Implementation Advisory Group (IIAG) provides independent, practical advice to the Ministry of Health on how to plan, prepare and implement a COVID-19 immunisation campaign, in the event suitable vaccines become available.

This group represents a range of sectors and skills who contribute towards providing practical advice to support the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.



Te Puea Winiata Co-Chair, Chief Executive Turuki Health Care

Keriana Brooking Co-Chair, Chief Executive Hawkes Bay DHB

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris Vaccine safety and effectiveness

Dr Angela Ballantyne Bioethicist

Silao Vaisola-Sefo Pacific health provider

Nicky Birch Māori communications and engagement specialist

Taima Campbell Nursing representative

Kevin Pewhairangi Pharmacy representative

Dr Tristram Ingham Disability representative

Rhonda Sherriff Aged care representative

Loretta Roberts National Manager, Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC)

Sean Plunket interviews Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris
Lee Smith Commented :
Such a shame you mentioned dancing on a young man’s grave! No one rejoices in Rorys death. Those concerned were trying to warn others of the same possible fate.
Sue Reylands Comments :
Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris lied straight away …
The Govt were definitely not open about the side effects.
What Propaganda on TV tells Kiwis there is a possibility of ending up in a Wheel Chair or Death by Myocarditis????
Sean Plunkett saying A Vaxx Death Person ‘taking one for the team’ is an atrocious comment.
Tell that to Sarah Barnes Mum … Sarah of Hokianga died from Blood Clots to the brain after her V.
Another common cause of death after the V !!

* The Soldiers in the Gulf War were given an Untrialed V … Still no acknowledgment 25 years later for any who suffered adverse reactions !!

* Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris is a Govt Paid liar …. Saying Overseas countries are not reporting death by Myocarditis is Blatant Ignorance !!!
For goodness sake Sean …. get a Doctor who knows the proper information.
Alanna Massey will up-date you.
She deals with Scientists, Specialists.

* Sean Plunkett Perhaps you could have asked her about the ‘Hush Money ‘ being paid out to families.
She’s got to live with herself … Lies to Cover up this Evil Govt !!!

* Sean …. Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris is far from Credible …. Matt King has been interviewing families who have lost loved one’s after the V.
An ACC advisory lady was going to retire but now is advocating for these families.

* Sean … The Vaxx has not finished it’s Trial until 2023. It wasn’t meant to be rolled out to 5 Mill.NZ Lawyer Sue Grey took the Govt to Court.
So yes it is experimental & all those who took the Jabb are Guinea pigs !!

* Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris … You need to be doing Better.
The So Called Disinformation is now coming back to Haunt You !!!

*Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris … What do you mean when you are ‘Up-front with people … they feel empowered.
The Simple Fact is the Govt Haven’t been Up Front !!!!

*Myocarditis was a Side effect right from the onset … Overseas research was available. .. Helen do you think we came down in the last shower of rain … you insult our intelligence !!!

* Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris this is the 21st Century. .. the Govt has spent Millions & Millions on Propaganda & you are Saying … ‘The Roll Out Information Could Have Been Done Better’ …. FFS !!!!

Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris you Fumbled your way through the interview with Sean.
You admitted Govt Fault
And then you Dribbled on with more Contradictions! !!

Helen Aspasia Petousis-Harris … STOP … You talked about the Risks with the Media.
You are sounding like a complete Joke Now !!
Media have been part of the Lies & Propaganda all along !!!

They knew they could exploit the original Nuremberg Trials and blame it on the white coats, for now. But as J. Gillespie explains justice runs from the top to the bottom and all the way in-between.

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