2022 Local Elections

Have your say on who represents your community by voting in the 2022 local elections. You can vote from 16 September to 8 October.

Local elections decide who represents us on our city, district, and regional councils.

In some parts of New Zealand, local elections are also held for local and community boards, licensing trusts, and some other organisations. 

The people elected to local councils get to make decisions about our daily lives and the future of our towns and cities. They set and collect rates, oversee town planning, and provide services like rubbish collection, parks and libraries. 

Local elections no longer include District Health Board elections. The boards are being replaced by a new body, Health New Zealand. 

Note From Sue Reyland : Founder/Admin

The importance of being active at  local level politics  and other areas of the community where a difference can be made is critical . 

 I believe it is likely that the council elections will be quite different than in the past.

There is a long battle ahead but something must be done and starting now

The main underlying reason is that everyone recognises something is wrong in NZ and that people are feeling powerless to do anything about it. So it is about people putting aside any differences they might have whether it be Maori/white or vax/unvax or anything else and work together on pushing back against the undemocratic Government increasingly more control over local Councils.

OPINION: Do the local body election results mean anything for 2023?

Kiwi Voice : 10th Oct 2022

OPINION: Do the local body election results mean anything for 2023?

I’d like to say that the clear shift to the political right in the recent local body elections would be a strong indicator that NZ has had enough of the ideologically driven left-leaning leadership that Labour has provided over this current term – but I think I’d be lying.

Facts are facts – only 40% of eligible voters put in the effort to fill out their papers and post back, or head into a local council building of some sort and cast a special vote, or drop in. Historically, it’s always been a low turnout for these elections. This year was historically low.

Our largest city Auckland, of 1.7 million in population, had their Mayor elected with 150,000 votes.

In Christchurch, Phil Mauger received 50,000 votes. Dunedin’s Jules Radich 20,000.

With 60% of the voting population either ambivalent, lazy or disinterested, these results can’t be too heavily analysed in relation to 2023. Maybe we can get a “feel” for public sentiment, as a lot of mainstream outlets have reported being out there – but if the publics propensity to politically shift is proven to be as fickle as previous election cycles, Labour has all the time in the world to fix their currently abysmal public polling.

Jacinda Ardern’s international grandstanding is looked on adoringly by her most dedicated followers, and there are still so many. Her first trip this year to the States to catchup with buddies at big businesses such as Blackrock, google, Facebook, the UN and WHO before hitting late night TV to chat with friend, Pfizer shareholder and cringe-merchant Stephen Colbert was a massive win for existing base, may even have won her some new fans, those that take no time to dig slightly deeper and see that below the well spoken smiley public persona, there is a country divided, fiscally broken and focused on all the wrong things.

Her 2nd trip, this time as a key speaker at the UN, was also widely praised by her loyal following. Her speech proclaiming that words online can be “a weapon of war” and wondering out-loud how governments around the world can control the narratives behind climate change & covid-19 when people have access to opposing views, received rapturous virtual applause online in supporters’ circles.

Meanwhile GB News, Sky News Australia, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, Podcaster Tim pool, and even American news commentator Jimmy Dore absolutely slammed Ardern as authoritarian, the speech as frightening, and cautioned the world on the perils of outright Government controlled censorship.

Fact of the matter is – it’s volatile out there. Things can change so quickly. Those awake enough to follow all the metrics that Labour campaigned on (mental health referrals, child poverty, housing) and their blatant disregard for the will of the people (3 waters) can see the persistent failures on every single one, and it would take a generational shift to bring them within a country’s length of a Labour vote.

But those Labour loyalists and strong left-wing ideologues that aren’t moving their vote anywhere aren’t small in number, and unfortunately, there is a huge block of undecided and somewhat disinterested voters that could just as easily go red should Labour throw some money or resources at something they believe in in a last-minute vote grab.

Maybe we will see some more common-sense at a local government level now that the vast majority of councils have gained some via these elections.

But does that transfer to central Government in 2023?



Victoria del la Varis-Woodcock, Kaipara Councillor

11th Oct 2022


Hi People. This is my last post on this page!

Thanks for coming along on the democratic journey with me as a councillor these past 6 years. You have been fantastic at paying attention and keeping faith.

These are strange times we are living through. It is hard work to take part in the processes of Local Government. I take my hat off to all those who do, and to all those who are keeping their eye on the ball.

My heart is telling me (as well as my supporters!) that I still have a journey ahead speaking up for the people.

Watch this space!

Comment from Sue Reyland ( Founder /Admin)

Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

I would like to personally congratulate all who stood at the recent Local Elections. Whether you got over the ‘line or not’ there are some good people that have been elected who will start taking the fight back to to the govt in a lot of different ways.

Aly Cook for Mayor of Tasman


8th Oct 2022

Congrats to all of those who got into Council.. Congrats to all of you who ran! I met some beautiful souls who put themselves forward. I always see the cup as over flowing so in reality gaining 10% of the cast vote. I am pleased with as is the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party (Outdoors Party) who I’m proud to say made it onto an official Kantar TVNZ poll last week at 1% for the very first time. https://www.1news.co.nz/…/poll-labour-halts-decline…/… So its all all up from here. Thank you to the 10% or 1788 you are the wind beneath my wings, as is every person who as been hurt through this government’s policies. Whether it be from being mandated, loosing your job or your business, whether it be from being injured or having a family member injured, whether it be from the squeeze your family are feeling financially or whether it be your want for transparent representation, freedom & democracy.

More of you have made your way to us through me running in this local body election. They bought the fight to the door we must stop the authoritarian policies. I hope enough people got on councils around NZ to help put a spoke in the wheel of three waters. Roll on the General Election. Thanks everyone for your support and I hope you stay with me on the journey forward… Aly Cook

Comment from Sue Reyland ( Founder /Admin)

Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

I would like to personally congratulate all who stood at the recent Local Elections. Whether you got over the ‘line or not’ there are some good people that have been elected who will start taking the fight back to to the govt in a lot of different ways.