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Farmer James has now got twitter not that he knows how to use this. He’s hoping Elon pulls through with free speech, because he is very aware now about how badly these platforms are being manipulated to fit these people’s agendas.

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Jono Frew


Jono Frew was born in Dunedin and grew up in Duntroon, North Otago in a family of agricultural spraying and sheep dipping contractors where the smell of chemicals was a normal part of life.

At age 11 Jono got his first job on a local dairy farm, where he worked every weekend and during school holidays.

At age 15 Jono was deemed disruptive at school and was offered the opportunity to leave, as it was clear school was not a place that supported his learning style and interests.

That started Jono’s farming career, in which he thrived.

Jono climbed the ranks within the agriculture industry, working in Dairy, Arable and Sheep and Beef, becoming an award-winning farm manager.

After a car accident which left Jono with a broken Femur and kneecap, Jono discovered he did not do well sitting down.

Rather than wait for full recovery Jono decided to pursue a less physically demanding career in the agricultural spraying and fertilizer industry where he started as a machine operator and became the manager of a ground and aerial chemical and fertilizer application company where he became well known as a go to agronomist and a respected professional in that field.

Jono had 2 beautiful children during this time. It was not easy working the big hours and raising a family.

Jono was also watching the health of some family members involved with the spraying business decline, respiratory issues from people that hadn’t ever smoked. Also the rivers Jono grew up swimming in became dry and polluted, Jono knew deep down the way he had been farming had something to do with it.

In 2016 Jono was asked to manage a 200 Organic mixed cropping, sheep and beef farm, Harts Creek Farm

Jono saw this as a great opportunity.

After learning a great deal at HCF and from some great teachers, Jono started to question a lot of the current best practice and the way he had farmed his whole life.

Jono then started an organization named “Quorum Sense”, which he created to bring innovative farmers and academics together to share knowledge.

After 3 years at HCF, Jono decided that he needed to offer the people access to relatable and practical knowledge and support in the Regenerative Agriculture space. And with his profound experience and fresh perspective, Jono created Natural Performance Ltd and got to work supporting farmers all over the world. Helping them reach new levels of profitability, resilience, joy and peace of mind.

In 2019 Jono and Peter Barrett created Symbiosis Ag Ltd.

Jono is passionate about what he does, and sees his life as an opportunity to make a difference.

13th May 2022

Farmer James NZ Called for Action 13th May 2022

*Below we have input from a member of who attended this Call for Action Meeting

This is a call to action.

For too long we have sat by and observed as our country has been divided, fractured, and oppressed.

For too long we have watched as the political class have wreaked havoc in our families, communities and towns.

It’s time we faced the stark reality that this situation isn’t going to be fixed by itself. If we want to see a brighter future for our children, families and our nation, it’s time we rose up together, at a local level, and coordinated to see real change.


If you can see the issue, we challenge you, be a part of the solution. It’s time for us to meet together and discuss where to from here. Our families and communities are depending on us to stand up and be counted, so we challenge you;



FRIDAY, 13th May










The battle for the heart and soul of our nation continues, and now, as much as ever, we need courage and fortitude to carry us forward.

Share this message around, bring your friends, your neighbours, whoever is interested. Together, we can create change. Together, we can be the solution to the situation we find ourselves in.

Our Members Input :

Great turnout to the meeting last night. About 75 new faces and about 10 who had organised the first 2 meetings, so 85 all up. The age range was a bit wider then l anticipated starting from late 20s through to late 70s. Some from as far away as Dunedin but mostly Southland rural and a few from lnvercargill. The meeting went for about 2.5 hours but there was a bbq going so most were there for 3 hours or so. 4 speakers including Farmer James and all had interesting stuff to tell, plus there was a good amount of audience interaction as well.

The main focus was on the importance of raising awareness at a local level to all the bs that is going on. Basically for each man to draw their own line in the sand and not go past it and to call out the hypocrisy of those being a hypocrite.

There was quite some discussion on local politics and the importance of being active at that level and other areas of the community where a difference can be made. I believe it is likely that the council elections will be quite different then in the past. At least one of the attendees will stand for regional council. School Board elections were also identified as well as our licensing trusts down here.

Phone numbers were exchanged and all will be notified of meetings and events etc.

All in all it was a great night and those who met up for the first time or who already knew one another are going to look at what activities they can do in their own patch.

On a personal level it was so refreshing to be among others who recognise that things are not right in this country. All there would admit there is a long battle ahead but something must be done and starting now.

Personally l thought the numbers were pretty good. Keep in mind that the time/venue of the meeting wasn’t made public until about 9 hours beforehand. This was intentional so that there was less time for those who might oppose the meeting to do anything to stop it. It also might have had an effect on who could attend due to short notice? It’s not such a bad thing to have relatively small groups anyway because if one is disrupted for any reason then the others can continue the fight. It is also really important to spread the word about meetings because if you get that one unexpected new attendee, then you never know how many friends they might have that they can introduce?

Thank You Member for your Input … Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder)


A Matter of Authenticity (Ep. 15) with Jono Frew (Natural Performance Ltd) & Farmer James NZ

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Dr Christine Jones ” Amazing Carbon:

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Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall Video:

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 AMOA (Ep. 15) with Jono Frew and Farmer James NZ

Visit us at… to read the full video transcript and our study guide for this classic novel, which includes a full list of characters, themes, and much more.

Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is a cautionary fable about the futile quest for equality through political change. Set on a British farm, the satirical novel is based on the Russian Revolution of 1917 and uses personified animal characters to expose the dangers of a totalitarian government.

The main characters are:
– Old Major, a highly respected boar who represents the historical figure, communist leader Karl Marx.
– Snowball is a boar and one of the leaders among the pigs who is young, but intelligent, and represents an abstract idea of evil.
– Napoleon is a stubborn boar who represents a communist tyrant.
– Squealer is a porker pig who is talented in the art of argument and deception. He represents the propaganda machine of a totalitarian government.
– Mr. Jones is a man who owns the land that is taken over by his animals. He represents a corrupt government.
– Pilkington is a man and the owner of another farm that is large and unkempt. He prefers pursuing his hobbies to maintaining his land and represents the Allied countries.
– Frederick is a cruel man and the owner of a small adjacent farm. He represents Adolf Hitler.
– Boxer is a large male horse who is respected for his steadiness of character and work ethic. He represents the uneducated and exploited working class, who take propaganda to heart and believe in the government’s cause without question.
– Whymper is a man and lawyer who acts as Animal Farm’s intermediary to the human world, while ignoring the atrocities committed there. He represents nations that profit from conducting business with brutal dictators.
– The sheep are naïve and loyal to the tenets of Animal Farm and represent ignorant masses who blindly follow their government.

The book opens with Old Major calling a meeting of all the animals in the big barn. He announces that human beings are the sole reason that animals in England are enslaved. They must overthrow mankind in a great Rebellion. Then he declares that “All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.”

Old Major dies a few nights later and the other animals prepare for the Rebellion under the leadership of Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer. One night, Mr. Jones passes out drunk and neglects to feed the animals. They are so hungry that they break into the store-shed and then run Mr. Jones off the farm. Napoleon and Snowball invent a complete system of thought which they call Animalism. They reduce its principles to Seven Commandments. They are:

1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.

Soon after, their first harvest is a great success. Each animal works according to his ability and gets a fair share of food. Every Sunday, Snowball and Napoleon, who are the most intelligent of the animals, lead a meeting in the big barn, but Napoleon opposes all of Snowball’s ideas. The sheep, not intelligent enough to memorize the seven commandments, chant a single maxim: “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

As time goes by, the pigs increase their control over the animals and award themselves increasing privileges just as the human master once did. They quell the animals’ questions and protests by threatening Mr. Jones’ return. During this time, Napoleon also confiscates nine newborn puppies and secludes them in a loft in order to “educate” them into becoming fiercely loyal to only him.

Soon, Mr. Jones and other farmers try to recapture Animal Farm but fail. The animals celebrate their victory in what they call “The Battle of the Cowshed.” Afterwards, the animals agree to let the pigs make all the resolutions.

Snowball and Napoleon continue to be at odds and eventually clash over the prospect of building a windmill. Snowball believes it will shorten the work week and provide the farm electricity, but Napoleon opposes it. Napoleon summons the nine puppies he trained—now fierce dogs—to run Snowball off the farm. At this point, Boxer, the horse, takes on his own personal maxims, “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right.” Soon, Napoleon announces plans to build the windmill, claiming that it was his idea all along—rewriting history.

Building the windmill forces the animals to work harder and on Sundays. As the animals are short on food and supplies, Napoleon opens up trade with the human world which makes the other animals uneasy. Through Squealer, Napoleon lies to the animals about the shortages and begins to hoard what little there is for himself. He enlists Whymper to be his intermediary for trade with humans.