NZ Rising

17th Jan 2023

I would like to introduce you to a Platform which I have belonged to since Oct 2022
Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder)

Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression Website which is in conjunction with Kiwis Linking Strong Minds Together is On the NZ Rising “ DIRECTORY OF ALLIES

* Here’s to a year of
co-operation, collaboration, communication and connection!

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science
Free NZ
Nurses for Freedom NZ
Number 8 Workers’ Union of New Zealand Inc
Voters United
Freedom Alliance NZ
Fluoride Free New Zealand
Young New Zealand Rising
The Freedoms & Rights Coalition
New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out with Science
Resistance Kiwi
Kiwis for Good
Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression
Kiwi Voice
NZ School Communities Unite
Media Collective
People’s Health Alliance

The Members have different interests and opinions, but they are united by their common values.
New Zealand Rising will help New Zealanders to restore those aspects of our free society we no longer enjoy, yet took for granted a few short years ago: representative democracy, national sovereignty, individual choice, transparent government, free speech and independent media.

Click Link to Join :
New Zealand Rising is an alliance of separate groups and individuals from all across New Zealand who believe in a better future. We are many different people with different views, however we all share a common vision for the future.
This website contains a directory of all groups around New Zealand that share this vision. We work together as a team of representatives to help turn our vision into reality. We interact regularly and members get to meet, share ideas, and create a better world.
We don’t agree on everything, and that is okay, but we all agree that we want the future to be better.
It seems like New Zealanders have been divided and oppressed by an increasingly authoritarian government, and many of us have risen up to say “Enough!”
New Zealand Rising aims to provide a hub for New Zealanders and groups of New Zealanders who see this urgent need to turn our proud nation away from tyranny, and back toward freedom and personal responsibility. Toward a future that is worthy of our ancestors and fit for our children.

At New Zealand Rising we would like to reiterate our position as an organization that is fully committed to peaceful, non-violent action and dissent and to clearly state that we do NOT support or wish to be associated with anyone who is advocating, suggesting or even just implying violent revolutionary change. You can read more about what we stand for in our Guiding Principles.

NZ Rising