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Open letter to the Groundswell NZ leadership team and all Groundswell members and supporters.

Hi Groundswellers

So this benevolent Govt has finally decided to show you farmers, and your communities, how much you are valued by them. $400,000 from them to help you in contingency planning for Covid, arranging staff if sick etc etc. After the millions they have spent on other minority groups and the millions they have just plain wasted. What a joke! As if you people haven’t already done this! I mean you’ve been through 3 or 4 lockdowns already at the drop of a hat and still kept this country (and other countries) fed. All that without hardly a thank you from govt and certainly no practical help. They’ve even prevented large numbers of your workforce returning and still you’ve just got on and done the job.

I truly support Groundswell and l completely understand the focus you have maintained on unworkable regulations that in the main affect farmers. But surely this most recent slap in the face from the govt must make you realise that the time has come to widen your brief?

There is nothing to stop Groundswell in collaborating with the Convoy NZ 2022 movement in their demands for a removal of mandates and the domestic passport system in NZ.

For those of you who haven’t heard what is happening in Canada or OZ or Europe then you need to understand that the convoy protest concept worldwide is huge with 100s of thousands of people protesting in Ottawa alone. INCLUDING FARMERS!

Our govt like others has no real plan for managing the virus, they have proved that time and again in the last 2 years. Just look at their position on mask wearing. First off masks were not effective, then they were, then they were not and now masks are essential again. They just haven’t got a clue and they are hiding behind the virus and using it to try and control every facet of our lives and that is just plain wrong.

The Convoyers are genuine Kiwis who just want the freedom of choice. Their protest is not about medicine. It’s about their rights and freedoms and YOURS too! Groundswell NZ has a very big voice and this is truly an opportunity to show you are on the side of ALL Kiwis. By remaining as a standalone group you actually become complicit in our current govts divide and rule strategy.

Be flexible. Just like you are on the farm when the poo hits the fan and you have to adapt.

I sincerely urge you good people at the top of this movement, to think hard about, and to consider collaborating. Many of you/us are already supporting the convoyers either in covoy or from a distance anyway. I think the leadership team owe it to all Kiwis to at least do that.

Thank you for listening.

Enough is Enough!