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To quote the Fresh Prince,

“Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped – turned upside down…”

I’ve always considered myself a good person. I’ve done unto others etc. A few mistakes and misdemeanours along the way (I stole lipstick and gum for a dare as a teenager and might have helped myself to Dad’s wallet every now and then), but for the most part, I’ve done as I should.

I did last year. Being a good little citizen and believing what the Government and the Ministry of Health told me to do for the good of myself, my family, friends and community, I got my first vaccination.

I did have a slight gnawing in my gut about it and spoke to my husband, a surgeon, who assured me he had read the science which backed it up and it was the right thing to do.

Cut to July 2021 and my lovely Mum had a stroke within two weeks of her first shot. I didn’t think much of it – she was 85, although she looked 10 years younger.
The hospital could not explain the stroke. We were told the MRI showed the heart and brain of a 50-year-old. She had two tiny blood clots in her left lung but the doctors said they were so small they could not attribute the stroke to them.

Overnight my Mum went from a fit, healthy, independent woman living on three acres in a two-storey, five-bedroom home, to a frail shadow of herself unable to walk without assistance, with little strength and dependent on us for everyday care.

When she was discharged from hospital to come home to us to recuperate, the discharging doctor said something that perked up my ears. She had been prescribed blood thinners for nine weeks to dissolve the small clots in her lung. As she went to leave the room, the doctor turned back and asked Mum if she’d had her Covid vaccination. Mum told her she’d had the first one. The doctor told her not to have her second one for nine weeks.

Sadly I dismissed that as a coincidence.

Then my son and I had our second shots within days of each other. I was practically bedridden for three weeks while at the time trying to look after my frail Mum. I had chronic fatigue, all over flu-like body aches, weakness in my joints and what felt like electrical impulses jerking my legs. I saw my GP and said I thought it was from the vaccine. She told me she was due for her booster and was worried about its effects and went on to prescribe me steroids. I declined and sought alternative therapy.

My 18 year old jolly, joking, effervescent son ended up in hospital with heart palpitations, chronic fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. He was also prescribed steroids. Over the next few months, he continued to try and live life as normal but the pain and fatigue would worsen with any activity and some days having a shower was all he could manage. I wish I could have switched places with him.

That was it for me. Too many coincidences.

I started doing my own research and joined a few information sharing and chat groups. Within minutes of joining one particular group I funnily enough (or maybe it was fate) was contacted by a lovely lady who had worked with my husband but had been mandated out because she’d refused to have the vaccination. Her workmates had always considered her a conspiracy theorist. “Are you going down the rabbit hole?” she messaged me. I was. Hard and fast.

I shut off MSM. Stopped looking to the Government as the sole source of truth.
With my friend’s help, I researched papers and journals and watched countless interviews with independent scientists, medical experts, vaccinologists, infectious diseases specialists, lawyers, former heads of WHO and big pharma and the many, many jab-injured, some with the same outcomes my Mum, son and I had suffered, some much, much worse.

During this time I also started questioning why the Government was flip-flopping around with its messages and measures for Covid. And why MSM was not calling them out on it. First masks did no good. Kids were immune. Two shots and we’re good to go. The vaccine is safe and effective. Then, oddly, two shots were not enough because the vaccine proved not to be that effective. I already knew by then it definitely wasn’t safe for everyone. Boosters were then recommended (desperately beseeched). Masks and vaccine passes became mandatory for adults. Then suddenly kids also needed the jab and the masks.

More research revealed more, worrying motives for the Government’s actions. Distracted by the dreaded disease, ever over-reaching, questionable laws were being shoved through Parliament with little to no consultation. The plans for digital IDs and finance and a social credit system started to become clear.

And so, within a few months, I was becoming labelled by some of my friends as a full-blown “conspiracy theorist”. I have lost those few friends now. But that does not compare to those who have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their homes, had families separated and divided and have had their physical and mental health irrevocably damaged.

A very hard battle I had was with my husband. Years of trusting in the health system, medical experts and Government created a cognitive dissonance that he struggled with. He accepted that there were vaccine-injured even among our own family but could not believe that his profession or those elected by the people for the people would harm us.

In all of our happy 25 years of marriage, we were on opposite teams. We had terrible arguments, many ending in tears, mainly his not mine (joke), and I honestly got to the point where I thought we would have to call time. It has been a rough few months.

But as I gently (as in a ton of bricks) and occasionally (every minute of every day) shared the findings I had discovered with him, and as more people we knew came out with their stories, he started listening and questioning for himself.

It’s not been easy for him and I feel that. He wholeheartedly trusted in his profession and its oath to First do no harm. And in our Government to serve and do what’s best for its people. It was so very hard for him to accept that maybe they had a very dangerous alternative agenda for us.

At the end of the day, though, no matter how hard it got between us, our ultimate love and support for each other held us together.

I trust that love will bring our glorious nation back together; dissolve the division, segregation, hurt and mistrust caused by this Government and its media minions; restore our unity and faith in the beauty of this wondrous land and all of its peoples.

Thanks to the help of the amazing NZDSOS and a superb holistic doctor, my son is slowly but surely improving. I am also almost back to full health. My Mum is loving her new rest home and the people in it but will remain changed.


How to create a totalitarian state 101:

  • Control the media and you control the message
  • Control healthcare and you control the people
  • Control who owns weapons and the ability of the people to defend themselves
  • Divide the people into the desirable and undesirable
  • Control education and you control the next generation
  • Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools
  • Increase inflation so that everyday living becomes prohibitively expensive
  • Create massive debt enabling increased taxes to produce further poverty
  • Take control of every aspect of people’s lives – housing, food, income, education and socialisation

Mady Jessup – Waipu

3rd March 2022

Good afternoon everyone,

I would love for all you fencesitters to consider this….

Our PM knows 100% that if she was to meet with a protest representative that, while being recorded, she would be asked about all of the deals/paperwork she has signed us up to under the pre-arranged guise of emergency health and safety. And she absolutely can not have that. So we get what we saw yesterday.

I want you to consider that the media model that once encouraged the public hounding of our officials to hold them to account, has now been replaced by a Government paid out media who – if they ask a tough question of our leaders – simply don’t get to ask another and therefore have nothing to take back to print.

So they don’t ask the really tough questions. And the same for unfavorable pictures and video – they don’t publish them.

For years they have engaged in soundbite/snapshot journalism – but now that their paychecks are also answerable to a Government who has an image to maintain, we have a media that is quite simply disconnected from anything resembling reality. Right throughout the last 2 years, we have been incessantly gaslit like the Pied Piper’s rats.

So in summary, if it wasn’t bad enough that this government has started going all iron-fist on its citizens, our fourth estate (the mainstream media) is completely compromised and absent to be there FOR the people.

Because consciously and/or subconsciously, they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them…

Kia Kaha everyone ❤✌

2nd March 2022

Good morning everyone,

My wednesday three cents…

The media has literally taught us to demonize anyone who is standing up for their freedoms in New Zealand (and abroad) as if we should have to wait until we are as vulnerable as Ukraine before we stand up for ourselves – and like programmable little robots we’ve sucked it all up.

I have absolutely no idea what it is like to live in a war torn environment and I never claim to have…

But I have ranted and raved for years that I do understand how fragile ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ is, and how important it is to keep it in check. And it is my firm belief that we have been much too complacent for far too long.

Those protesters in Wellington and those of us all over the world are doing the work that our politicians and leaders should be; bringing to light the dodgey as fuck paperwork that is paving the way for us to go down a similar societal model to China. That model is just too attractive to corporate investors.

This pandemic has been used to rush through mountains of legislation under the banner of ‘health and safety’ which hugely undermines us as a country and as individuals, and those protesters and whistleblowers all over the world are standing in the way. So the media machine is under full swing to program as many people as possible to think we are lucky with what we’ve got, when luck has absolutely nothing to do with it.

I will never pretend to know the pain of anyone living in a war torn country. But I will also not tolerate being undermined for standing up for my freedom so that we don’t get to that point ourselves.

Do not be fooled by the media machine.

Stand up for your fellow Kiwis. They are doing everything they can to stand up for you, you just don’t know it yet.

Kia Kaha everyone ❤✌


Nobody Can Take This Away from Us

Freedom Village’s Very Existence Was a Powerful Reproach to Those Seeking to Smash Our Liberties and Our Way of Life.

by Olivia Pierson 6 March, 2022

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

We had Freedom Village for 23 glorious days and it was magnificent!  

Its very existence made hearts glow all over this disillusioned country, even if many tried to be circumspect about their secret support of it, owing to ugly government extremism. We have been proud to stand up and say ‘No!’ to state-sponsored discrimination and hate. 

That moral grotesquerie, PM Ardern, distorts the truth as much as she distorts her mush in front of cameras, and she directed this torrent of violence toward peaceful citizens.  She used our respected police force against us instead of respecting our democratic right to ask for a redress of grievances before police even needed to be involved. She refused to hear us to the bitter end preferring to unleash violence instead. She let it be known through such actions that she is completely done with democracy – and so are opposition leaders such as Luxon and Seymour.  They are the proverbial men who do nothing so that evil triumphs.

Overt and hateful discrimination operating in our society, along with coerced medical injections have made people sick to their stomachs with pure moral revulsion.  The NZ Convoy 22 in solidarity with Canada, and inspired by them, sounded a clarion call of opposition to such abhorrent apartheid – and from every corner of this nation thousands of Kiwis showed up with their actual physical presence.

People taking a unified stand for liberty and their existing egalitarian links to others genuinely shocked our leaders when Parliament grounds transformed into an audacious colourful camp-ground dotted with tents temporarily housing mums, dads, grandparents and children from every sector, race and religion of our country.  One single theme was hollered in the most creative and multicultural ways imaginable for 23 days, “End the Mandates!”

The funny irreverence and spirit of humour was priceless from the beginning – the Poi E man expertly swinging his pois to the government loudspeakers repetitively blasting music from the balcony (including Barry Manilow!). “Lake Mallard.” “Mallard Creek.” “No Booster Lane.” “Freedom Drive.” The horse float smack bang in the middle with the words “Cindy’s Taxi.” These things served not only to make us laugh, they reminded us of more halcyon days when we had relentless political satire on our TV screens every week as a matter of normalcy: McPhail & Gadsby, Spitting Images, Not the 9 O’clock News etc.  These shows took the piss out of politicians and celebrities for decades, serving the excellent public function of keeping those who looked at power with a longing eye a little bit more humble.

Freedom Village’s very existence was a powerful reproach to those seeking to smash our liberties and our way of life.

The ultimate goal of the protest was not fully attained, but it influenced some massive wins along the way: The high court ruling during the protest for police and military personnel that no jab, no job was in breach of our Bill of Rights, which is natural law.
By week two of the protest, some of our media started to change its tune – they began by calling the Convoy a bunch of fringe loons without a clue but were forced to cover a very long protest on principle that they had not seen the likes of before. It defied all previous definitions and they knew it well. These protesters were engineers, tradies, teachers, nurses, doctors, merchants, housewives, mothers, fathers, lawyers, students, salespeople, restauranteurs etc – all on the same side of an important moral issue. They’re ordinary people without any representation.

David Seymour started to dial back his hitherto constant mocking of protesters. He started to sing a slightly different tune when it was clear that the prevailing wind favoured by freedom lovers was now blowing in his face, especially after his former political mentor, Rodney Hide, joined in the protest boots and all. Just take that as an abject lesson that Seymour (and ACT) can never be trusted, he’s a stoat of a man and I noticed the protesters registered this clearly on the ground at Freedom Village. Seymour is done – he and true freedom are poles apart.  Compared to Seymour, at least Ardern gives us her fucked up fascism somewhat straight.
There are so many heroes coming out of this cultural revolution in New Zealand, a revolution forced on us once more by Marxists, only now they are the establishment, as in Maoist China. We are resisting the grey totalitarian world lying in wait of their ambitions. We are the vanguards of our traditional country operating on the classic ethos of live-and-let-live, once upon a time the central tenet of this freedom loving democracy. 
They have hurt us and will continue to do so.
They have smeared us and will continue to do so.  
They have disenfranchised us and will continue to do so.
These are the only things that they’re good at.  It’s what they do and we actually pay them to do it to us.  The next fair rule of the people versus the government should be that politicians who want to serve this country are not paid a salary to lord it over us. America’s Founding Fathers took time out from their farms, families and businesses to serve as Presidents with no salary expected. We must return to measures like these which do not reward power-lust, but only sincere convictions fought out in the free market place of ideas. 
But we are now all in contact with each other and we are a force of competence, passion, compassion, fair-mindedness and free-thought across this nation. They are going to call us “violent” even though it was not our protesters who started the fires, nor attacked the police.  We knew aggressive false flag events were planted throughout this honourable protest, probably at the hands of a desperate government – and it’s now on record that these rioters showed up to bottom-feed on a confrontation with authorities… so many were masked, hiding their faces. Our protesters almost never cover their faces, we leave that to the police, bureaucrats and BLM/Antifa-style rioters, who are not proud of their actions.
Take heart that the news media here is so despised for lying and bias (at best) that the likes of Chantelle BakerPapa Honez One Whanau at a TimeMana News Live, the Daily Examiner and Free NZ live feeds show the truth of what took place at this critical juncture in our history.  Needing to be verified by some tiny crumb that the mainstream media tosses out on occasion smacks of Stockholm Syndrome to me – they are utterly irrelevant to us now and have been for a long time.  From here on in they either play windsock catch up over time (which is useless to us) or they do the bidding of the evil coming down the pipeline from Big Pharma/Techno-globalists that our government in its entirety serve (which is also useless to us).
We’ve been marginalised, and there it is.
So it’s time now to get skilled at the part of the two-tier system they have thrust upon us: trading with gold coins, silver coins, cash, no banks, bartering, farmers’ markets, self-defense, food-growing communities, home-schooling, private medical hubs, private banks only and new natural law-courts to honour the good faith of contracts and individual rights.  We don’t need their corrupt system and must now act on that principle.
Our pioneer ancestors once did all this with the help of the English government, we can now do this on our own without them if we must. They’re going to involve us in a NATO-initiated war against Russia – Putin responded. This is more mass formation psychosis in real time and we’re done. There are no good guys in this war.  Until the Free World has an American president once more who only takes up the causes integral to the Free World remaining the Free World, none of us should ever fight for any other country except for our own.  Pick your battles.
We are human beings and will continue to live as upright citizens who see flourishing as our natural right, regardless of what soulless government breathes down our necks.  Moral law is on our side, to say nothing of the whole trajectory of Western Civilisation.  From Aristotle, Cicero and St. Augustine to St. Thomas Aquinas, Shakespeare and Elizabeth the First then the Founding Fathers, we have an enormously rich heritage of enlightened minds instructing us that liberty of conscience is the organising principle of all our governments, jurisprudence and human rights. 
Continue to hold the line in the best things that make us human: thoughts, words and deeds. Nothing else matters. Freedom Village was a concrete testament that our attention needs to stay focused on these things, no matter what chaos is conjured up around us.

To View Video: Click on Link

It is in our human nature to make a stand against injustice.

If you are of the old school this is the price you pay according to our Parliament and the NZ Police.

Matt King Northland : This scene will forever be remembered, and it saddens me to my core. If some Kiwis think this is okay, then sorry – you are so wrong.

Paula Mills

I am a bereaved mother from losing my 15 yr old to suicide. I am studying psychology and an ex dairy farmer. I was there a peaceful protester pro choice and anti these unnecessary mandates concerned for our people who have had so much loss and suffering when these mandates are clearly no longer needed. I am disgusted in jacinda and her team of bullying thugs and sickend to the core in there violent actions. Feeling gaslighted shocked and broken.


14th March 2022

It’s so difficult going through footage of this day and seeing the desperation and pain of people who just want to be heard.

The emotion is shown with such impact here by Alistair. Many choices were made that day, Mallard chose to watch from the balcony as people fought with fire. Jacinda chose to ignore and ultimately has plummeted in the polls. Police chose to follow orders from her and then lost the faith of the people.

How long will the memories stay with us of the powers-that-be ultimately sacrificing those who put them there

View Chantelle’s Video

Lovely Comments:

Glynne Duncan

My heart hurts so much still for everyone (protesters)that was there that day and suffered the brutality by the hands of this government ❤️ but if anything, I believe we have become stronger and even more united because of that day. Keep sharing personal stories, keep showing the truth and our day will come.

I’m not anyone special but I will stand strong with you all and I will listen to anyone that needs to talk, vent, or need to express their pain, with an open heart and open arms ❤️


On March 2, 2022, after precisely zero attempts to talk to the protesters camped on parliament grounds, the New Zealand government turned the police force into its own private army, then turned them on the people of New Zealand. It became New Zealand’s darkest day of police violence towards its own people.

Click Link to View:

BFD Now What?: The Wellington anti-mandate protests proved a significant number of Kiwis are not just resistant to progressive propaganda, but willing to actively push back. #Featured #INSIGHTPolitics

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a former business journalist and columnist at the NBR. He also worked as the chief editor at the New Zealand Initiative policy think tank. He is now a freelance writer and copy editor.

I hope the protestors can see that by gathering in one place, exchanging emails and aligning their stories, they have now unlocked the only door that any regime wishes to keep shut: a parallel social structure to which everyone is invited . . .