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Trevor McCoid

My conservative views have matured from a very early age. I grew up in a liberal welfare home but decided that life for me was not going to fully fill my ability to become independent of the welfare state. I first started work at age 9 to help my family. I realized very young that by hard work and accepting freedom from welfare what I worked for gave me freedom as I owned what I worked for. So I have never received any government support in my life. I believe in free enterprise and freedom of expression. I do believe in a welfare state for those in real need but not as a lifestyle. I believe it’s the duty of the state to give its people to tools and ability to become independent of welfare and achieve a living for themselves and themselves with honest on good employment.

Dave who had a Corner on our FB site : Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression will be contributing to our Authors section also … Thank You Dave . I will post a sample of what is to come from Dave on a separate post. Dave will introduce himself in the coming weeks.

Jasmine Baker

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Suzie Reyland


Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression FB Grp dragged in many labour voters to change their votes and it got back to the Government. I was told your group had so much pulling power it had to go!!

The complete group was taken down and two of the managers of the group have been blocked from their private face book for posting facts from local media sources. I posted information from Stuff and the Herald and they gave me 2 days jail because my timing didn’t fit with Aderns wedding plans non disclosure.