18th March 2022

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We stand for democracy and uniting all Kiwis through our common values.

It’s not about left or right anymore, it’s about going forward as a nation, led by those Kiwi values that unify us.


  1. We stand for democracy and equality, with freedom of choice, expression and access for all New Zealanders.
  2. We’re inclusive and open. We strive for a fair, unified nation without discrimination or division.
  3. We back a resilient economy that empowers businesses and their communities to thrive.
  4. We protect our environment, while respecting the property rights of all New Zealanders. for above joining form


DemocracyNZ brings together a diverse range of Kiwis with real life and business experience. We come together from across the political spectrum, to represent you.

Matt King, Leader

I stand for democracy, I stand for unity, I stand for you.

Northland is home for Matt. A farmer for more than 30 years, Matt also comes with a wide range of experience as a detective, business owner, and most recently, the MP for Northland from 2017-2020. Seeing the division and erosion of democracy in New Zealand, Matt felt it necessary to stand up and form his own political party, based on our fundamental democratic and Kiwi principles. With experience in Parliament, and a pragmatic approach to dealing with tricky issues – Matt is ready to represent those whose voices have not been heard – and getting our country back on track.

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E:       M: 021 041 3137

Matt King Northland was live.

27TH March 2022  

DemocracyNZ – Live Q&A

The Government are going to waste more tax payer money to Appeal the ‘Win’ NZ Defense Force & Police on against the ‘Unlawful’ mandates !

The Teachers Case is still Pending against the Unlawful mandates with the same Judge …

Thanks Matt

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Democracy NZ

23rd March 2022


Former National MP Matt King says while most vaccine mandates and passes are being removed, the hurt will remain for many people impacted by them.

“They [mandates] will not be an issue, but the after effects – the physical, financial and all those sorts of scars – will not be dropped and people will not forget.”

Wednesday’s changes winding back the vaccine pass and most mandates came as no surprise to King, but he said it should have happened long ago.
The mandates took jobs away from people who refused to have the vaccine, and those people were then alienated by the sitting MPs who refused to meet with anti-mandate protesters at Parliament grounds, he said.
King said it was for this reason that he formed a new political party, DemocracyNZ, standing of a platform of democracy, unity, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, access and inclusion.
King says the anti-mandate Parliament protest politically alienated protesters, and the violence on the final day could have been avoided if politicians had more of a sympathetic ear.
The party was all about upholding the Bill of Rights, a foundation which covers all political sides, including those feeling “politically homeless” by sitting MPs, he said.

While King has spoken out against Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government and the “undemocratic” mandates, and also said National went against the bill when it removed prisoner voting rights in 2010, a rule revoked by Labour in 2020.

DemocracyNZ has had good support since its low-key launch on Friday, with about 2000 people signing up to become members in the first 48 hours, he said.
No other team members have been named yet, but King said other candidates would be announced closer to the election.

Northland is home, King says
While Northland is a key political home, King thought there wasn’t necessarily something special about the region, it just happened to be his home.

The former detective lives on a farm in Ōkaihau, in the Far North, in an off-the-grid house.

“I can’t see any other houses where I live, and life’s pretty good,” King said.

Representing Northland, for National, from 2017 to 2020 was one of King’s greatest honours, he told Facebook followers.

1st April 2022

THE RIDICULOUS, UNDEMOCRATIC MANDATES SHOULD NER HAVE HAPPENED and sadly they did with no opposition to them in Parliament. This cost of living
crisis we are seeing has only been made worse due to the number of people who were forced out of their jobs. Let’s not forget that.

I routinely ask the “experts” we hear from in MSM if
they’ll come on a live and discuss the methodology
behind their modeling and theories of transmission
among vaccinated vs unvaccinated (that they say justified the mandates) – but they routinely decline. I would have thought it would be democratic to openly present and debate two sides of a story, respectfully and openly

Matt King on Zoom : 1hr 23mins into Seminar

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May I suggest  people knuckle down and support a suitable Party to get this mess sorted. This mess was made by the people because they’re lazy voters. The people have to be the ones to change their own mess. Support and endorse the RIGHT people and get stuck in and put your backbone into it. How about you decide which party best aligns with your own values and integrity and “stay the course” with strength. Make a promise to yourself, to knock on doors when the time comes and hand deliver 1000 pamphlets on the new Party of your choice. Now that would help our country….

What Politician Listened to the People of NZ @ Convoy 2022 ?

What Politician Believes & will Promote Democracy ?

What Politician is Transparent ?

Sue Reyland :

A lot of people have been asking about what our policies will be. Policy is about people and influencing the change we want to see through targeted interventions with clear accountability and measures.

We will release our policy documents closer to the election, but for now, we wanted to outline our policy framework – because for us, DemocracyNZ is about people and not just campaign periods. Our values will underpin all our policies. There will be opportunities to work with us on developing each policy document, we will update further on this in the coming months

9th April 2022

DemocracyNZ Road Show with Matt King

Matt King Northland 

tu2894ohns166193lrhha  · 

Down in Golden Bay this weekend, the start of our country-wide roadshow to talk about DemocracyNZ, our values, and what we stand for. So great to be here – looking forward to getting around the rest of the country and meeting everyone!

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Jeanette Brock  ( – an ACC Claims Advisor for more than two decades.

Jeannette Brock  specialises in ACC law/legislation.  She  works within the guidelines of the previous and current ACC Act to assist ACC claimants in achieving positive outcomes.

Jeanette and Matt King ( have spoken to so many people over the past year,  who have been impacted negatively by the COVID vaccine.

1,708 Claims Vaxx Injuries

ACC are Accepting Vaxx Deaths (In the event of a death resulting from the Covid-19 vaccine, the dependants of the deceased may be entitled to weekly compensation. ACC would also contribute to the cost of a funeral.)

Thank you Jeanette for using your skills and experiencing advocating for victims claims with ACC and working so hard at a time where you should be enjoying retirement.

If only the media would shine a light on all the severe injuries and deaths FROM the jab, instead of spotlighting all deaths!

People’s eyes would be opened very quickly if this was the case.

Ultimate deception.

Dr Graham Le Gros – the Wellington-based executive director of Malaghan Institute and head of the Vaccine Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand – “We still don’t know enough about the vaccine and what it can do to the great variety of human beings we have in this country,” he said.

People should continue to report any issues, so experts could study trends and gain a better understanding. 

If that doesn’t set off ALARM BELLS … I DON’T KNOW WHAT WOULD !!! 

* Source…/health/coronavirus/128358891 

*    …/health/coronavirus/128358891

Actual Trespass Notice


Matt King  

Leader, DemocracyNZ I Northland farmer I Former MP for Northland

Matt has a  BSc from the University of Auckland, and completed 14 years in the NZ Police – ending up as a detective based in the mid North.

On leaving the Police, Matt set up a private investigation company alongside his other business enterprises. 

Matt  is a member of the Okaihau volunteer fire brigade, and was a Northland senior rugby referee.

Developing a lively and progressive economy, and addressing the needs and issues of the community at large, are matters close to his heart – they are things that matter to us as Kiwis. 

These are some of the very reasons he started DemocracyNZ, and plans to run in the 2023 election.

 Matt  plans to run in the Northland seat, as well as across the country for the Party Vote. 

With experience in Parliament, and a pragmatic approach to dealing with tricky issues – Matt is  here to represent those whose voices have not been heard, so we can get our country back on track.

Matt King …. Leader, DemocracyNZ 

Northland farmer …. Former MP for Northland

Plus completed 14 years in the NZ Police 

Matt who has a ‘clean slate’ as a former policeman plus an MP was issued a Trespass

Notice yesterday … NO CHARGES .

In my view this is a total injustice  and highlights  the affect on NZs democracy 

Trevor Mallard and this Govt have acted unfairly and done everything consistently when they ordered the trespass order against Matt  (more than two months later after the Parliament Anti-Mandate Protest.  Especially as Matt never did anything wrong)

This Government has forgotten what true democracy looks like!!

The courts have found the lockdown was illegal, the mandates were illegal, and MIQ was illegal.

Sue Reyland 

Matt Stands by his time in Parliament alongside Kiwis :

Hypocrisy instead of democracy.

Today, I got served a trespass order relating to my time at the Wellington protest in February – more than two months later.

Peaceful protesting (which is what it was when I was there both times), is allowed in the Bill of Rights. I was clear about promoting a peaceful presence, and I did not break any laws being there.

This is yet another breach of our democracy, a total suppression of free speech – and just the way this Govt tries to control and stop people from speaking up for what’s right. This is yet another reason I started DemocracyNZ – we cannot let this rubbish carry on.

The courts have found the lockdown was illegal, the mandates were illegal, and MIQ was illegal. Can anyone name one significant aspect of the COVID response that hasn’t been found to be illegal?

Their modus operandi seems to be tyranny. attends DemocracyNZ Meeting @ Dargaville

19th May 2022

(( Top Left Pic : Victoria del la Varis-Woodcock, Kaipara Councillor ,Vicki Mottram … teacher affected by Mandates Sue Reyland )

Great work Matt, always impressed with your tireless efforts for NZers and a refreshing sense of hope for the future.

Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder)

DemocracyNZ country-wide roadshow. If you’d like to hear more about us, we’d love to meet you!

About the events

DemocracyNZ is a political party that is based on democracy, equality and unity for all New Zealanders. Upholding and entrenching the Bill of Rights is one of the key drivers of the Party.

There is a clear gap in the political landscape. In order to create change, we have to be part of that change. It’s not about left or right anymore, it’s about going forward as a country, led by those Kiwi values that unify us. We welcome everyone who shares our values to join us. You can find out more at

We look forward to seeing you!

Matt King

DemocracyNZ membership form is now available on their website:…

DemocracyNZ Countrywide Road Show

Packed Venues, warm and humbling reception at the meetings

Fantastic group of critical thinkers.

Roadshow for those interested. The original 6.30pm Warkworth meeting is full, but we still have a few spaces at the 4pm meeting. Links to register below – looking forward to seeing you there.

Matt King

01/06: Warkworth

Meeting 1 –

Meeting 2 (6:30pm) – full

02/06: Napier –

03/06: Gisborne –

6th July 2022


We launched with a basic landing page in March, and very excited to announce that our website is now live!

You can check it out here:

Massive thank-you to everyone who made this happen!

It’s not about left or right anymore, it’s about going forward as a country, led by those Kiwi values that bring us together – that unify us.

The Bill of Rights and protecting our democracy are fundamental drivers of DemocracyNZ. We welcome everyone who shares our values to join us. We stand with you.

Our values

Our values will be our compass, they will guide everything we do. They will guide our candidate selection, they will guide our policy development, they will guide our decision-making.

Face Book :

3rd Aug 2022

3rd Aug 2022
Congratulations DemocracyNZ
There is great momentum with DemocracyNZ
Matt is a straight talking guy for once who is for the people
Wonderful Announcement ….
Registered Political Party

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20th Sept 2022



A number of news outlets ran a story yesterday, detailing the high attrition rates currently being experienced by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), with suggestions that it might take a decade for them to train replacement personnel.

Somewhat ironically, what was not widely reported was that the same day NZDF were in court in Wellington with the latest legal challenge to their COVID-19 vaccine mandate policies.

Undeterred by the High Court verdict in February 2022 – ruling the NZDF and Police vaccine mandate “illegal and immoral”, Air Marshall Kevin Short, Chief of Defence Force, pivoted to an internal mandate strategy, which has seen a large number of regular and reserve force personnel again face termination from their jobs.

Representatives of the group of NZDF personnel bringing the challenge were in court, from all three services and diverse trades across a range of rank levels. Many were in dress uniform with medals for domestic and operational service.

Even as Rory Nairn’s death has been confirmed by the coroner to be vaccine-related, our Defence Force personnel, themselves (1) the highest demographic for similar vaccine injuries – and (2) with evidence presented in court of service personnel who have already been harmed by the vaccine; remain under a mandate which continues to unjustifiably infringe their right to refuse medical treatment.

Through the overruling of our Bill of Rights, this Government has opened the door to continued trampling of our basic civil liberties.

It is blatant breaches in our democracy such as this, that was the catalyst for us forming DemocracyNZ – and that drives us daily to fight for everyday Kiwis. One of our bottom lines at the next election is an independent inquiry into the handling of COVID, and a full investigation into vaccine injuries – with the ability to recommend prosecution.

We wish the NZDF personnel and their lawyer, Matthew Hague of Frontline Law, the best of luck as they continue to fight a battle no less important than many fought overseas.

8th Oct 2022

We will continue to carry out candidate selection over the coming months in the lead-up to the election. If you have an interest in politics and would like to put your name forward for candidacy, please get in touch.

Read more about Lee here:…/Lee-Smith-announced-as…/


Lee Smith announced as DemocracyNZ candidate for Taranaki-King Country

30 September 2022

DemocracyNZ Candidate to contest Taranaki-King Country.

DemocracyNZ, founded by former Northland MP, Matt King, has begun the process of selecting and confirming candidates for the 2023 General Election.  

The Party is proud to announce that Lee Smith, has been confirmed as the first DemocracyNZ candidate (after Party Leader, Matt King) for the 2023 General Election, standing in the Taranaki-King Country electorate.

“We’re incredibly proud to welcome Lee into the DemocracyNZ family. Lee represents the values and principles that are at the foundation of our Party, and we look forward to working with her as we grow our support ahead of the next election,” Matt says.

Lee Smith has lived in the King Country, for more than 20 years, and over that time has run a successful local business. She was born and raised in Taranaki. Her father was a dairy farmer. Lee credits her parents for instilling in her a passion for farming and an unwavering drive and commitment to advocate for the rural sector. She is a wife, a mother of six and a grandmother, and in between supporting her children’s sports teams and participating in community activities, Lee is an avid gardener. Family is her number one priority.

Lee joined DemocracyNZ after becoming increasingly concerned about the downward trajectory of New Zealand’s economy and social cohesion under this Labour Government.

“I’m grateful to be the DemocracyNZ candidate for Taranaki-King Country,” Lee says. “Putting my name up for DemocracyNZ is a responsibility and commitment that I do not take lightly. We are an emerging Party, but we are becoming a political force. There are many people who currently feel politically homeless and DemocracyNZ is the answer to that uncertainty. I will be working extremely hard to win Taranaki-King Country for DemocracyNZ.”

“I have always been interested in service for the community and our country. My favourite political quote is from the Athenian General, Pericles, who said ‘Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you’.”

Matt says the Party has been growing in leaps and bounds since beginning a nationwide roadshow in April this year, hosting meetings in community halls, workingmen’s clubs, and pubs across New Zealand, and the grassroots support and interest in DemocracyNZ has been humbling.

“There is a huge appetite for change among hard-working Kiwis. This goes beyond the desire to just remove the current Labour Government. Yes, that’s a strong message we’ve received, but there’s a greater desire and a hunger for meaningful change. Kiwis have had enough of parties arguing every three years how they’re going to allocate the dollars they tax from hard-working Kiwis. New Zealanders want more, and DemocracyNZ will be articulating that change over the coming months,” Matt says.

DEMOCRACYNZ … want an independent inquiry into the handling of Covid, & a full investigation into vaccine injuries – with the right to recommend prosecution!

I am very proud of DemocracyNZ … they want an independent inquiry into the handling of Covid, & a full investigation into vaccine injuries – with the right to recommend prosecution!

Through the overruling of our Bill of Rights, this Government has opened the door to continued trampling of our basic civil liberties. It is blatant breaches in our democracy, that was the catalyst for us forming DemocracyNZ. It drives us daily to fight for everyday Kiwis. We will work tirelessly to be the conscience of Parliament.


18th Nov 2022

Sue Reyland (Matakohe Campaigner)

Brings you
Matt King – DemocracyNZ

There is a growing number of Kiwis across our great country who have had enough of the broken promises and the selling out of New Zealand to meet unrealistic global obligations.

DemocracyNZ’s commitment to stand up for freedom, Kiwi families, farmers and rural New Zealand .
Reaffirms to me offering you the opportunity to listen to Matt King was important


Matt King on Jason Q Citizen & Friends …TNT Radio

Matt King on Jason Q Citizen & Friends – 08 December 2022

On today’s show Matt King discusses the latest baby W court decision and the fight for freedom in New Zealand.

GUEST OVERVIEW: Matt King is Party Leader of ‘Democracy NZ’. Matt felt it necessary to stand up and form a political party based on their fundamental democratic and Kiwi principles. A former farmer of 30 years, plus worked as a Police Officer and most recently MP for Northland from 2017-2020.


14th Nov 2022
Farming advocate and climate emissions expert, Steve Cranston, will contest the Waikato electorate for DemocracyNZ in the 2023 election.

In making the announcement today, Party Leader and former Northland MP, Matt King, said it is a great pleasure to welcome Steve into the Party – and it further confirms DemocracyNZ as the “Party that stands with farmers and rural New Zealand”.

“There is a growing number of Kiwis across our great country who have had enough of the broken promises and the selling out of New Zealand to meet unrealistic global obligations – particularly in respect of the climate change Paris Accord and the Zero Carbon bill demands,” Matt says.

“Steve Cranston is an expert on climate change issues and carbon emissions policies. He is an integral member of our team as we further expand on our climate change policies that will actually protect our farming economy. Through the growing Groundswell NZ movement, Steve challenges the climate establishment with inconvenient truths.”

Steve Cranston is based in Eureka, Waikato, where he manages a dairy farm. He has worked as an agricultural and environmental consultant. Steve was the spokesperson on carbon emissions for Groundswell because of his committed advocacy for the rural sector and reputation for being a straight talker.

In accepting the candidacy, Steve said his love for rural New Zealand and growing concern over Labour and National’s climate policies were what drove him to reach out to DemocracyNZ and ultimately seek the Waikato nomination. Steve has an agricultural science degree from Lincoln University, as well as a sound understanding of farming. He understands why many regulations are unworkable, which has underpinned his political growth.

“Our farming sector and rural communities are under threat from the climate agenda this Labour government is inflicting on our country. I am also deeply concerned that the opposition parties in Parliament won’t prevent unrealistic climate policies from destroying our way of life.”

“The National Party speaks with a forked tongue – on the one hand it says it stands with farmers, while on the other it maintains policies that will still destroy farming communities, just at a slower rate. DemocracyNZ won’t sell out our farmers. We will end the carbon emissions madness,” Steve said.

Today reaffirms DemocracyNZ’s commitment to stand up for freedom, Kiwi families, farmers and rural New Zealand

Medsafe (NZ Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority) released its 46th report into the safety of Covid vaccines entitled “Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines”. 

Thank You Matt King Northland … your dedication, perseverance & total commitment to uncover hidden agendas plus push for this necessary inquiry is crucial for all NZer,s. Especially those individuals who are suffering from hideous adverse reactions plus acknowledging those who have passed away.
Thank You
Sue Reyland

Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

In conjunction with FB Grp
Kiwis Linking Strong Minds Together

On 14th December 2022, Medsafe (NZ Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority) released its 46th report into the safety of Covid vaccines entitled “Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines”. The report covered safety signals up to 30th November 2022.

This report contained new advice about the risk of death following mRNA vaccination. Medsafe’s assessment began as follows:

“By chance, some people will experience new illnesses or die from a pre-existing condition shortly after vaccination, especially if they are elderly. Therefore, part of our review process includes comparing natural death rates to observed death rates following vaccination, to determine if there are any specific trends or patterns that might indicate a vaccine safety concern.”

As new information emerges around the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, it cannot be disputed that New Zealanders should have always had the freedom to choose.

Read the MedSafe report here:

For Up-dates Head to DemocracyNZ’s Website :

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