Do not be afraid of the Police, we certainly aren’t. We will continue to uncover that which others seek to cover up. We stand for liberty, freedom and the Kiwi way. This is not the Kiwi way. Stand strong in the face of this, continue to comment, show the forces of the state that you are brave, that you are strong and that you will not be bowed by petty tyrants.

The closing date for submissions is 11.59pm on Wednesday, 28 September 2022

The Justice Committee has called for public submissions on the Coroners Amendment Bill. The bill seeks to facilitate better access to justice for families interacting with the coronial system by making amendments to the Coroners Act 2006. The bill aims to reduce the distress caused to grieving families by reducing the time spent waiting for coronial findings.

The bill would amend the Act by:

  • establishing a new position of a coronial associate, which could undertake many of the more straightforward functions, powers, and duties currently performed or exercised by coroners
  • making it clear that coroners could record a cause of death as “unascertained natural causes” if they considered that the death was from natural causes and no further investigation was required under the Act
  • enabling coroners to decide whether a coronial inquiry should include an inquest
  • enabling coroners to issue written findings stating only the cause of death, and not the circumstances, if they considered that there was no public interest in making findings about the broader circumstances.

This bill is available online from the ‘Related links’ panel.

What do you need to know?

  • Submissions are publicly released and published to the Parliament website. Only your name or organisation’s name is required on a submission. Please keep your contact details separate, as if they are included on the submission they will become publicly available when the submission is released.
  • If you wish to include information of a private or personal nature in your submission you should discuss this with the clerk of the committee before submitting.
  • If you wish to speak to your submission, please state this clearly.

Further guidance on making a submission can be found from the ‘How to make a submission’ link in the ‘Related documents’ panel.

If you have any questions about your submission or the submission process please contact the Committee Staff through the contact details provided on this page.


The new public media entity that will be created by the merger of TVNZ and RNZ will receive much more government funding that RNZ previously received.

Broadcasting Minister Kris Faafoi said the Government had earmarked $327 million to support the new public media entity during its first three years of its operation, between 2023 and 2026.

But Budget documents said the new funding would be “partially offset” by an expectation that the new entity would return $306m in surplus revenues over its first six years of operation.

RNZ currently receives funding of just over $35m a year from the Government to support its operations, while TVNZ has operated on a commercial model and been self-funding.

The increased operational funding and the clawback may suggest the Government’s goal is to shield the new entity from any drop in TV advertising, a source said.

Faafoi said the “substantially increased” funding for the new public media entity, which has yet to be named, would ensure New Zealanders could “continue to access quality local content and trusted news”.

His Budget statement provided little information on what extra services viewers and listeners could expect as a result of the funding boost.

“The new entity will be multi-platform and designed to reach new and existing audiences,” he said.

“Built on the best of TVNZ and RNZ, it will better meet the challenges of technology changes and global competition.”

Faafoi reiterated that the new entity would be “not for profit” but would continue to generate commercial revenues, which have come in the past primarily from TV advertising, to supplement its taxpayer funding.

Legislation paving the way for the new public media entity is expected to be considered by a select committee later this year.


Crashing Down like a House of Cards

The Whole Mandates Edifice Is Now Crumbling

by Cam Slater 10 March, 2022

Now that New Zealand’s largest company and the Public Service Commission have fallen in the face of litigation results we will now see an avalanche of companies who previously sought to discriminate against workers over a health status now walk back their previous positions.

Now that the full implications of the High Court ruling that vaccine mandates for Police and Defence Force workers were unlawful are being understood, the Public Service Commission has advised government departments and agencies to “pause” the dismissal of staff who are refusing to get vaccinated:

Government departments and agencies have been advised to “pause” the dismissal of staff who are refusing to get vaccinated.

The advice from the Public Service Commission, comes after the High Court ruled vaccine mandates for Police and Defence Force workers was unlawful.

The commission said while the court ruling applied only to Police and the Defence Force, it was a “timely reminder that health and safety risk assessments should be reviewed on a regular basis to maintain their currency and test the assessments against emerging or new advice”.

A number of agencies were in the process of dismissing unvaccinated staff under the current vaccine policy, but dismissals should only occur under certain circumstances, the commission said.

“Dismissals should only occur after all reasonable alternatives have been exhausted” and bearing in mind the rapidly changing environment.

“We therefore recommend that dismissal processes are paused whilst agencies review their health and safety risk assessment and vaccination policy”, the Commission said.

The commission recommended agencies “revisit the rationale for any proposed dismissals” and take “legal advice where necessary”.


As we said when the Police judgment was announced, that was the first domino to fall. The Public Service Commission can see where this is heading now and is being prudent, even if Ministers still think the High Court judgment isn’t what it says it is.

If the Police and Military mandates are illegal, then it is logical that other such mandates are illegal. That means for companies too.

The Public Service Commission, along with large corporates, will have collectively sucked their breath in when the Police case fell against mandates. There will now be large lawsuits against the Police and military for unjustified dismissal; anything deemed illegal cannot possibly support a reason for dismissal. The illegality of the act increases the pressure on those organisations.

Corporates with their risk aversion policies will have sought immediately legal opinions, and they will have been told in no uncertain words that if not for the Police or the military, then for whom can they be justified?

That means that continuing with the possibly illegal mandates puts those large corporates, many of which are listed on stock exchanges, into a position where if they don’t drop the mandates then they may have to notify the exchanges of litigation risk.

That is why yesterday we saw Fonterra, responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports and New Zealand’s largest company, announce an end to mandates that they’d previously foisted upon staff and suppliers.

Now that New Zealand’s largest company and the Public Service Commission have fallen in the face of litigation results, we will see an avalanche of companies which previously sought to discriminate against workers over a health status walk back their previous positions.

We must not let them forget that they chose exclusion and discrimination, despite all virtue signalling how queer-friendly they were, or committed to Te Tiriti or numerous other anti-discriminatory causes. When it came to this issue though they went full noise on discrimination and wrecked people’s lives, employment, careers and businesses.

We see them. We know what they did. We will NEVER forget what they did.

Mandates are effectively over. You may as well stop wearing your masks, stop discriminating and start bloody apologising to those of us you discriminated against. That way we may just forgive you. We are good like that.

But we will NEVER forget how close to tyranny we all came. We will NEVER forget how willingly these companies and bosses and unions were prepared to rush to discriminate.

It isn’t yet over, but the house of cards is tumbling.

Adam Jackson was in the military, trained sniper teams and worked with the Ministry of Health. This is his perspective on the protest.

Adam was a Sniper Team Commander

Adam explains how the Government is using enhanced interrogation tactics to break down the mind of the protestors by using Highly effective physiological weapons on our people.

  • Our Government is attacking it’s own people.
  • If we accept this we are accepting North Korean kind of Behaviour
  • Anyone trying to justify this please take a ‘good look at yourself’ !
  • These are nasty tactics on it’s people
  • Jason would like to talk to Brigadier Commander Military
  • Jason’s message to the people of NZ … WE NEED TO ASK OURSELVES IS THIS OKAY ??


I develop the best training for the military.

I have developed high performance leaders Teams and systems all over the world.

In 2018 by invitation I presented my work of high performance cultures and systems at the international sniper symposium, a prestigious event where every Nato countries head of capability, ceo equivalent for national level sniper systems capability meet to share latest advances, with private companies with net worth of over 150million

I am currently invited back to represent my work here.

After which I was presented with multiple job offers.

A Norwegian master sniper said “I’ve been to every country here, and none of them are doing what you’re doing, we want you to train our snipers”

I spent 7 months working with a leader that was paid 10,000 British pounds per day to develop international high performance teams and leaders.

I’ve been tested in the top 95 percentile for both unfamiliar pattern recognition and emotional intelligence

I’ve worked with medical teams consisting of doctors, psychologist, social workers and pardres to write strategic policy for a large organization, this was a health strategy that combated the influence of an idea in order to save lives.

I’ve worked internationally collaborating with 13 countries, advising heavily, strategic planning and execution of high risk tactical missions, collaborating my personal team with aircraft, millions of dollars worth of assets equipment and external agencies.

Ive been selected to represent NZ in 3 different disciplines

NZ Maori Rugby

Leading NZ Army’s tactical team over in the U.K. At an international leadership competition attracting 95 teams from around the world.

2010 bronze medal

2020 Team Leader, unable to attend due to covid.

In 2020 (successfully leading through covid) I provided high performance cultural development to a team of 120. At the same time providing personal management and leadership to 25 pers under a more intense tempo, leading a team of 12 individuals to win the NZ competition. With a number of other notable achievements, within the same time!

I’ve worked with high performance sports teams at a management level and with individual athletes alike.

No value, no payment, period.

My drive comes from knowing I have the ability to make alot of people live a better quality life, to date I have helped over 1000 people directly.

I just want to help.

Imagine the possibilities if you add me as a member of closely trusted personal team.

I have written documents to support all above statements



The Burning Platform

Anyone thinking this will all just pass this is the next step be prepared !!!

Over the last several months, many Christians who deal in the prophetic have been hearing a particular sequence of words in their quiet time – often in dreams – which they believe is from God: “Brace yourself for impact.” I’ve heard it from more than one person and if you search online you will see others who claim to have heard this same message from God. I don’t pretend to be a prophet and don’t know for certain what this means. I can only take it at face value: Brace yourselfSomething impactful is about to happen.

It could be something literally impactful, like a bomb, an asteroid, a tsunami or some other natural force suddenly crashing into the earth. Or, it could be something impactful in the political realm that forces dramatic changes in our way of life. According to Katie Pavlich at, the first day of oral arguments on Biden’s vaccine mandates was “a total disaster,” with several of the justices exhibiting a level of cluelessness that was astonishing. I strongly suspect two of the three justices put on the Court by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are imposters who were placed there for exactly this purpose – to force experimental gene-therapy shots on the American people. I’m talking about Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. I hope I am wrong but I believe at least one of them, possibly both, will vote along with the other liberals to grant the Court’s approval of the illegal, unconstitutional, anti-American, anti-God, anti-human Biden shot mandates. Only justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch can be counted on to stand against this evil. I expect a 5-4 or 6-3 decision to empower the federal government to force all employers – they won’t just stop at companies with 100 or more employees – to fire unjabbed workers or be bankrupted by massive fines. This will absolutely crush what’s left of an already fragile supply chain.

If Pandora’s box is opened by a reckless Supreme Court decision, all of the major trucking companies will fire drivers who refuse the jab. This will encompass at least 30 percent of the nation’s overall trucking cohort. Chris Spear, president of American Trucking Associations, told members of Congress in November that he warned the Biden administration: If they follow through on his vax mandate it will bring down the supply chain. America already has a shortage of more than 80,000 truckers compared to pre-pandemic levels. Spear said that if Biden’s vaccine mandate is enforced, the industry will lose 37 percent of its truckers, or 2.5 million drivers, according to an ATA survey. The survey “came back as 37 percent of drivers not only said ‘no,’ but ‘hell no,’” Spear testified. Spear said the current struggling supply chain could not survive if even 10 percent of the current trucking force walks off the job.

Besides the truckers, think of the effect a vax mandate would have on the food processing industry, which is made up of large companies that would automatically start firing unjabbed workers as soon as Biden’s mandate received Supreme Court approval. This includes meatpacking plants. If these mandates are allowed to go through, it’s game over for the supply chain, the economy and the healthcare system. They will be flattened, and it won’t take long. Massive crime waves will ensue as people freak out at the sight of bare grocery-store shelves, and closed gas stations. Hungry people who have as yet resisted the jab will roll up their sleeves in exchange for a government meal ticket. The suburbs will be the first to come under attack under such a scenario. Then the rural areas.

Global power elites want everything to collapse because they need fear and disorder to finish the job of getting everyone jabbed with the track-and-trace mechanism they call “vaccines.” Getting everyone jabbed is a prerequisite for the first phase of the Great Reset of civilization. The new civilization will replace the 2,000 years in the making Judeo-Christian biblical moral code with those of man-centered gene editing, artificial intelligence, manmade immunity and a new way of defining justice and equality, all of which will lead to misery and death. The society envisioned by global technocrats is one of total surveillance and control over everything and every body. That which they cannot tag, track, trace and monitor, they plan to kill or incarcerate. They want to own or control everything of value, both living and non-living. To them, you are just a number to be treated like a unit of cattle standing in a feedlot with a tag in your ear. When your useful shelf life has expired and you’re no longer considered a viable unit of production, or maybe you’re no longer sufficiently obedient to the new digital beast system, you will be carted off to be re-educated or, in some cases euthanized. Yes, they take their cues from Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brave New World.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves in the scenario taking shape in 2022, the one which calls for bracing ourselves. Once the mandates are approved by the Supreme Court and implemented with brutal speed and efficiency, the supply chain will collapse. Then the scapegoating begins. The government and its mass-media propaganda machine will blame all of this self-induced pain – the scarcity of food, the lack of fuel and shoddy healthcare – on the unjabbed.

Christians and Jews who resist the jab will be targeted with special ferocity.

Watch the clip below and you will see how the corporate media is already setting up an evil narrative that conservative Christians are to blame, using Franklin Graham and other clueless Christian leaders to help demonize the vaccine holdouts.

Link :

Just as the Germans turned on the Jews as the cause of their economic hardship after World War I, the jabbed will be all too eager to have a scapegoat on which to turn their anger. The injected ones were for the most part [of course there are exceptions] the blind ones, the ones who never saw anything nefarious in the draconian Covid rules, never saw the corruption and the greed and the utter falsity of the narrative that underpinned this entire scamdemic from the outset. Because this segment of America bought all of the lies at every step of the way starting from January 2020, they now live in an alternate reality cut off from the rest of us who managed throughout this propaganda assault to retain our critical-thinking skills. They saw none of the hardship coming, they believed the government had their best interests at heart with all of the social distancing, contact tracing, mask mandates and shot mandates, and so they didn’t prepare for what’s coming.

When these policies lead to a failed supply chain, extreme deprivation and starvation, they will become increasingly desperate and violent. They will take up arms, possibly supplied by the government, against their neighbors who saw through the lies, who refused the experimental serum that destroys our God-given immune systems and who took precautions by storing up food, learning to plant gardens, to can and freeze-dry their harvests, and who live mostly in the rural areas. The long-predicted civil war will be on, with one side fully backed by the government and its media propagandists. At some point, after perhaps months or years of civil war, some combination of China, Russia and other foreign troops will be “invited” to land on American soil and restore order, probably under the banner of the United Nations “peacekeepers.” China, for those who aren’t aware, is not giving its people the mRNA experimental injections. Nor is Russia. The experimental gene therapy is being reserved, at least for now, primarily for the formerly free nations of the Western World – the U.S. and Canada, Australia and Western Europe.

Their plan to get every man, woman and child jabbed with their continuously updatable operating system and connect people’s vaccine history to a new global ID system. Don’t forget that Moderna, on its own website, describes its “vaccine” as a device that works “very much like a computer operating system.” This operating system requires a certain number of “updates” before it becomes fully operational inside the human body. Should we be surprised that the CEO of Moderna announced Friday that a fourth shot “could be necessary?” Gee, who could have seen that coming? The U.K and South Korea have already ordered the fourth dose while Israel is already administering a fourth to its people.

Truth is, these shots were always meant to be continuous. Along with the masks, the shots are the ritual sign of submission to the new global “beast” system. But here’s the bad news for the global predators who are so frantically pushing this mass-genocide, which they cloak in Orwellian language like “safe and effective” and “life-saving vaccines.” The problem for them is that after more than a year of flooding the zone with saturation propaganda, only about 60 percent of Americans have received two doses of the serum and less than 35 percent have received a third dose or  “booster.” While the entirety of Western civilization is the target of this genocide, America is the real plum. If America falls, no other nation will be able to withstand what is coming. The force of global tyranny now underway is more formidable than Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalinist Russia combined. Neither of those evil empires had this level of technology and propaganda devices at their disposal. For them, it’s go time. They’re in their final hour. They are into their end-game scenario. In order to complete this global coup d’etat, they must move with blitzkrieg speed to get the remaining holdouts injected or removed from society. That’s why we have seen increasingly aggressive rhetoric coming out of the mouths of Western puppet leaders in recent days. They are getting ready to replace the carrot and the stick with a baseball bat made of steel.

French President Emmanuel Macron said this week that the unvaccinated in his country should be treated as “non-citizens” and he wants to “piss them off” as much as possible by banning them from all of society. One day after Macron announced he was declaring war on his country’s remaining unvaccinated citizens, Italy and Austria followed suit. Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government had already made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health workers, and since October all employees have had to be vaccinated or show a negative test before entering the workplace. Refusal results in suspension from work without pay, but not dismissal.

Austria has announced plans to make vaccination mandatory for those over the age of 14 starting next month, while in Greece it will be compulsory for over-60s starting Jan. 16.

German leaders are siccing the police on people who appear in public without masks.

Watch this video from Germany and prepare to be shocked.

Link :

Canada’s federal health minister announced Jan. 7 that country is likely to make vaccination mandatory in the coming months.

Australia’s Northern Territory chief minister, Michael Gunner, announced harsh lockdown measures Thursday, Jan. 6, for unvaccinated citizens. Gunner told the unvaccinated that they are not to leave their homes to work, exercise, or for any reason other than “essential” shopping, providing care to the sick, and receiving medical treatment.

In the video below, skip ahead to the 5:22 mark and watch Gunner speaking his dictates to the unvaxxed at Thursday’s press conference.

Link :

Those of us who know the truth will not bend or break. As we have learned from the growing number of brave doctors and scientists, these jabs contain a self-assembling network of wireless nanosensors. With each new shot or booster, more of the network is established as the shots create a type of scaffolding effect inside the person’s body. At some point, the recipients will begin to lose their humanity. At least that’s the plan. I don’t think these wicked scientists at Big Pharma know exactly how things will turn out for the poor guy on his ninth or tenth booster. But because not enough people are buying the lies that they will need to be injected every five months to stay healthy, the power elites need to make another bold move.

In some countries they will unleash the full force of military power against the unjabbed. If this happens in the U.S., it would likely involve forcibly detaining people in the camps that we know exist in every state. Australia has already gone this route so we know it’s on the drawing board for the other nations. Along with all of these mandates, the government continues to spend wildly in an apparent attempt to drive inflation and collapse the dollar.

Are you ready for your money to become worthless?

Are you ready for the challenges of severe deprivation?

Are you prepared to feed yourself and help others?

You may need to show a young family how to grow a garden, how to fix a car, how to do whatever it is that your skill set prepared you for in these troubling but exciting times.

Remember, how you react under pressure reveals the real you.

Brace yourself for impact.

Source :

Ominously Named “Scanning and Targeting Team” Reported Us for “Anti Govt” Sentiment. First published 11 December.
by Cam Slater 12 January, 2022 

Some months ago, in September, I received credible information from a source that The BFD and myself were being actively monitored by Police Intelligence and that at least once we had even been mentioned in a weekly Police Intelligence briefing. Fortunately I was able to OIA the precise documents where we had been mentioned, and finally after months of delays and late responses the Police finally coughed up what was requested, late on a Friday afternoon.

What is revealed is that The BFD, our editor and me are being actively surveilled, including comments and commenters, for what the Intelligence Analyst from the ominously named “Scanning and Targeting Team” say is “anti govt” sentiment.

The analyst goes further and explicitly mentions anti Government sentiment in preparing his briefing.

The Police have clearly formed an opinion that the video of Siouxsie Wiles sitting maskless on a beach under level 4, in contravention of her own public statements regarding lockdowns and Government policy is simply mischief-making and label the whole episode as disinformation.

Dan Wildy, the Director of National Intelligence takes exception to this characterisation and writes to the Intelligence team saying:

Lastly, I remain conscious of the need for objectivity and accuracy in all that we write. I had a sense of unease when I read paragraph 21 today where we wrote “Facebook disinformation site ‘The BFD’. Are we absolutely certain of our statement that The BFD could be fairly characterised as a disinformation site?

And rather prophetically he adds:

Sufficiently so that we could stand up and defend the statement in the face of an OIA?

Coincidentally I filed my OIA request the same day that Dan Wildy was expressing concern about the description of The BFD as a “disinformation site”.

But here is how they explain themselves when confronted by the Director of National Intelligence over their labelling of this site and me as being a “disinformation site”:

Their sole piece of evidence to prove their claims when challenged by the Director of National Intelligence is this image:

Are they picking on a photoshop of some well-known hypocrite with a long nose? Not sure how you’d make a photoshop without fabrication. We could have photoshopped the lying Wiles in a set of her ample strides in flames (liar, liar, pants on…) but then the Police Intelligence Unit probably would have said we were encouraging terror and violence by setting people on fire.

But get this, the whole saga started as a result of an over-zealous and unnamed Senior Sergeant, the Intelligence Supervisor, from the Tamaki Makaurau Operational Intelligence Unit, who emailed unnamed other units to see if my “anti Govt” and “denigration of Labour Party policies and individuals linked to them” (Siouxsie Wiles) “warrants a visit” from the jackbooted ranks of the Police.

What the hell have the Police got to do with politics? Everything it seems.

Fortunately, his superiors saw the perils of such an approach, with Detective Inspector Kevin McNaughton, the Field Crime Manager, Waitemata District calling off the dogs by saying “Absolutely Not unless you wanna [sic] end up on the front page”.

Detective Inspector Kevin McNaughton was dead right when he thought that this might end up on the front page. It should be on the front page when Police are using clear political bias to surveil members of the free and independent media for daring to criticise the Government of the day.

Not even Robert David Muldoon was this craven in his pursuit of his perceived enemies. This Official Information Act reveals that Police and their intelligence units are “scanning and targeting” political opinions, and marking people and their organisations as suspect dissidents who “warrant a visit”.

It is sinister, it is evil and dare I say it is illegal. Every journalist in this country should be up in arms, but they won’t be, because they too have been bought and paid for by this corrupt Government.

It can only be by a Government directive, after all the Prime Minister is on record of saying that “misinformation” is a concern, which is why they’ve funded the corrupted media to tell her “truth”:

This episode shows the ludicrous nature of the Police Intelligence Unit and in particular the Orwellian “Scanning and Targeting Team”. They’ve surveilled a website and a journalist on the basis that we present “anti Govt” sentiments and “denigrate Labour Party policies and individuals linked to them”.

This is the Police state on steroids, an attack on free speech and the politicisation of the Police using them as a weapon against perceived political opponents. It is an abject disgrace that they are doing this and it is our dogged pursuit of the truth that has forced this issue into the spotlight. The Police have made a political assessment against a free and independent media outlet and then escalated that right up the chain of command.

Do not be afraid of the Police, we certainly aren’t. We will continue to uncover that which others seek to cover up. We stand for liberty, freedom and the Kiwi way. This is not the Kiwi way. Stand strong in the face of this, continue to comment, show the forces of the state that you are brave, that you are strong and that you will not be bowed by petty tyrants.


Posted in the Beehive by Lee Smith

23rd Jan 2022

NZ HAS RUN OUT OF MONEY : Scientist Dr Guy Hatchard shares the sad truth….New Zealand has run out of money…You may not have noticed this week that our deputy PM Grant Robertson (he who refuses to answer emails about the pandemic because it is nothing to do with him) announced that as things stand there could not be a fourth booster shot. The reason is more revealing—New Zealand has run out of money. Covid sure has eaten up the cash. Grant has spent $64 billion on the pandemic so far (before it has even arrived here) and there is nothing left. Our annual health budget is a paltry $20 billion, the $64 billion has been in addition to that. So those of you who were thinking and blogging that the unvaccinated were depriving them of hospital beds might like to rethink. Perhaps it is profligate spending on the vaccinated which has led to those long queues for tests and treatments for diseases like cancer (10,500 deaths per year) and heart disease (600 deaths per year and rising). Just 52 people have died of Covid in NZ during the last two years and most of those few left in hospital are double vaccinated. If you think the opposition will have a different view, think again. Deputy leader Simon Bridges (he who tried to be prime minister and failed to excite the populace) chided Grant for not having enough of the readies to spend on those tempting fourth boosters. Bridges urged Robertson to “prioritise funding for vaccines, given the impact this is having on New Zealanders and the economy”. He is right there, government spending and policy has certainly had an impact on the economy, but why does he want to spend more? You may be aware that just before Christmas I posted a short video on YouTube about the alarming NZ pandemic spending. After raising 20,000 views in a week, it was taken down because, in the words of the YouTube censorship team, it was not in accord with NZ Ministry of Health guidelines. If I worked in the Ministry of Health like Director General Dr. Ashley Bloomfield (he who refuses to grant vaccine exemptions to people injured by the first inoculation) I would want to take it down too. Embarrassment is one of the most painful of emotions that any government department should try to avoid if at all possible. Although we now live in a North Korean-style enclave (apologies to North Korea, many of you have written to me that North Koreans have more opportunities than we do), it should not have escaped the notice of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (she who promised never to introduce vaccine mandates and changed her mind a week later) that many of our sister countries like the UK have announced they are ending all Covid restrictions. Why are our politicians competing with one another to announce further spending on a dead horse? According to our local rag the NZ Herald (the paper that uncritically Heralds government policy no matter how silly it is) Omicron is here and has been for a while. Striking a note of alarm, their lead article warned its readers that this will probably lead to a shortage of toilet paper. They didn’t lead with our record Trade Imbalance—the second half of 2021 stands at $8 billion, nor on the housing market—houses prices up 30% in 2021, nor on our total loss of tourism formerly worth $38 billion per year, nor on the increase in Government debt in 2021 of $19 Billion. But that really doesn’t matter because Dr. Ashley Bloomfield and our dear Prime Minister are quite rightly looking out for our mental health by keeping these items of disturbing news safely away from us delicate folk in danger of running out of toilet paper. Long Live the Republic.

19TH JAN 2022

Peter Williams Hits a Nerve with Grant Robertson over ‘Great Reset’

PW: Grant, what’s your understanding of the phrase – the movement – called “the Great Reset”, and is New Zealand going to be part of it?

GR: Well, Peter, I think it’s actually absurd that you raise that on the programme today. My understanding – which I’ve only recently read about this – is this is a giant conspiracy theory.

PW: Well, it’s put about by the World Economic Forum isn’t it?

GR: No, it’s a giant conspiracy theory that’s got no credit whatsoever. The talk of resets – and I’m doing a conference organised by the Chartered Accountants Association of Australia New Zealand shortly – is a reference to the fact that we’ve had a massive global economic shock and there is an opportunity and a challenge there to reset the economy, so that we’re able to meet the big challenges of the 21st century. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum may have used that phrase at some point but there is absolutely no foundation to the conspiracy theory that there is something called “the Great Reset” that countries around the world are indulging in.

PW: So this presentation you’re doing with Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand in a couple of weeks which is called, I note, “Ready to Reset”, that’s got nothing to do with what the WEF is saying?

GR: Just think about how absurd that sounds, Peter. 

That interview with the deputy prime minister was on Thursday morning, just before 10.30. A few hours later at 4:10 pm, we get an email from Grant Robertson’s office, written by his senior press secretary Chris Bramwell, saying the following:

“I’m sorry to do this, but we will have to pull out of the Minister’s weekly slot on your programme. Having him shoot down conspiracy theories on air is not really a constructive use of his time. Thanks for being so good to deal with over the past year or so.”

So that’s that. A couple of questions about the World Economic Forum’s so-called “Great Reset” and the Deputy Prime Minister throws his toys out of the cot. What exactly is his problem? 

It’s not as if the Great Reset doesn’t exist. There are websites, videos and a book written about it. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Klaus Schwab of the WEF uses the phrase regularly. And New Zealand is involved at the WEF. 

Only two years ago, January 2019, Jacinda Ardern was centre stage in Davos as part of a panel discussion, expounding on the projected glories of the then-upcoming “Wellbeing Budget.” 

Then last year, Grant Robertson – in a speech to Business New Zealand on April 15 – said the following:

“We must also take this opportunity to reset our economy, to take account of the massive disruption to some sectors but also to address some of the long-standing challenges we face. In doing so we must also chart a course to return to a sustainable fiscal position.” 

That was 10 months ago. His words: “We must also take this opportunity to reset our economy.” 

Then in two weeks, on March 5th, he’s scheduled to be part of a forum on Zoom for Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand which is called “Ready for Reset.”

You know, words matter. If Grant Robertson thinks the calls for a Great Reset coming from the World Economic Forum, and the comment pushing back against it are a big conspiracy theory, then he should stop using the very word which has people all over the world highly suspicious. That word is “reset.” 

My question is, did I hit a nerve with him? Are there some shocks in store for taxpaying New Zealanders in the near future that he doesn’t want us to think about now?

I always thought Grant Robertson was a level headed, amenable, approachable sort of bloke who loved his footy and didn’t mind a beer. But something has set him off big time, and that’s the end of a beautiful relationship on my radio station. Oh well. That’s that. If that’s all it takes to get the Deputy Prime Minister upset, then we – that is the country – has an issue. 

It wasn’t as if he didn’t take the opportunity to shoot down the idea quite vociferously. But you know on Thursday, when he was on air with me, I was channelling and paraphrasing my inner Shakespeare – and many of my listeners picked up on it too – “the man doth protest too much, methinks.” 

So with both Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson not wanting to come on Magic Talk after 9 am, the field is pretty wide open. 

Do you regard it as a badge of honour when a politician blanks you? I don’t think of it like that. I just think it’s silly and petty that the Deputy Prime Minister of this country won’t come on this show each week to answer a few generally non-combative questions. I just really don’t get it. 

After all, it isn’t me fronting up with the accountants to talk about a reset in a couple of weeks.

We have started 2022 with the reminder that our “team of 5 million” is yet again being called upon to unite in the protection of our vulnerable and achieve the best outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Since 2016 Hobson’s Pledge has been advocating exactly that message – New Zealanders are one people.

We fight for unity and equality before the law for the “team of 5 million”.

Ironically, our opponents misconstrue this message to allege that any discussion challenging the practice of differentiating New Zealanders based on ancestry or race is taboo.

We can’t let our opponents succeed in shutting down the defence of equality for all using labels of ‘racism’

In 2022 New Zealanders must be afforded a voice to freely and openly discuss social policy, legislation and systems without fear of reprisal and accusations of racism.  

If Kiwis can’t have constructive discourse on important issues we will never achieve better outcomes for anyone. The answer is not always more government money and increased intervention.  

The speed with which the Government is forcing us down the path of separatism makes it difficult to refute the conclusion that the He Puapua agenda is being implemented by stealth. It’s time this vale of secrecy was removed and that’s what Hobson’s Pledge will be ensuring in 2022.

More so than ever before, we cannot allow our nation to be further divided based upon what sound like lofty ideals but which actually serve only the narrow interests of a minority who claim to represent all Maori. So often there is a lack of accountability or transparency in the delivery of these race-based initiatives.

The investment in social policy is often skewed by statistics being used to support a conclusion rather than to illuminate the issue. For example, 99.53% of Maori are not in prison but we are reminded constantly of the proportion of the total prison population that is Maori. Based upon these statistics ethnicity does not pre-determine your likelihood of going to prison.  

If the objective is to justify separatism and secure the funding to maintain these policies then this agenda works perfectly. Failure to deliver is almost expected and throwing more money at the solution is always justified.

Generally, New Zealanders have been unwilling to challenge the concepts of co-governance and equity of outcome for fear of the labels that are targeted against anyone that speaks out. Even without our opponents using the smear of ‘racism’, these conversations aren’t easy.

But the narrative of victimhood and the poor outcomes that are cited as justification for separatism must be scrutinised. The blind acceptance of bad social policy justified by reference to unequal outcomes will fail all of us, particularly those who actually have the greatest need.

This social experiment of affirmative action, positive discrimination and separatism has failed wherever it has been implemented.

We cannot encourage and support better outcomes while telling some New Zealanders that they cannot achieve on their own merit and through their own capability due to events that unfolded nearly 200 years ago.

Suzie, here at Hobson’s Pledge, we’ve spent the summer planning how to respond to the challenges this Government poses. We’re full of energy, urgency and have big plans for the year ahead. We are confident that with your continued support, 2022 can be the year that we change the narrative and stand up against racism in all its forms.

It is not an exaggeration to say, as Don did in his pre-Christmas letter, that we fight for the soul of New Zealand.

SUNDAY 6th FEB 2022

NZ’s biggest ever anti-government protest!

Saving New Zealand for the next generation!

The focus of the protest is set out in its Mission Statement, which contains five points:

Stop all mandates and end all COVID-19 imposed restrictions.

Reverse COVID-19 introducted legislation and cease all proposed legislation.

The immediate restoration of inalienable human rights.

Medical professionals to follow the principles in the NZMA Code of Ethics.

All media to have freedom without censorship.



It’s for the family members banned from visiting family in nursing homes.

It’s for the censorship on all social media platforms.

It’s for all the people afraid to speak in fear of being called conspiracy theorists.

It’s for the people who willingly got jabbed because they were told it would end the lockdowns.

It’s for the people who willingly got jabbed so they could open their business again, only to be told they can’t .

It’s for the people who didn’t want to get jabbed but were forced to.

It’s for the people who didn’t want to give up their freedom of choice.

It’s for the people who don’t want to be in debt for the next 100 years.

It’s for the people who only want answers to the many questions that haven’t been answered.

It’s for the people told to be afraid to hug their family and visit friends.

It’s for the kids to go back to being kids and to stop having to live their life around politicians’ whims.

It’s for all the religious people who were told their faith “doesn’t count”.

It’s for all the families who lost a loved one due to suicide from the stress.

It’s for all the people with health conditions who don’t want to take more health risks & can’t get an exemption.

It’s for all the people who took their own lives due to this entrapment.

It’s for all the thousands of nurses, doctors, police, emergency services of all kinds, teachers, early childhood workers & many other trade workers who have lost their job due to not wanting to have the jab for their own personal beliefs or benefits.

It’s for the people who want their lives back.

For the hairdressers to cut hair.

For the restaurants to serve food.

For the bars to play music.

For the students to learn .

For the kids to be free .

For the ppl made homeless.

For people who want to work but are forced not to.

This is for the people.

This is for trying to silence honest and hardworking citizens.

This is for all the people told they can’t go to church.

This is for trying to remove our religious freedoms through shaming & bullying.

This is for spending billions of $$ on pandemic advertising campaigns instead of using it to actually care for our sick & elderly.

This is for the abuse taking place in our long term care facilities that has been swept under the rug for too long.

This is for the sufferers of adverse side effects being ignored & shamed.

This is for promoting pharmaceutical fixes instead of good health practices.

This is for trying to demonise good people.

Never in my life have I ever seen the healthy punished and the sick untreated.

This is for the 300,000 surgeries cancelled because of the “health emergency”.

This is for the people who died waiting for their surgery.

This is for the people who died alone in the hospital without being able to hold the hands of their loved ones.

This is for everyone even those who don’t think they need it, it’s for them and their children too.

This is for the shattered relationships of families and friends, divided by the hysterical fear mongering conducted by government and msm.

This is for the exhausted nurses.

This is for the doctors who are threatened.

This is for all the front line workers… delivery trucks, grocery store clerks, Emergency services who are constantly working overtime etc.

This is for all of us. Courage is infectious & so is Unity.

❤️ Safe Travels, everyone

TV Medium & Healer

This is me- front line – before I was assaulted by WPC

You can see the gathering was peaceful, good humoured.

The WPC initially had her elbow on my windpipe -I told her sh was hurting me – she moved her elbow then to my sternum – and i again told her very clearly you are hurting me – she said get your hands off me – I was linking arms with the people either side of me and told her this- she increased the pressure and the pain was unbearable. I felt something “break” in my sternum. I started to collapse, I felt faint and my legs just went under me – the people either side of me were holding me up and then agony as more police dived in pulling up my arms and injuring me further ignoring my screams that they were hurting me- I was already at a 10 for pain (!)( – unbelieveable -I was left on concrete on my hands and knees not able to breathe properly and in agony for about an hour before they called for an ambulance – the ambulance said they were there within 25 mins of the call – and you can see from this footage I was attacked around 1:30pm. I got to hospital around 3pm.

Photographs have been taken of my injuries and I will be pressing charges against the WPC concerned. I am still in HUGE pain not able to talk / breathe deeply without extreme pain and breaking down in tears at this violent assault by another woman, who, along with her colleague is supposed to UPHOLD THE PEACE.

NZ police I am so disappointed in you today- and saying you were following orders just won’t cut it – you all have a conscience and we can see from your faces that you we not happy with the position your commanding offers put you in.

A sad day for New Zealand indeed.

We started the day with peace and I know the Freedom Convoy Members that stood along side me will continue to bring peace into this situation.

Main stream media – your coverage has been appalling – and the whole of New Zealand is now getting to see, who your masters are.

Thank goodness for Social Media – let’s keep getting the word out

Please do whatever you can to share what is happening in New Zealand – REMAIN PEACEFUL WITH LOVE IN YOUR HEARTS – you will see that LOVE WINS xxx

Verified :

Pam Kales

Jeanette I have three videos I copied from the Stuff live feed. Shows a different angle of the big push at 1.38pm where they pulled you out and two clips of you obviously in distress. I will pm them to you in case you need them. I have put in a police complaint about several incidents including yours.

10th Aug 2022


Donna Pokere-Phillips :

If this was a Maori boy he would have been arrested, probably sent to borstal or worse jail and one of his three strikes would have been used up…
Sorry but this is blatant white privilege…
Lets consider the victim before we consider the perpetrator…

Daniel Hayes >>>>Donna Pokere-Phillips
Stop trying to create division. The relationship between Maori & Europeans in this country is better than most multicultural countries but we can always count on people like you to remind us how different we are to separate us

Megan Hoffman
Whoaaaaaa say what now??
Define white privilege?
My skin is white asf ,
But I am ngapuhi-tainui -turehu
Sorry but I just don’t define anyone by the colour of their skin , because I also do not want to be defined by mine
No one

Tessa Sugden
Meka Whaitiri is still in Government after she physically assaulted a staff member in her ministerial office,
Is this ‘white privilege’ too?
Or do we call that something else?
Disappointed with your attitude Donna. I thought you were better than this.…/labour-mp-stands-down-amid…
Labour MP stands down amid assault allegation
Tessa Sugden
How about Titewhai Harawera who was convicted of assaulting a disabled person in her care?
Last seen holding hands with Jacinda Ardern and along side John Key at Waitangi.
Given utmost respect and treated like royalty even though half her offspring have also been convicted of assault charges.
What sort of privilege do you call this?
Quote: “In 1988 Harawira, her daughter Hiniwhare, son Arthur and two others were found guilty of beating a Carrington Hospital patient. At the time Harawira was head of the Whare Paia Maori health unit. The jury also found Harawira guilty of a charge of threatening to kill. She was jailed for nine months.
The sentencing judge said that the five had carried out a “vicious and violent” attack on the patient and that the offences were “an arrogant and frightening abuse of authority and power”.…/4NOMI44CMZM6AQAKTIXFJSOKJU
Titewhai Harawira: Nana or Bully?

Nikki Rapana ….Maori boys who went to boarding school back when I did (I went to a Maori girls school) they beat some boys up real bad and they still made it big in their feild. Eg. Rugby or tv presenter, they weren’t judged on their past. I don’t like when people think because we went to boarding schools we were rich privileged folk. We weren’t. We were just given an opportunity to go to school away from our parents because our parents worked towards that as a goal for their kids. I duno…. The bullys from my younger days… All grew up. We all did.

Nikki Healey
The media are like vultures on this kind of stuff. Yet useless when it comes to the real issues. Far too much time is spent attacking opposition instead of holding the government of the day to account. It is weak journalism at best, blatantly and openly corrupt at worst

Shelly Blair
So if he has been stood down why is Jacinda still in Parliament she has bullied people to get vaccinated no vaccine no job that is the worst kind of bullying and her father bullied a family in Tokelau and the media think that is ok they need to be lined up against the wall of shame like their boss Jacinda Ardern

Pauline Dwyer : he said he apologized
To the boy he beat up/bullied and he said that apology was accepted! So why is it dragged up by the media? Oh yes, to keep eyes on the teenage past behaviour of an opposition member and off the worst ever in history woke NZ destructive
apartheid favoring failure ridden current prime minister!
Look what Mallards done yet he still had his job after numerous bullying behaviour as an adult so how come media haven’t looked into mallards school years?

Jeff Lax
If this is taking up all the news right now you can bet there’s some serious dodgy shit going on in the shadows.

White privilege my arse, so sick of this racial vitriol. No white privilege in my childhood, very poor family actually but I chose to work hard, be honest and made sacrifices, it’s called personal responsibility

Chantelle Baker
How is this white privilege? He was a kid and did something incredibly stupid which he was punished for. If we held every act someone young does above their head their whole life our society would never progress. When has a Māori kid been arrested at school for a school fight and put in jail? They are incredibly common and the schools deal with them internally. Race baiting for the sake of it just causes a further divide. Critical race theory is destroying our country from the inside out.
I completely agree that Sue and other candidates should have been allowed to participate in the debate. This is not a race play but an elitism ploy which is at its worst among the race-based elite.

Suzie Reyland >>>>Chantelle Baker you are correct.
It’s a Political Smear
For goodness sake. ..Mahutas Partner was Charged with Assaulting a Woman.
Let’s see that Smeared over the ‘Woke’ … Media !!
Suzie Reyland >>>>Chantelle Baker /Donna Pokere-Phillips Just doesn’t want to understand her arrogance & pure racist remarks. Suggesting they get away with things because if their skin colour is racism at it’s best !

Julie Milham>>>Donna Pokere-Phillips Your presumption of the set of punishments if it was a Maori who was the perpetrator in this case instead of a ‘white privileged’ person is clear racism – Shame on you You are only a victim if you choose to be one clearly you have fallen down that rabbit hole!

Peter Hammond
Absolutely we must criticize people that stand out in New Zealand’s limelight/political voting systems/major influences/Sports/corporations etc etc Donna Pokere-Phillips especially when they verbally write articles that are racists or have racial intentions.
And because of your status/statue & being of Maori descendant, should of known better.
Using those words “White privilege” is nothing more than Racism itself.
Not all or most of New Zealandlers Kiwi’s today & yesterday years were or had privileges & had to grow up, work hard, hard done by & survive the best way they could given their own situations/circumstances.
You are not the victim, colonisation is what it is & has happened, being able to move forward with good intentions which helps benefits every New Zealander Kiwi’s that they call home.
And as a Maori from Ngai Tahu/Kati WaiWai/Mamoe/Ngati Raukawa/Ngati Toa descendant no full well the lost & hardships of all my iwi & land’s.
But I won’t use those words “White privileges” as an excuse because other Kiwi’s were able to do really well with those Law’s that were bestowed upon us from yesteryear’s & time’s pasted.
Because it’s racist/bias/discriminating & subjective against “ALL” New Zealandler Pakeha Kiwi’s, which isn’t so.

Peter Hammond
Hey Donna, just saying! As a Maori from the 70’s know what your trying to say & brought up around racism. Absolutely!
But we have to be better than that, especially in this time & area when us Kiwi’s need each other more than ever.
When you say things like “White privilege” all that’s doing is characterizing all white kiwis, which is not the case & is a sense of bulling itself.
We have our fellow whanau pakeha Kiwi’s that don’t think like that & never have.
When we use the word “White” isn’t that making us no better than those Kiwi’s using the word “Maori” or “Maori privilege”???
Can we not rise above that?
Yes we see & read Maori bashing all over SM, I/we have no control over that.
I don’t have no control on what other iwi/Maori do in there neck of the woods, part of the country, but feel it when people say “Maori this, Maori that” and choose whether I need to respond to there conversation or not. Most are just ill-informed or ignorance of not looking deeper into things.
Guess I’m trying to say is (& this is your platform) wouldn’t it better if you worded it better so that our whanau pakeha Kiwi’s that like reading your posts & stories don’t feel oxidised & segregated from other people’s doing’s.
Just a thought

Janine Sdm
My question is – how did this come to light? Very coincidental in timing considering the drop in the polls for one particular party. NB, I have no allegiance to any political party at this stage (except definitely not red).

MY FAVOURITE COMMENT : Good on you Nick Sue Reyland
Nick Barton
Piss off ya silly lady I’m maori iv done some stupid shit at school i never been subjected to jail or anything else i was dealt with exactly the same as the white boy even maori blacker than me, same thing got told off got detention or whatever the resulting punishment was. We must of had black privilege back then?

Crystal Briggs
Why hasn’t mahuta been held accountable for her wrong doings, lies, corruption & her husband – a violent sexual offender!! Donna Pokere-Phillips seems that’s some sort of race privilege to sweep that under the carpet?

Jane Harrison ..this hit the media same time as the polls..starting to think labour may like this focus…good defeat of attention away from them….so what’s labour trying to hide from us now?

Shane Beeby
Donna Pokere-Phillips a lot of people living in camping grounds and in motels and state housing of many kinds will be wondering where there white privilege is. Being white does not make you privileged. Being coloured does not make you underprivileged.

Geoff Barclay >>>> Donna Pokere-Phillips if this politician was a maori he would have been heralded for turning his life around & becoming successful & people like you would have said the media were racist for bringing up his past misdemeanors because he was a Maori

Lorna Dejager
Wow I had mixed race parents, so I was raised to see attitude rather than colour. I’m white certainly NOT privileged as I’m now forced to live on a meger benefit BECAUSE a surgeon caused massive injuries to my body. So this is how as a medically injured disabled WHITE solo parent, I chose to deal with my son’s bullies. If you still want to CALL white privilege bullying then you need to check yourself..
My non privileged white son at age 12, skinny and short for his age, told me, when he walks home from school, there are two same age but taller and well built Maori boys that would mock him and grab handfuls of plant material from peoples gardens and throw it at him, and he said Im not the only one they do it too mum. He was really scared and intimidated. So the next day I Said ok I will pick you up from school and we will sit in the car and you tell me when these BOYS walk by. A few days later I was at the local shop before school when I dropped my son off, and saw these two boys, they were 12 but taller much bigger than me. So I tapped one of them on the shoulder and said ” hello, we need to talk, I believe you like to grab sticks and garden material and throw it at other kids when you walk home? He looked sheepish. I then said ” well here is the plan. Because I know you and your mate/brother do this to more than one child YOU don’t know who’s MOTHER I am, so I will be sitting in my car after school every day from now on, and I will follow you home and record you on my phone. Then I will knock on your parents door and tell them what cruel intimidating kids you are, and if it happens again I will ask the school to exclude you….. do you understand? Have a nice day”. The bullying stopped. Not just for MY son BUT for every other kid black or white that these assholes chose to intimidate. bullies don’t focus on colour they just focus on Power and secret intimidation. Anyone who threatens exposure is considered the bad guy. But it’s now becoming apparent the bad guy is now the white person speaking up about Maori intimidation? Why is that? A bully is clearly a damaged person being exposed by their behavior needs to made public NO MATTER a person’s skin colour. if not then that is pure racism.
And before anyone questions my mixed heritage because im white skinned. this is a photo of my father (he is the little boy bottom right).

Rana Mcneil
Tar and Feather the lot of them, weekly, for Genocide, crimes againest humanity. Jacinda stood at the WEF in 2018 and proudly stated we will have 90% vax rate in NZ. That summit was world leaders discussing the strain the conicly ill and elderly put on govt health systems around the world. Bill Gates foundation, is the owner of the patent for corona. He stated at same summit, if we do a really good good we can reduce the numbers by 15%

Donna ‘Back Tracking’ from her Statement
Donna Pokere-Phillips
If there is Colonial privilege or Maaori Privilege we have a duty to call it out. I agree that with privilege comes elitism. I think we are all on the same page. If I have offended people by using skin pigmentation to highlight my point I apologise that was not my intention. I will be careful in the future with the words I use. I will retract the word white and replace with colonial.

Jamie Cole >>>> Donna, that’s no better at all! White people born a century or more after settlement have received no advantage due to that colonialism, other than the tradition of parents who are more invested in education than Māori (and as an ex-high school teacher I can back that up). Your Critical Race Theory beliefs are a blight on you and your party.
Sue Reyland >>>Jamie Cole ;she’s trying to dig herself out of her hole she’s made for herself. She’s lost her Mana … she’s shown her true colours … pardon the pun !

Anton Waaka >>>>Donna Pokere-Phillips you just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper.
This is amazing, keep it up.

Suzie Reyland >>>>Anton Waaka exactly … I can’t believe the stupidity of the woman. She’s got both Maori & Pakeha pointing things out to her & she still can’t see. One good thing from her Racist comments is , we are all talking as one apart from her !!

Gill Booth >>>Donna Pokere-Phillips If there is Privilege, there is a Duty to the less privileged, no matter your pigmentation.
Maori had no different structure than the West. Chiefs, hierarchy, nepotism, wise men, lineage struggles, greed, good governance, bad governance, war for defense, war for the sake of war, war for resources.
Let’s not kid ourselves Donna, under the skin basic human nature is no different when it comes to survival on this beautiful planet of ours.

Lorna Dejager
Wow I had mixed race parents, so I was raised to see attitude rather than colour. I’m white certainly NOT privileged as I’m now forced to live on a meger benefit BECAUSE a surgeon caused massive injuries to my body. So this is how as a medically injured disabled WHITE solo parent, chose to deal with my son’s bullies. If you still want to CALL white privilege bulling then you need to check yourself..
My non privileged white son at age 12, skinny and short for his age, told me, when he walks home from school, there are two same age but taller and well built Maori boys that would mock him and grab handfuls of plant material from peoples gardens and throw it at him, and he said Im not the only one they do it too mum. He was really scared and intimidated. So next day I Said ok I will pick you up from school and we will sit in the car and you tell me when these BOYS walk by. A few days later I was at the local shop before school when I dropped my son off, and saw these two boys, they were 12 but taller much bigger than me. So I tapped one of them on the shoulder and said ” hello, we need to talk, I believe you like to grab sticks and garden material and throw it at other kids when you walk home? He looked sheepish. I then said ” well here is the plan. Because I know you and your mate/brother do this to more than one child YOU don’t know who’s MOTHER I am, so I will be sitting in my car after school every day from now on, and I will follow you home and record you on my phone. Then I will knock on your parents door and tell them what cruel intimidating kids you are, and if it happens again I will ask the school to exclude you….. do you understand,? Have a nice day”. The bullying stopped. Not just for MY son BUT for every other kid black or white that these assholes chose to intimidate. bullies don’t focus on colour they just focus on Power and secret intimidation. Anyone who threatens exposure is considered the bad guy. But it’s now becoming apparent the bad guy is now the white person speaking up about Maori intimidation? Why is that? A bully is clearly a damaged person being exposed by their behavior needs to made public NO MATTER a person’s skin colour. if not then that is pure racism.

And before anyone questions my mixed heritage because im white skinned. this is a photo of my father (he is the little boy bottom right).
Lorna Dejager