Hello from the UK

Many thanks for this post, I am very happy to see this. I believe Ja-sin-da ‘Moron’ Ardern is trying to swallow her false teeth. Take them out I say. The tooth will set you free!!

I wrote a post about her. I don’t think I have commented before so you might like the link.

I’m sure you know a lot but this may be of use. I have done a lot on Covid 19 etc., here is my link to my summary. That gives access to the various other issues. I cover the statistics in the UK and USA and more recently those in Australia.

The following explains the variants. These are merely fear techniques to fool the gullible.

The following explains the media fear campaign.

It should be noted that fear tends to ‘freeze’ the body’s immune system from functioning correctly and can stop people doing sensible things. Like avoiding having foreign bodies injected into their systems.

I will be blunt; the Medical Council of New Zealand are butter arstards. Or something like that.

As regards whether or not the vaccines make someone magnetic I wouldn’t know; but one thing I do do know and that is they are utterly, utterly pointless. Unless you are big pharma etc and want to make large amount so money at the expense of people’s health.

If I can be of any further assistance I will.

Kind regards
Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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Hello. I will probably find it difficult to answer your question without more specifics, but I have been unwell myself with a facial palsy for 3.5 years now and over the last 2 years have not had the energy to do that much.

Combined with the idiocy over what is in reality the ‘flu (I explain what that really is on my links I hope, although I have some standard text which I have refined which I can send), I haven’t been out much.

It is also difficult to truly assess things when there is so much lying going on nowadays. I consider that we are in a great world-wide pantomime – Shakespeare said ‘all the worlds a stage and all the people merely players in it’ and he was quite right. I do know why this is the case by and large which in itself is bizarre.

As regards the UK, commonsense is returning slowly. Here in Sussex I get the impression that stupidity is particularly rife. People are still wearing masks out of doors with no one around. The police wear masks outside but not indoors, and in the publicly owned vehicles, as I like to stress.

Why do they do this? To increase the fear amongst the gullible. But the police are exempt – the gov,uk website says so. Of course stupidity is rife among the police, many of whom are young, ignorant and inexperienced. They have no grasp of law in my limited experience but others online reveal the same.

I double checked myself in summer 2020 – I am a bit slow – and realised it is all a load of twaddle (stronger words are also available). More importantly, it is guidance. It says so on the website. I keep trying tell people, but they seem not to bother. I want to get a whip and beat common sense into them. Might not do any good, but I would feel better! Even my own intelligent family and friends seem to have lost the plot.

My brother-in-law is largely up to speed which is encouraging but his own family seem like mine.

The NHS is now basically useless. It is difficult to tell truth from lies but Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu has caused its collective mind to seize up. GP’s are substantially a waste of time and will prescribe poisonous big pharma drugs. There are conflicts of interest in the in-house pharmacies they own in a number of cases, or even owning pharmacies locally.

Vested interest in prescribing the nasty chemicals which I now know to be largely neuro-toxin, like the vaccines (if there is anything in each vial- who can tell?).

The so-called rules are relaxed from today I understand. I have basically ignored them, whilst realising that some oik official may wish to impose their will on me. The NHS did try, but eventually I made them see sense. I have refused to wear a mask when it is pointless anyway – i am not that dim. On one occasion I was refused entry to a store (I have avoided going out by and large just in case I catch stupidity, or Stupid 20 as I now call it. I have done a post on this)

It was January I think last year. It was relatively cold and damp. Warehouse type hardware store was nearly empty as far as I could tell. Overweight idiot (50’s?) said I couldn’t come in without mask. He did not have one on. I asked him why. He pointed at screen on payment desk – he wasn’t behind it at time – and said that’s my mask. I blinked.

I did not have the oomph to tell him it’s not a mask you cretin, it’s a screen. He was happy to go get what I wanted and the transaction was carried out outside once I had waited outside myself. Not raining, and wasn’t very long but I ask you!! £$%&**??

My own health has been compromised by the NHS, but I won’t describe that here. Others have said the same. It will need demolishing and rebuilding from scratch with anything that might be saved from the rubble.

The newspapers invariably are full of Covid (the plague, the plague!) but kindly do offer us the usual crap with hopefully something true amongst them. I have written a few posts on my comments on the stories. I go for amusement and ridicule myself to keep up morale, mine and others.

Around us they are building a lot but I reckon some site are just half built and the mess in some cases is bad. However, we are in the National Park here so we are not directly affected. If the vaccines etc do kill off large numbers it will be interesting to see what happens. There will be a lot of mess to clear up.

But there have been pros-as well as the cons as people realise rushing around like mad things is not necessary. Substantially reduce flights may be bad for the airlines etc, but the air is cleaner. I have pointed out some further benefits re UVA and UVB which is fascinating. Far less sunburn issues for me.

Agriculture is being reviewed in some quarters and the toxic chemicals/artificial fertilisers on fields etc being further eliminated. I have understood this for many years, but I now know how to argue the case, and I shall fight like hell for these and other issues.

My wife and I got to Wales for a holiday last Autumn; England and Wales are still beautiful, I have always adored this land.

We haven’t been to Swanage in a while but were reminded online by the very funny Two Ronnies film on YouTube called by the sea. Set around Swanage and Studland Bay.

I hope all that is not too long, do ask if you have any specifics.

All the best