Thank You Lee Smith, Chantelle & Leighton Baker & Wonderful Protestors for you continued coverage

6th Feb 2022 – 20th Feb 2022


What an incredible view of the occupation of Parliament grounds.

So amazing and exciting to see so many kiwis from all walks of life and all vaccination statuses come together to say stop the mandates.


From the Ashes we will Rise

Anna Webster


We weren’t allowed in cafes, restaurants or bars.

We weren’t allowed in hairdressers, salons or allied health.

We weren’t allowed in council facilities or at events.

We were ostracized from our cultural centers; our marae, churches, mosques and synagogues.

For two years we were rejected.


We united.

We rose up.

We built a village.

We found our people.

We belonged somewhere again.

We felt loved.

We felt supported.

We felt peace.

Immense peace.

After 2 years of turmoil and upheaval.

Big losses- jobs, homes, friends, family.

Some forever gone.

But we finally found belonging…


The police came in and tore it all down.

Beating us, spraying us, shooting us and dragging us.

What an ugly, shameful day.

We sit now with our pain and trauma.

Displaced, jobless, dazed.

Aching hearts, tired heads.

Frustrated at the gaslighting and lies.


We aren’t done yet.

From the ashes we will rise.



Words by me; Anna Webster. 🌻


Thursday 24th Feb

Livey @ Parliament Grounds …

Looking Pretty ‘Sun Drenched’

To View Live from Sue Reyland :


Live from New Market on Return from Convoy 2022 Wgnt

4TH April 2022

Now the Mandates are being lifted.
I advise you to think twice if you are going to go down the Booster track.
Since starting to warn folk the Adverse Reactions have Risen drastically.
38,000 in NZ

Omicron is everywhere … we will live with it just like any other Flu …
Omiricon gives you a Natural Immunity

Would you want to risk ending up like Casey or Richard … Living life in a Wheelchair, Painful Spasms, Heart Problems with emergency visits by ambulance to ICU ?

I Care …. I don’t want My Family or Friends becoming another Statistic; Having to be looked after by Family … Munted for Life
Or worse still Joining the Little White Crosses Club ❤ RIP those who have lost their lives to the V …. Love & Respect to their families 


Outdoors Party

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so devastated right now, so sad for what our country has become and the lies and violence these psychopaths are prepared to go to. The police stomped on Alan this morning breaking his hip, he’s got surgery this afternoon. Destruction of our beautiful camp and our amazing medical centers and osteo/mirimiri tent, the amazing food court, toilets, not to mention to showers the night before. I am just in tears. The psychopaths have shown what they are/who they are. So now we know.

3rd March 2022

Ironically, Jacinda Ardern said that the views of the protesters were due to “misinformation” and “overseas influence”, and was not worthy of the government’s consideration

BY Bob McCroskrie

Ironically, Jacinda Ardern said that the views of the protesters were due to “misinformation” and “overseas influence”, and was not worthy of the government’s consideration

2ND /MARCH /2022

Today is a very sad day for all NZders. The government and police have committed unbelievable crimes upon our people, our freedom, our right to protest. The media continue to report lie after lie, manipulating words, video footage and have encouraged the decent of this corrupt government and police. This day will go down in history and NZders will never trust again. This has been corruption from the start by a corrupt government. We will fight for our rights, we will fight for our freedom and our childrens freedom. This isn’t over.

From a mandated police officer:

Unwanted Police Long Service Medal For Sale: TRADEME Listing #: 3495807515

Details of the listing:

“After 17 years dedicated frontline service in the New Zealand Police, my employment was terminated on 8th February 2022 as I would not submit the vaccination mandate.

A successful judicial review has since found the mandate imposed was unlawful.

Today (Wednesday 2nd March 2022) I witnessed scenes at the WELLINGTON FREEDOM PROTEST via live feed.

What I saw disturbed me more than anything I have witnessed during my 17 years of service.

I am so ashamed.

This medal was awarded to me 3 years ago. It is has never been worn and no longer has any value to me, hence the $1 reserve.

Although my future is uncertain, I know my days of serving the community in this role are over”

Ag Action Gatherings was live.

Ag Action Gatherings  ·

Livey 03/03/2022 Wow What a day yesterday!

Click Link to View:

Marama Fox what a hero for her people speaking up !!

Thank You Aly Cook II

Aly Cook II

Marama Fox what a hero for her people speaking up and TVNZ 1 amazing you let some truth past your edit suite. Now you just need to talk to some of those vacs injured people and dig deep .. Because that story will become the biggest story of our generation and I hope you realise burying the story of thousands of injured New Zealanders is immoral at least and criminal at worst !

Click on Link to view :

By Muriel Newman

Open Letter To Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of NZ … Daily Examiner

When you became Labour Party leader, seven weeks before the 2017 election, you had been a little-known list MP.

We now know that nine months before being elected to Parliament in 2008, you had become President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. The fact that instead of immediately resigning from that role after becoming an MP, you continued on as President for a further fifteen months, should have caused concern – especially after a video emerged showing you referring to conference attendees as “comrades” fifteen times in seven minutes.

Being trusting people, we didn’t think that meant you were a communist.

We saw the media fawning over your elevation to Party leader so enthusiastically that the term “Jacindamania” was coined. And we noted that these media cheerleaders gave you favourable coverage during the election campaign.

In spite of that, Labour received 956,000 votes or 36.9 percent, while 1,152,000 New Zealanders – 44.4 percent – supported National.

That result showed the country had overwhelmingly voted for conservatism and stability.

But Winston Peters, holding the balance of power and ignoring the wishes of the majority of voters, anointed you as our 40th Prime Minister.

Kiwis are fair-minded, and you were given the chance to prove yourself. But while you had great communication skills, and what appeared to be genuine empathy, it soon became clear that true to your hard line roots you intended to impose destructive socialist extremism onto New Zealand.

The first indication of your intention was your unilateral decision to ban new deep sea oil drilling to effectively close down New Zealand’s oil and gas industry. This was done without warning, without consultation, and without Cabinet approval, on the eve of your first overseas trip as Prime Minister – allegedly so you could look decisive on the world stage.

We saw this again following the Christchurch terror attack – even though the perpetrator was a deranged foreigner, you cracked down on the rights of law-abiding Kiwi firearm owners without warning, consultation, or proper justification. Driven by a seemingly insatiable desire for international recognition, you appeared oblivious to the livelihoods and lifelong interests you were destroying.

We then became concerned in 2019 to hear you tell a meeting hosted by Bill Gates, that without our knowledge, you were imposing the United Nations Agenda 2030 onto New Zealand: “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions. I believe that the change in approach that we have adopted in New Zealand is needed at a global scale.”

But while you were successfully embedding the UN’s socialist agenda into every regulation and law change, your election promises of building affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and eliminating child poverty were all turning into dismal failures.

And even though the media had largely stuck by you, by the end of 2019 the growing discontent – especially within the business and farming sectors that were facing a tsunami of restrictive rules and regulations – was so widespread it was reflecting in the polls, indicating yours was likely to be a one-term government.

That is until Covid-19 came along early in election year.

Covid became a socialist leader’s dream. It enabled emergency measures curtailing freedom and liberty to be embedded into every facet of our lives – with minimal Parliamentary scrutiny.

Under the guise of fighting Covid you hired a multi-million-dollar Rolls Royce communications team to provide you with expert advice: as long as you could keep fear of Covid top of mind right up to voting day, your re-election was assured.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Winning over 50 percent support from New Zealanders was a remarkable achievement.

On election night you assured the country you would govern for ‘all’ Kiwis: “We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you, we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander.”

We wanted to believe you.

But we now know, those words were a lie.

The separatist agenda you unleashed is unprecedented in New Zealand’s history.

We now know that you concealed the ‘He Puapua’ blueprint- to replace democracy with tribal rule – for 12 months prior to the election.

That report reveals your plan is to introduce 50:50 co-governance, to give the Maori elite, who represent just 15 percent of the population, disproportionate power and unimaginable authority over the lives of the 85 percent of other New Zealanders.

Why did you not tell us during the election campaign that you intended to transfer democratic power to an unelected and unaccountable tribal aristocracy so they can control New Zealand for their own benefit?

Since you didn’t reveal those intentions before the election, you have no mandate from New Zealanders to replace democracy with tribal rule.

And while you have denied ‘He Puapua’ is Labour Party policy, it’s clear that is another lie.

New Zealanders are not stupid – we have read the He Puapua report and we can see that the laws you are now enacting are part of this agenda for tribal control.

In health, when you realised that a Maori Health Authority with the right of veto over the entire health system couldn’t be established under the decentralised District Health Board model, without any consultation you announced that DHBs would be abolished. You have no mandate to replace community control of health with a centralised apartheid bureaucracy prioritising Maori over those with more serious medical needs.

Putting race ahead of need is not the New Zealand way. It is shocking and callous. How can anyone with genuine empathy and a clear conscience possibly think it’s OK? And restructuring the entire health system during a pandemic is not only ideological madness, but it borders on being criminally reckless.

In education you are allowing Maori extremists to dictate the curriculum and indoctrinate children with a worldview that denigrates our history and the people who helped build our nation.

In local government, you abolished the democratic rights of local communities to reject plans to divide them by race. It seems clear that this was the first step towards the He Puapua goal of tribal control of local authorities.

You have no mandate for your disastrous Three Waters proposal to give control of ratepayer-funded water infrastructure and services to the Maori tribal elite. Communities up and down the country are outraged at this blatant seizing of local assets – and the transfer of democratic control that will undoubtedly lead to the imposition of royalties to Maori whenever a Kiwi tap is turned on.

And what about your plan to silence opponents through proposed hate speech laws? You did not seek a mandate to ‘criminalise’ someone for political views – such as criticising Labour politicians or Maori supremacists – yet that is what your draft law changes are proposing.

Nor did you seek a mandate to effectively buy media support for your plan for tribal rule. You campaigned on funding the media, but you did not explain that the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund would be contingent on supporting the fabricated Maori ‘partnership’ claim that underpins He Puapua. In some countries, political leaders who attempt to unduly influence the media through taxpayer funding, are being accused of corruption.

What hold does the tribal elite have over you? Why are you prepared to sacrifice the democratic rights of all New Zealanders, so they can have power? Kind people may think that you are simply naive and being duped by your Maori caucus. Others believe that creating disunity is part of your socialist DNA.

When it comes to your management of Covid, we are now witnessing the loss of liberty on a scale unimaginable from a New Zealand Prime Minister.

You have given yourself the authority to control our lives, even to the point of allowing police – or their ‘agents’ – to enter our homes and businesses without a warrant.

Now, through vaccine mandates – that you promised before the election you would not introduce – you are dividing our nation and trampling over sacred civil liberties and democratic rights protected by the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

In 1990, when Labour Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer was introducing the Bill of Rights in Parliament, he explained that it was a safeguard to protect New Zealanders against the unbridled power of future governments: “It is unlikely that there will be a wholesale disregard of human rights in New Zealand in the foreseeable future, but… we cannot afford to wait until rights disappear before we take action, because it is too late by that stage. It is better to have a Bill of Rights when it is not needed than to not have one when it is needed.”

Now, twenty-one years later, you are leading a government that is doing exactly what he believed would never happen in New Zealand – you are stomping on the basic human rights of New Zealanders.

This is not the New Zealand way – and it is not what voters thought they were getting when they gave you the responsibility of leading our country for the benefit of all.

You have betrayed us, and we have lost trust in you and your Government.

That’s why we don’t love you anymore, Jacinda – and why we want you to resign.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Muriel Newman

2nd March 2022

SAVE Democracy NZ – By Rod Sharp

If you were injured today, go to a doctor get a report and make a video with your injuries and your testimony and save it on a computer to send a raw file to us. We are working on a Grievance Collection system to take the Police to task on their behaviour today.

Sir Russell Coutts KNZM CBE is a world champion New Zealand yachtsman

Aly Cook II

t11p7 Ftefmlob2ruar8ny at5 82ora0:f4584  · 

YES … Sir Russell Coutts KNZM CBE is a world champion New Zealand yachtsman. So Jacinda .. Still think every one going to the protest are just the great unwashed and trouble makers ?? Lady you are not going to PR your way out of this !!! More and More Kiwi’s want these stupid mandates gone . .they are ruining people and especially children and young people’s futures ..

From Russells page …. I’m heading to Wellington next week to join the protest. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to join a protest.
I’m not anti-vaccine (I’m vaccinated) but I’m definitely against forced vaccinations.
I’m also strongly opposed to the ever increasing erosion of our human rights and the growing limitations on our freedom of choice. I believe in having the freedom to be able to question so-called “expert” opinion.
I’m against discrimination and the “them and us” society that is being promoted by our current political leaders.
I’m against creating different rights, laws and privileges based on Race.
I’m also against the irrational Covid rules that are currently being mandated in New Zealand, a few examples being;
– The 10 day quarantine that still remains for international travel.
– The absurd rules where our kids (vaccinated and unvaccinated) can sit in the same classroom and play sport together inside the school yard, yet are prohibited from playing sport together outside the school yard.
– The absurd rules that prohibit two young unvaccinated brothers, living in the same household, from sailing together in a sailing competition because they would be within two metres of each other while sailing their boat.
– The rules that require one to put on a mask to walk to and from the bathroom inside a restaurant when masks have already been removed while eating and drinking.
– The contradictory rules that allow unvaccinated people to take a domestic flight (with a negative Covid test) but prohibit a young unvaccinated kid from competing in their sport (outside school).
– The fact that our kids are forced to wear masks at school (even when it’s well known that the surgical masks most of them are wearing are highly ineffective).
Finally and perhaps most important, I’m against the fact that some of our mainstream media have received payment from the New Zealand government conditional on them promoting government policy, propaganda and spin.
So yes, I’ll be joining the protest in Wellington.

An ironic photo in main stream paid out to the tune of 65 million NZ Media and there the photo the line of crosses put there representing every kiwi family who has lost a loved one to this vaccine … Even though mainstream have not covered ONE single story . .shame on you all ! A picture paints a thousand words .

2 MARCH 2022

Victoria and Ryan Yardley won a High Court judgment that the Government vaccine mandate for the NZ Police and Defence Force, which has cost Ryan his job, was unlawful. This morning, he put on his suit and returned to work.

Govt faces legal ultimatum: End mandates and vaccine passes, now

After overturning Police and Defence vaccine mandates in court, a lawyer for 200-plus uniformed personnel has written to the Prime Minister today giving her till Friday to remove ‘discriminatory’ vaccine certificates too.

When 25-year police veteran Detective Senior Sergeant Ryan Yardley reported to Taupō police station this month to receive his termination notice, his wife Victoria and their three children came with him. There were tears.

He and four other officers went into the station with their families, and sat down and talked with Inspector Phil Gillbanks. “And he served us with our terminations. And that was obviously a very emotional day,” Yardley says. “We were all there as a family because we wanted to support each other. I mean, the kids have been around police stations – they’re part of the bigger, wider police family.”

Victoria Yardley chimes in: “It’s taken such a toll on all the officers affected,” she says. “I don’t see how anyone would make it through this without a strong foundation of support.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Ryan Yardley says the vaccine mandate was at odds with his Christian beliefs about inclusion, and conflicted with his 25 years as a police officer upholding the Bill of Rights. 

The senior police detective says the family’s decision to not get the Covid vaccine exposed them all to unfair treatment, unable to work, to go to restaurants and cafes, or to associate with friends.

On Friday, the High Court ruled in his favour to overturn the Police and Defence Force vaccine mandates. Potentially hundreds of personnel – some sacked, some who took leave without pay – must be allowed to return to work.

And this morning, his lawyer, Matthew Hague, who says he represents 200-plus uniformed staff, has written to the Prime Minister giving her till Friday to remove “discriminatory” vaccine certificates too, or face further court action.

To be clear, Justice Francis Cooke emphasises that his ruling applies only to the Police and Defence mandates – but Hague and those he represents argue the implications of the judgment are more sweeping than that. 

Cooke says the evidence continues to show that vaccination significantly improves the prospects of avoiding serious illness and death, even with the Omicron variant. It confirms the importance of a booster dose given the waning effect of the first two doses of the vaccine.

Omicron does pose a threat to the continuity of workforces because it is so transmissible, he says – but this is the case for the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated. Vaccination is less effective in reducing infection and transmission of Omicron than it was with other variants.

This places Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a difficult position. She and her responsible ministers must make a quick call: whether they accept the High Court judgment and will accordingly move speedily to set an end date to most vaccine mandates, or whether they disagree and can find legal grounds to appeal the judgment. 

“If the Covid vaccination certificates requirement is not removed by 4 March 2022, United We Stand has instructed us to apply for judicial review of the order.”
– Matthew Hague, Frontline Law

Hague wrote that he was not just representing the three police and defence officers who took the High Court actions, but also a much bigger group of uniformed personnel dubbed United We Stand, who oppose the mandatory use of Covid vaccination certificates.
The High Court had ruled that the Government’s vaccine mandate for Police and Defence Force personnel was unlawful. It determined that although vaccination could reduce the severity of symptoms, it was significantly less effective at preventing the transmission of Covid-19 – now endemic in New Zealand.
“The Covid vaccination certificates requirement does not prevent or limit the risk of the outbreak or spread of Covid-19,” he wrote. “United We Stand ask that you immediately revoke the order or amend it to remove the Covid vaccination certificates requirement.”
If the requirement for vaccine passes was not removed by this Friday, March 4, then he had instructions to apply for a judicial review of the order.
He has also written to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and Chief of Defence Air Marshal Kevin Short, saying it was not enough to just pause the termination processes. Those who have taken leave without pay should now be allowed to return to work, and those who resigned under threat of dismissal should be allowed to get their old jobs back.

He pointed out that Police and Defence had previously mitigated risk, allowing unvaccinated personnel to continue working as recently as January 17 – and there was no reason why they could not resume managing any risk the same way.

There were a number of unvaccinated personnel who had no option but to resign or go on unpaid leave, he wrote. “These actions were not voluntary and were done because of an ultimatum of being dismissed from their employment or released from their service.

“Now that the High Court has determined that the order is unlawful and should be set aside, there is no basis for the ultimatum given to these workers. They must immediately be given the option of being reinstated with backpay.”

Hague and Yardley confirmed there were ongoing discussions about the next steps – which may include the steeper legal challenge of suing the Government for damages. But first, they want an apology for the “enormous amount of harm” done to the officers and their families.

The court heard evidence of 164 police, and 115 defence staff, who were still refusing to be vaccinated at the start of this month. It’s thought the full number of affected personnel (uniformed and civilian) is higher than that, because some simply resigned rather than face dismissal.

“The requests for vaccination mandates originally came from Police and Defence, so before making any decision we will go back to them to assess the implications for their operations. No Defence and Police terminations will proceed at this time. Affected staff in Police and Defence are being advised.”
– Michael Wood, Workplace Safety Minister

It’s not immediately clear how many Police and Defence personnel, uniformed or civilian, may seek their jobs back. The police said they had retracted 42 termination letters – but acknowledged there were at least 100 more who had taken leave without pay, and more still who had resigned.

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood said the High Court judgment was clear that it was not questioning the efficacy of vaccines nor the role of mandates per se, but just whether they were justified specifically for Police and Defence business continuity.

“As the decision has only just been released, we will take time to consider it and seek advice on next steps,” he said. “The requests for vaccination mandates originally came from Police and Defence, so before making any decision we will go back to them to assess the implications for their operations.

“No Defence and Police terminations will proceed at this time. Affected staff in Police and Defence are being advised.”

All three of the Police and Defence personnel leading the court challenge were motivated by their Christian faiths, said Yardley.

Only the police officers can be named; the member of the Defence Forces has name suppression.

Joshua Wallace said his Christian beliefs would not allow him to take the Pfizer vaccine, because it was tested on cells derived from a human foetus. 

The other police officer, Joshua Wallace, is not yet 30. He has previously told of making the shift from being an unmotivated teenage “ratbag”, to study at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa before joining the police to help others.

Wallace has Māori heritage and grew up on the Coromandel. He got in trouble and left school at 16 but, as an adult, he became a Christian, married and had children. “Heaps has changed for me from back in the day,” he told the Wānanga newsletter, two years ago.

The police force gave him the chance to be of real service to the community. “It’s got professionalism, a good team environment and values. There are also lots of opportunities to be in a position to help others.”

His was one of the affidavits that expressed a fundamental objection to taking the Pfizer vaccine, because he said he believed it was tested on cells that were ultimately derived from a human foetus, that he believed to be an aborted foetus.

“I watched the mandates rolling for the teachers, and then the hospital staff, and I could see the harm and hurt that it was doing across society.”
– Ryan Yardley, NZ Police

Some of those who gave evidence said the requirement to be vaccinated was inconsistent with other Christian values – and that was backed by Rev Raharuhi Koia, a Minister in the Presbyterian Church.

But Rev Peter Olds, the principal chaplain for the New Zealand Defence Force, gave evidence that the mandates were not in conflict with the free exercise of religious belief.

Ryan Yardley told Newsroom that for him, a core principle of Christianity was accepting everyone – not discriminating against particular groups like those who refused to be vaccinated. 

When asked, the 44-year-old said his Christian commitment to inclusion, and avoiding discrimination, extended to men and women, age, ethnicity, gender identity and sexuality.

Yardley said the mandates went against everything he believed in – his personal faith, and 25 years as a police officer adhering to the Bill of Rights. “To have something so fundamental stripped away from you, as that right to refuse any kind of medical treatment, just didn’t sit well.

Ryan and Victoria Yardley and their three children are not vaccinated.

“And then I watched the mandates rolling for the teachers, and then the hospital staff, and I could see the harm and hurt that it was doing across society. Just from talking to friends and other people and hearing everyone’s stories. And that does not align with my values. And then the fact that people started getting separated and discriminated in society in relation to where they can and can’t go.”

He and his family were not just opposed to the vaccine mandate – they were also personally against being vaccinated. “Everyone has to weigh that up for themselves personally and try and figure out the benefit versus risk scenario,” he said.

“Because obviously, there are some known side effects that are coming out, myocarditis and other ones and I think it’s affecting more of the younger guys. I’m just slightly above that that age bracket, but it’s enough to make me concerned.”

17TH Feb 2022

A Tribute To All Who Have Died Or Were Injured By The Pfizer Vaccine

The Numbers Are Many

Where There Is Risk There Must Be Choice

End All Mandates

Link to View Tribute :

Tribute Video To All Big Pharma Victims 

End All Mandates




Note from Sue Reyland: Very powerful tribute. My heart breaks for all the victims and their whanau.

Sue Reyland @ Convoy 2022 NZ Wgnt

REPRESENTING @ Convoy 2022 NZ Wgnt

There came a time when I felt it was necessary to support those who had done the ‘hard yards’ at the Convoy 2022 Protest in Wgnt …

Sunday 6th Feb : On return from a friends funeral in Tauranga I witnessed the Convoy heading to Wgnt . Many over bridges lining Auckland State Highway 1 were packed with supporters waving flags & holding signs in support of the Convoy.

Over 2 hrs I videoed the 25 kilometer Convoy

Tuesday 22nd Feb: ( 16 Days into the Protest outside Parliament Buildings ) Husband & I set off on the 9 hr journey from our North Kaipara Farm to Wgnt.

Weds 23rd Feb : Our first day @ the Protest was just as we had hoped. We were welcomed, met interesting informed people , & soon realised the MSM had ‘blown stories up’ to put fear into anyone considering attending the protest. We saw no agro, no rubbish … instead we witnessed happy children with plenty to do (including face painting tent, playground plus skate park & school ) I believe some had helped to plant out the freedom vegetable garden. What a wonderful experience & education these children will be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to enrich their lives.

We would like to thank Matt King who has ‘talked to the people’ on several stays in Wgnt . Matt managed to ‘calm’ the people plus police at a time of ‘conflict’ which was directed from the people in Parliament. A time also when the weather was relentless plus added stress with the ‘sprinklers’ being turned on from Mallard. The world was soon to learn the type of people running the country … tactics that only the lowest of the low would inflict on their people. Kiwi ingenuity was soon to become evident with Plumbers who’d been affected by the Mandates pulling forces to dig drains & divert the water from ‘family tents’ being drenched by weather & Mallards ‘childish tactics’

We would also like to thank Leighton & Chantelle Baker, Ally Cook II , Alanna Massey, Sue Grey, Lee Smith , Liz Gunn, the Health Forum NZ, and Numerous other Groups , Doctors , Teachers, Firefighters, Police, Military (who have been affected by the Mandates). All ‘powerfully standing together’ … supporting everyone.

Our next Diary entry will cover … 2 Ton Blockades being moved by Protestors

Speakers … including Ashleigh Wilson (Rory Nairns’ Fiance)

Livey from Sue Reyland (Outside the Beehive)

A Police/ Protestor Stand Off

Meeting Genuine ‘Grass Roots’ Kiwis

Food tents, First Aid tent, Administration tent, Clothing Tent, ‎Hare Krishna tent, Meditation areas, Massage Tents , Camping areas … all at the ‘Freedom City’


Pictures and Videos

Thank You to all those involved … Sue Reyland

Over 90 of us were injured, over 30 seriously, on Thursday 10th February at Parliament Buildings – why dos our government not talk about this? why will the media not report it?


Casey Hodgkinson

Click Link to view Casey :

Casey Hodgkinson

· Hey everyone this video it for Ashleigh Wilson sending all my love to you hun. You deserve the world and all the love ❤️

Message from Sue Reyland : Both of you are heros. Love and blessing to you both Casey & Jeanette  ❤️

25TH Feb 2022

Jeanette Wilson

Click on Link to view Jeanette’s Speech:

Jeanette on stage at the Wellington Freedom Village

The police violence of 10th February 2022 in New Zealand has been covered up by both the government and mainstream media. Chantelle Bakr has unedited footage and you will also see clips on this channel. The NZ public needs to be aware of what has really been happening.

  • I am absolutely incredulous at the treatment you received! No human Being should endure such violence that was clearly unprovoked. Sending you much love and healing, for a complete recovery. Sue Reyland
The Freehive

Lucy Jaine Huntress NZ visits CONVOY 2022 NZ

Lucy joins us at the CONVOY 2022 NZ protest at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand. Lucy has a significant following on Instagram where she shares her hunting experiences from the lower South Island. Lucy bravely steps forward to share her views on the mandates after receiving overwhelming support from her followers.

Click Link to view:


The police claim that sanitary conditions were deteriorating and then they damage and take away the $56,000 shower block that Colin funded himself. What does it take exactly for more kiwis who support us to be on the ground to say enough is enough? What does it take for the good police to resign in protest? Do we keep our incomes and comfortable lifestyles and lose freedoms, or do we give things up for a period and stand up to gain our freedoms back. The shower block was legally parked in a legal space. I’m not sure what more it takes exactly, does this not make everyone so sad? 😢 This is the world we live in now where police can do what they like with impunity! RIP shower block 😢😢😢

It seems to me that kiwis are comfortably numb and won’t peacefully fight for their freedoms, masks on kids faces doesn’t do it, kiwis not being able to come home to their country of birth doesn’t do it, medical specialists getting laid off doesn’t do it, businesses hitting the wall doesn’t do it, a 30% increase in suicides from the St. John official report doesn’t do it. Police brutality on the Frontlines doesn’t do it, putting sprinklers on tents with children inside doesn’t do it….


Wellington City Council has confirmed both toilets are flushing into the city’s wastewater sewer network through an illegal connection. Authorities previously warned of sewage being flushed into stormwater drains and contaminating Wellington harbour and last week told people to stay out of the harbour.

There was evidence of further plumbing action on Monday, with Eco Cottages NZ owner Colin Wightman providing one of his prefab shower units, on Stout St next to the law school. There have been some showers on site, but it is not known whether they supply hot water.

Wightman expressed a strong distaste for media and skepticism of Covid-19 when approached for comment. He has previously been involved in directing anti-vax messages to primary school children.

It looked like protesters were planning to connect the prefab shower block to water mains, but the protester overseeing the installation – who also set up the toilets – would not confirm whether that would happen on Monday. The prefab looks like it can heat water with LPG tanks and solar power.

Flushing Toilets @ Freedom Village Area

Link to see Toilets :

When the cops block the portaloo cleaning truck, just build toilet blocks and plumb it directly into the sewer 🤣🤣🤣👍

Stuff putting their spin on the Toilets …

The Greater Wellington Regional Council has called for an explanation from police as to how protesters were able to build fully functioning toilets that are flushing sewage into the city’s wastewater network.

The two makeshift toilets are sitting in the middle of the intersection of Molesworth and Hill streets. Two others were under construction in front of the Court of Appeal yesterday.

Those constructing the toilets were using power tools and large sheets of plywood. A man helping with the construction declined to comment but said there were people of all trades at the occupation helping.

Wellington City Council confirmed the toilets were draining into the wastewater network, not into stormwater drains.

“This is clearly an illegal connection,” council spokesman Richard MacLean said.

Due to the volatile nature of the occupation the council was advised against sending staff to inspect the toilets by police, due to the risk to their health and safety, MacLean said.

COVID-19: High Court quashes ‘unlawful’ vaccine mandate for police and Defence Force staff

High Court quashes vaccine mandate for police and NZDF staff

26TH Feb 2022

The High Court has quashed the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Police and Defence Force


The order required Defence Force personnel, and police constables, recruits and authorised officers to have two doses of the vaccine by 1 March, or face termination.

Fewer than 300 of the more than 31,000 staff affected by the mandate across the organisations remain unvaccinated.

On 6 January, three unvaccinated staff sought a judicial review of the mandate.

They were supported by affidavits from 37 of their colleagues in the same situation.

Justice Cooke today released his decision which upheld their claims the vaccination order breached their rights under the Bill of Rights Act.

While the judge did not accept some of the applicants’ arguments, he agreed the mandate infringed on section 11 and section 15 of the Act.

“The order limits the right to be free to refuse medical treatment recognised by the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (including because of its limitation on people’s right to remain employed), and it limits the right to manifest religious beliefs for those who decline to be vaccinated because the vaccine has been tested on cells derived from a human foetus which is contrary to their religious beliefs,” Justice Cooke said.

He pointed out the court’s decision did not affect any other vaccine mandates nor internal vaccination policies of the police or Defence Force.

“In essence, the order mandating vaccinations for Police and NZDF staff was imposed to ensure the continuity of the public services, and to promote public confidence in those services, rather than to stop the spread of Covid-19. Indeed health advice provided to the government was that further mandates were not required to restrict the spread of COVID-19. I am not satisfied that continuity of these services is materially advanced by the order,” he said.

“The actual number of affected staff – 164 Police staff and 115 NZDF staff is very small compared to the overall workforce of over 15,000 for each of the Police and NZDF. Moreover there is no evidence that this number is any different from the number that would have remained unvaccinated and employed had the matter simply been dealt with by the pre-existing internal vaccine policies applied by Police and NZDF. Neither is there any hard evidence that this number of personnel materially effects the continuity of NZDF and Police services.

“COVID-19 clearly involves a threat to the continuity of Police and NZDF services. That is because the Omicron variant in particular is so transmissible. But that threat exists for both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff. I am not satisfied that the order makes a material difference, including because of the expert evidence before the court on the effects of vaccination on COVID-19 including the Delta and Omicron variants.

“I should make it clear what this case is not about. The order being set aside in the present case was not implemented for the purposes of limiting the spread of COVID-19. Health advice was that such a further mandate was not needed for this purpose. Neither should the court’s conclusion be understood to question the effectiveness and importance of vaccination. The evidence shows that vaccination significantly improves the prospects of avoiding serious illness and death, even with the Omicron variant. It confirms the importance of a booster dose given the waning effect of the first two doses of the vaccine.

“But the Order made in the present case is nevertheless unlawful and is set aside.”

The applicants were awarded costs.

The Attorney-General David Parker has declined to comment on the decision or whether the Government will appeal.


High Court rule Govt mandate as unlawful

Max Whitehead (Lawyer)

Click on Link for U-tube :

26th Feb 2022

Whitehead Group only Police and Defence staff. But I suspect the same principals that won this case will be used with other challenges to other Mandates. However, I strongly suspect this decision will be appealed by the Ministry to give them time so when Omicron has passed in April/May they will pull the mandates off saying there is no need for court intervention.

26th Feb 2022

COVID-19: Police Association wants unvaccinated cops back on the job after court ruling on mandates

Watch: High Court quashes vaccine mandate for police and Defence Force staff. Link Below …

The Police Association says officers who lost their jobs should be allowed to return to work after a High Court Ruling quashed a Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

And a lawyer says the ruling has implications for other employers.

Yesterday the High Court upheld claims that the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff breached their rights under the Bill of Rights Act.

The court has quashed the order, which required them to have had two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine by 1 March.

Police Association president Chris Cahill said those officers stood down because of the mandate should be allowed back on the job.

“Across stand-downs, resignations and leave without pay it’s approximately 131 officers, so we’ll be really pleased if we can get all those back into policing and back on the street where they’re needed.”

Cahill said a parallel policy covering unvaccinated non-sworn staff should also be dropped so they can go back to work too.

Olivia Lund, a partner with the law firm Duncan Cotterill, said other blanket mandates are now at greater risk of being challenged, and employers should periodically review their approach to make sure it’s effective and proportionate.

“I think it’s going to be difficult as time goes on for an employer to justify that an unvaccinated worker materially increases the risk of Covid in the workplace, when it is in the community.”

Lund said rapid antigen testing could serve as an alternative to firing someone who is not vaccinated.

Otago University law professor Andrew Geddis said it was important to remember that the court ruling had not raised questions about other anti-Covid-19 policies.

The vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff had been introduced with the intent to protect continuity of service for the police and defence force, it had not specifically been set for public health reasons.

The court found that was not a proper justification.

However, Geddis said: “Wider questions about whether mandates are needed for public health purposes to stop the spread of Covid aren’t answered by this case – so it shouldn’t be read as casting any doubt over whether mandates and vaccines are important to stop Covid.”

Geddis said the judge was careful to note that vaccination significantly improves the prospects of avoiding serious illness and death.


Matt King with Gavin Scott Peterson

LIVE with Gavin Scott-Peterson, Leader of United we Stand (NZ Police / NZDF challenge)

FB live with Gavin Scott-Petersen, Leader for United we Stand (NZ Police / NZDF Judicial Review Challenge). A couple of relevant links below too:

lINK to see Matts’ Interview with Gavin Scott- Peterson:



Detective Senior Sergeant: I’m stoked about High Court decision on vaccine mandates

Click on article to listen to interview:

25th Feb 2022

A win for those challenging vaccine mandates.

The High Court in Wellington has ruled a mandate for the Police and Defence Force was not reasonable or justified.

Police and the Defence Force are now considering the decision, and have stopped employment terminations in the meantime.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ryan Yardley took the case to the High Court told Andrew Dickens he’s stoked about the decision.

“I think it just says a lot about that fact that everything is changing — the science, the need for mandates, across the board it’s just moved on from where we were six months to two years ago.”


“Restrictions on Worship Is Unlawful under NZ Bill of Rights”

16th March 2022 …..Last month Police and Defence Force personnel won a case against the Covid-19 vaccination mandate on religious grounds and the right to refuse medical treatment. Now it’s the turn of churches to challenge the Government’s harsh restrictions in the courts.

15 applicants (on behalf of 110 churches and two mosques) are taking the government to court over restrictions imposed under the Covid-19 traffic light system. They’re arguing that restrictions of church gatherings is unlawful under the Bill of Rights. Section 15 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, 1990 states that every person has the right to manifest their religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching, either individually or in community with others, in public or private.

Orewa Community Church, pastor Dave Bradley says the government is not respecting that religious practice is a fundamental right, along with things like healthcare, food, shelter and education.

“They put religion in the same basket with entertainment – but we are teaching and for our congregation going to church can be as important as supermarket shopping,” he says.

Madeleine Flannagan of Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers is one of two barristers representing the 15 applicants. She says they would accept the option of seeing a vaccination pass, or a rapid antigen test taken that morning – or a test taken right then and there “

Note – Back in October 2021 we launched ‘Don’t Divide Us’, a petition opposing the Government’s discriminatory “No Jab, No Job” policy and calling for the use of COVID rapid antigen testing as an alternative for unvaccinated kiwis. More than 87,000 kiwis ended up signing that petition, which is currently going before a Select Committee to consider.


Counterspin New Zealand

This is a powerful and informative interview with Rachel Mortimer, a senior teacher and Head of Faculty, who is actively part of NZTSOS (New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science).

She wants you to know about an important case in the New Zealand high court starting next Thursday for the mandated teachers and doctors of NZ. This is hot on the heels of another High Court ruling on Thursday that the vaccine mandates for Police and Defence Force staff were unlawful.


The Dailey Examiner

As Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signals an impending loosening of COVID-19 mandates, lawyers including a Queen’s Counsel say the Government’s position breaches New Zealand and international human rights laws and agreements.

In a press release last month, Lady Deborah Chambers QC said Ardern’s Government has “removed our fundamental freedom of movement in a way that no other previous government has done”, using section 5 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. This section states that the rights and freedoms in the Bill of Rights are “subject only to such reasonable limits” as can be “demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”. If the Government’s actions in response to Covid 19 have been justified using section 5, then “that section needs to be narrowed and strengthened”, said Lady Chambers.

“The never-ending onslaught of emergency powers and inane rules should be replaced now with sensible precautions, encouraged but not legislated by the Government, with an ongoing concentration on treatments, vaccinations, and health resourcing. Instead, our Government has continued – against international trends – to impose even more draconian measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

While Lady Chambers says she does not doubt the Government’s sincerity in taking the extreme measures it has, its obsessional “nanny knows best” focus on elimination has blinded it to disastrous impacts on New Zealand’s economy, social structure, education and other issues. “This is why health bureaucrats and epidemiologists should only ever have been a key source of advice, not dictators of Government policy.”

In a recent submission to New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission a Wellington-based human rights lawyer who wished to remain anonymous pointed out that the Government had not taken a human rights-based approach to its pandemic response, and as a result New Zealand is now out of step with nations with similar human rights commitments as New Zealand, as well as international and domestic human rights law.

“The latter includes the Bill of Rights Act 1990, the Human Rights Act 1993, the Health and Disability Code, the Privacy Act 1993, and the Treaty of Waitangi. The former includes the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights … binding treaties that have been ratified by New Zealand.”

Government Covid responses fail the proportionality test, as elaborated in the Siracusa Principles in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, she says, which “requires that measures adopted by States to combat the pandemic are time-limited, reasonable, proportionate, non-discriminatory and grounded in law to ensure that all human rights are protected, recognising that human rights are both indivisible and inalientable”.

“I propose an analysis here. I note that over 20 countries and provinces around the world have during 2022 reversed restrictions as COVID 19 becomes endemic. Such countries include Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ireland, countries with similar records of human rights compliance as New Zealand.”

In his ruling in the Border Workers case in October 2021, Justice Cooke noted that “whether the challenged measure would remain demonstrably justified on the basis that it contributes to addressing the spread of the virus … where the virus is endemic in at least parts of NewZealand is an open question”. He added that “given the uncertainties about the effect of the vaccine in reducing transmission, it remains surprising that vaccination measures of this kind have not been addressed in primary legislation”. Four months later COVID-19 orders have still not been reviewed.

In addition to the “nanny knows best” Government, Lady Chambers also blames New Zealand’s media and opposition for the on-going erosion of human rights here.

“Most media are addicted to Covid-19 catastrophism, down-playing or ignoring the social and economic costs. Oppositions have been too timid to call it out, preferring to profit from outrage and trepidation, preferring to complain about a bungled vaccination rollout when we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and one of the lowest fatality rates.”

It is time we elevated civil rights as a key component to decision-making, said Lady Chambers. “So far, the influence of the Bill of Rights has been zip.”

By Marty Gibson.


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March against Police & Mainstream Media Corruption!

The 2 enablers of the corruption happening within the New Zealand corporate government system.

If you have something to share on the day, please contact me in advance so we can add you to the list of guest speakers 🙏

💫 New Zealand, Auckland is rising up! 💫

📅 Saturday 19th of November, 11 AM

🏢 Aotea Square, 291-297 Queen Street

🌟 Together, We Are Free!

🌏 United around the world.

🕊 We are standing side by side for Freedom, Peace and Human Rights.




* If travelling from afar and would like to join us overnight in Hamilton, please let me know asap! It will be a great chance for all those travelling through to connect further before travelling home Sunday ✨ beautiful day all

have changed. Many people have lost homes, businesses, jobs, friends and family, suffered discrimination and government over-reach in their lives, because they refused the experimental Covid Jab.
Many unvaccinated say NO to vaccinated blood transfusion.
lifebloodis paving the way for the support and protection of unvaccinated people anywhere in the world. Those who choose to say no to Vaccinated Blood transfusion. And yes to Unvaccinated Directed Donor Blood ONLY in case of emergency or surgery.

Very soon thelifeblood portal will be launched. A highly secure portal for people who are not vaccinated with the Covid 19 jab.

lifebloodwill operate as an information, preparation and organisational service. The portal will support the processes required to be prepared to stay free of Covid Jab Blood in the case of Emergency and Surgery.

An easy to register form

Several months ago I registered for my health … I know Rachael Barton Del Mundo & thank her for this opportunity

Sue Reyland (Founder/ Admin )


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Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet…we never seem to believe them. In this Stew Peters Network EXCLUSIVE, the award winning filmmakers behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

Watch this NEW segment now at hhtps://

New Zealand To Be HIJACKED This Month; New Zealand Is Rising Up Against Their Tyrannical Government

21st Oct 2022

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New Zealand has appealed to people around the world as a possible refuge from disasters overtaking the rest of the globe. The last two years New Zealand has had some of the strictest lockdown policies of any country.


Dr. John Campbell

Coronavirus and the evidence base … Carlisle, England, United Kingdom 


Nurse currently working in A and E with a demonstrated history in Nurse Education. Skilled in practical Nursing, Healthcare, Nursing Research, and Health and Educational research. Strong healthcare services professional with two higher degrees and several teaching qualifications. Research record focused in teaching bioscience in national and international nurse education.

Official UK government report on the debate…

Official UK Government YouTube channel, the debate in full for those interested…

Notes from Sue Reyland (Founder/Admin) Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

9.38 mins into U-Tube : Noted Pfizer admitted the Vaxx was never tested if it stopped transmission

9.43 mins …… Children have NO BENEFIT from the Vaxx. Benefits to essentially Healthy children is NIL

10.10 mins ….. How do we explain the increased rates of Myocarditis plus heart attacks & excess DEATHS

11.40 mins …. More engagement needed for people with Adverse reactions or families who have lost loved ones.

There was an apology to Victims & Families who had struggled so hard to get the engagement into the system.

We need to do a lot more for the Injured & Bereaved

We need clinics for people with adverse reactions

  • With the New British Government in Power … Lets’ put Truth & Justice Back into Public Life


Red Remembrance Day: Tuesday 15 November 12-2 pm
November 15 2021 was a defining point for many of us in New Zealand as the mandates kicked in and irretrievably changed our lives and our country. MANY WERE INJURED , MANY DIED … and many lost jobs, family and friends.
Come and join us in this nationwide peaceful event to acknowledge the suffering and commemorate resilience with friends.
**We will not forget**
Locations are as follows:
– Auckland: Aoetea Square
– Hamilton: Civic Square Garden Place
– Te Awamutu: The Anzac Green cnr Bank & Teasdale sts
– Tauranga: Mt Manganui Main St Town Square
– Wellington: Civic Square Garden Place
– Masterton: Old Town Hall Chapel St
– Levin: Adventure playground
– Gisborne: Rose Garden on Fitzherbert Street.
– Hawkes Bay: Hawkes Bay Hospital
– Nelson: Cathedral Steps City Centre
– Motueka: Thorpe St Park (New World)
– Christchurch: Remembrance Bridge
– Dunedin: Queens Gardens
– Queenstown: Queenstown Gardens
– Invercargill: Queens Park Central City
**Please ensure all signage is factual, moral, legal and respectful of all**
These gatherings are to be respectful, friendly, celebrative, supportive and compassionate. There will be some organised speakers and an opportunity for an open mic to hear people’s stories.

17th Nov 2022

“Rory’s Honour”

After consultation and with the gratitude and blessing of the Nairn family an initiative is being encouraged for all New Zealanders to take part in at 4pm today, 17 November 2022.

The invitation is to simply take a “time out” from whatever you are doing at 4pm today, to connect, catch up or call a family member or friend to simply say “I love you.”

For the Nairn family, there was no tomorrow. So we are encouraging everyone to share the healing power of love to bring families back together, to talk openly about Rory and others who we know have passed and to seize this emotional anniversary as a day to reconnect with loved ones just in case there is no tomorrow.

This poster below was designed by Sarah, Rory’s sister, and family friend Tracey added the touching words that encapsulate the invitation to share love ❤❤❤

Rory would be so bloody proud of you Ashleigh & Sarah

Not only have you lost your love Ashleigh & brother Sarah … you have had to grieve meanwhile attracting media attention, having to defend your truth, endure a court case, deal with many unfounded judgements & start again in every way possible with out your fiancé’ Ashleigh.

You are both truly inspirations & although it might not feel it some days, you are incredibly strong!!

I listened to you speak @ the Mandate protest in February, Ashleigh, though your grief was raw… you were a tower of strength.

Go easy today beautiful ladies

While the Country moves on … I’ll be thinking of you always

Sue Reyland xxxx



My Journey in 2022 was similar to 100s of Thousands of others in our land of what was ‘Milk & Honey’ .

A necessary trip to Wgnts Mandate Protest last year was a top priority … like many others we learnt what ‘evil’ goes on in that ‘beehive …

have learnt about the 100s who have died having administered what they thought was a safe & healthy medicine. I have learnt of the 63,000 Hideous Adverse reactions from the same medicine … Kiwis Hearts have been scared, brains have been damaged, limbs paralised, … this trial medicine will be known as being a medical misadventure worse that the ‘thalidomide disaster’ . All a while where 100s of Kiwis remain ‘oblivious’ as they either don’t care or are that brain washed by the Billions spent on Propaganda they think … surely not !!

I have met some amazing individuals who are on the right side of history … fighting the good fight … I have & still interact with grps or individuals who I admire & respect .

We will all ‘keep standing strong’ supporting each other … we will remained kindred spirits forever … and ‘push out the evil’ in the Beehive !!

Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder )


( The Similarities to the Worlds Events Today are concerning to say the least )
The Holocaust was not a single event. It did not happen all at once. It was the result of circumstances and events, as well as individual decisions, played out over years. Key political, moral, and psychological lines were crossed until the Nazi leadership eventually set in motion the unimaginable—a concrete, systematic plan to annihilate all of Europe’s Jews.

In late 1944, even as they faced imminent defeat, the Nazis expended enormous resources to kill or deport over 425,000 Jews during the “cleansing” of Hungary. This Oscar-winning documentary, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, focuses on the plight of five Hungarian Jews who survived imprisonment in Auschwitz. Though these survivors recount the horrors they witnessed and endured as a result of the Nazis’ “Final Solution,” their individual triumphs are a testament to hope and humanity.


31st Jan 2023


To View Full interview :

Ever since he was he fell ill after taking the jab, Big Pharma has attacked Barry Duffield from many different angles. He’s taken some massive blows, but still he keeps fighting like the warrior he is.

Samantha Edwards has produced this two-part interview with Barry; the first part filmed late November ’22, and the update section at the end filmed a month later. 

Barry Duffield is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and author who has starred in many shows, including Shortland Street, Xena, – but most notably as Lugo, in the Spartacus series.

In this interview, Barry not only talks about his devastating jab injuries, but he also opens up about his nightmare journey that resulted from medications prescribed to combat these injuries. Medications that very nearly took his life.

This conversation reveals another aspect of Big Pharma’s assault on humanity. It reveals startling truth that touches on a potential cause of the astronomical rise in suicide rates around the world. 

The update segment talks about a possible treatment on the horizon. But unfortunately, it’s very expensive, and at this stage, not something he can afford.

So we’ve set up a crowdfunding page for Barry, in the hopes that he might be able to access this desperately needed treatment.

Please be assured that 100% of any money raised will go directly to Barry.


Dec 20 2022

Dr Kerryn Phelps has broken her silence about a “devastating” Covid vaccine injury, slamming regulators for “censoring” public discussion with “threats” to doctors.


Former federal MP Dr Kerryn Phelps has revealed she and her wife both suffered serious and ongoing injures from Covid vaccines, while suggesting the true rate of adverse events is far higher than acknowledged due to underreporting and “threats” from medical regulators.

In an explosive submission to Parliament’s Long Covid inquiry, the former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president has broken her silence about the “devastating” experience — emerging as the most prominent public health figure in the country to speak up about the taboo subject.

“This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesethesiae, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of immunisation,” the 65-year-old said.

“I continue to observe the devastating effects a year-and-a-half later with the addition of fatigue and additional neurological symptoms including nerve pains, altered sense of smell, visual disturbance and musculoskeletal inflammation. The diagnosis and causation has been confirmed by several specialists who have told me that they have seen ‘a lot’ of patients in a similar situation.”

Dr Phelps married former primary school teacher Jackie Stricker-Phelps in 1998.

“Jackie asked me to include her story to raise awareness for others,” she said.

“We did a lot of homework before having the vaccine, particularly about choice of vaccine at the time. In asking about adverse side effects, we were told that ‘the worst thing that could happen would be anaphylaxis’ and that severe reactions such as myocarditis and pericarditis were ‘rare’.”


Dr Phelps revealed she was also diagnosed with a vaccine injury from her second dose of Pfizer in July 2021, “with the diagnosis and causation confirmed by specialist colleagues”.

“I have had CT pulmonary angiogram, ECG, blood tests, cardiac echogram, transthoracic cardiac stress echo, Holter monitor, blood pressure monitoring and autonomic testing,” she said.

“In my case the injury resulted in dysautonomia with intermittent fevers and cardiovascular implications including breathlessness, inappropriate sinus tachycardia and blood pressure fluctuations.”

Dr Phelps said both reactions were reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) “but never followed up”.

She revealed she had spoken with other doctors “who have themselves experienced a serious and persistent adverse event” but that “vaccine injury is a subject that few in the medical profession have wanted to talk about”.

“Regulators of the medical profession have censored public discussion about adverse events following immunisation, with threats to doctors not to make any public statements about anything that ‘might undermine the government’s vaccine rollout’ or risk suspension or loss of their registration,” she said.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), which oversees Australia’s 800,000 registered practitioners and 193,800 students, last year warned that anyone who sought to “undermine” the national Covid vaccine rollout could face deregistration or even prosecution.

AHPRA’s position statement said that “any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice which contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via social media) is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action”.

Earlier this year, Australian musician Tyson ‘tyDi’ Illingworth said he had been told privately by doctors that they feared being deregistered if they linked his neurological injury to the Moderna vaccine.

Dr Phelps said she had heard stories of vaccine injury from “patients and other members of the community”.

“They have had to search for answers, find GPs and specialists who are interested and able to help them, spend large amounts of money on medical investigations, isolate from friends and family, reduce work hours, lose work if they are required to attend in person and avoid social and cultural events,” she said.

“Within this group of vaccine injured individuals, there is a diminishing cohort of people who have symptoms following immunisation, many of which are similar to Long Covid (such as fatigue and brain fog), but who have not had a Covid infection. These people would be an important subset or control group for studies looking into the pathophysiology, causes of and treatments for Long Covid. It is possible that there is at least some shared pathophysiology between vaccine injury and Long Covid, possibly due to the effects of spike protein.”

“Reactions were said to be ‘rare’ without data to confirm how common or otherwise these reactions were. In general practice I was seeing cases, which meant other GPs and specialists were seeing cases too. Without diagnostic tests, we have to rely largely on clinical history.”

In July this year, the independent OzSAGE group of which Dr Phelps is a member issued a position statement calling for better systems and management of Covid vaccine adverse events and “recognition of the impact of vaccine injury”.

Dr Phelps, who was heavily involved in crafting the statement, wrote in her submission that the OzSAGE document “outlines the scope but not the scale of the problem because we do not know the scale of the problem”.

“This is partly because of under-reporting and under-recognition,” she said.

According to the TGA’s most recent safety update, there have been a total of 137,141 adverse event reports from nearly 64.4 million doses — a rate of 0.2 per cent.

There have been 819 reports “assessed as likely to be myocarditis” from 49.8 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna. Fourteen deaths have officially been linked to vaccination — 13 after AstraZeneca and one after Pfizer.

But Dr Phelps pointed to data from Germany’s pharmacovigilance body, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which has “undertaken ongoing surveys of vaccine recipients … as opposed to the TGA which only accepts passive reports, or AusVaxSafety whose survey stopped at six weeks”.

“They have found that the incidence of serious reactions occurs in 0.3 per 1000 shots (not people),” she said.

“Considering that the majority of Australian adults have now had at least one booster, this suggests that the incidence of serious adverse reactions per vaccinated person could be more than 1-in-1000. PEI admits that under-reporting is a problem, and observers suggest that an order of magnitude of under-reporting is not unreasonable to consider (most estimates put underreporting at much worse than this).”

Dr Phelps said there was concern some adverse events could “cause long-term illness and disability”, but data was limited because the “global focus has been on vaccinating as many people as quickly as possible with a novel vaccine for a novel coronavirus”.

“Because of this, all of the studies that have been published so far are either small, or case studies only,” she said.

“The burden of proof seems to have been placed on the vaccine injured rather than the neutral scientific position of placing suspicion on the vaccine in the absence of any other cause and the temporal correlation with the administration of the vaccine.”

She noted some countries had gathered significant databases of adverse events, ranging from allergy and anaphylaxis to cardiovascular, neurological, haematological and auto-immune reactions.

Despite the recognition of heart inflammation associated with the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, Dr Phelps said “even then, there has been a misconception that myocarditis is ‘mild’, ‘transient’ and ‘mostly in young males’, when there are many cases where myocarditis is manifestly not mild, not transient and not confined to the young male demographic”.

Dr Phelps said until there was acknowledgment and recognition of post-vaccination syndrome or vaccine injury, “there can be no progress in developing protocols for diagnosis and treatment and it is difficult to be included in research projects or treatment programs”.

“It has also meant a long and frustrating search for acknowledgment and an attempt at treatment for many individual patients,” she said.

“People who suffer Covid vaccine injury may present with a range of symptoms, and results of standard medical tests often come back normal. And like patients with Long Covid, they too are also asking the medical profession and public health systems for help.”

Earlier this year, Dr Rado Faletic — who previously spoke out about his battle with the TGA — launched Australian advocacy group Coverse to provide support and collect testimony from those suffering vaccine injuries.

The TGA said in a statement that people who submit adverse event reports “are not routinely given feedback about their adverse event report beyond the acknowledgement letter”.

“However, in some cases reporters are contacted if further information is required to either complete or assess the adverse event report,” a spokesman said.

“The TGA’s function is to analyse adverse event report data to look for potential conditions or adverse effects which may be linked to vaccination. The Product Information (PI) documents for Covid-19 vaccines include information on adverse events including the expected frequency, when known. The PI documents are available on the TGA website. The TGA also publishes information about adverse events in the Covid-19 vaccine safety report.”

AHPRA said in a statement that the regulator had “been clear in all of our guidance about Covid-19 vaccinations that we expect medical practitioners to use their professional judgement and the best available evidence in their practice”.

“This includes keeping up to date with public health advice from Commonwealth, state and territory authorities,” a spokeswoman said.

“Legitimate discussion and debate, based on science is appropriate and necessary to progress our understanding and knowledge. The [March 9, 2021 position] statement does not prevent practitioners from having these discussions.”

She added that as of June 2022, only 11 practitioners had been suspended “in relation to concerns raised about Covid-19”.

“The concerns raised about the practitioners related to the spreading of misinformation about Covid-19 or vaccination advice, including that the Covid-19 pandemic was fake, that the vaccination program was about government led mind control or in some instances representing that patients would develop cancer by having a vaccination administered,” she said.

Reached on Tuesday, Dr Phelps declined to comment further on the submission.

Dr Phelps, who remains a practising GP, was elected as the first female president of the AMA in 2000.