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CLICK LINK ABOVE  to view ….  John Bain explains the Roads of National Significance under the National Government & Phil Twyfords actions canning the 4 Lane Upgrades all around the Country  Cutting 5.5 Billion of hard earned Tax Payers Money !! Anne explains the Process with Funding our roads  Lowering Speeds is all about ‘SavingContinue reading “Matt King Northland”


Open letter to the Groundswell NZ leadership team and all Groundswell members and supporters. Hi Groundswellers So this benevolent Govt has finally decided to show you farmers, and your communities, how much you are valued by them. $400,000 from them to help you in contingency planning for Covid, arranging staff if sick etc etc. AfterContinue reading “WEBSITE MEMBERS’ BLOG”


27th Jan 2022 Hello from the UK Many thanks for this post, I am very happy to see this. I believe Ja-sin-da ‘Moron’ Ardern is trying to swallow her false teeth. Take them out I say. The tooth will set you free!! I wrote a post about her. I don’t think I have commented beforeContinue reading “CORRESPONDENCE FROM WEBSITE MEMBER LIVING IN GREAT BRITIAN”

Best selling author observes Ardern to be “really creepy, psychopathic, and honestly I’m scared for the people of New Zealand”

 29 Oct 2021The Daily Examiner As domestic concerns escalate around democratic principles being eroded, overseas commentators also join in calling out the growing authoritarianism observed from Ardern government Laura Dodsworth (who nominates Jacinda Ardern in this video) is the author of the best selling book ‘A State of Fear’ about the UK Government using behaviouralContinue reading “Best selling author observes Ardern to be “really creepy, psychopathic, and honestly I’m scared for the people of New Zealand””


Just what is Prime Sinister Stalinda Ardern conjuring up in this less-than-flattering pic (above)? Maybe ordering a neuropsychological evaluation for Murupara GP Bernard Conlon, who’s under notice of suspension from the Medical Council of New Zealand for speaking out against mandatory vaccinations.  It’s absolutely not beyond the bounds of possibility, as exactly that has beenContinue reading “MED COUNCIL WILL SUSPEND GP FOR ASKING AWKWARD VAX QUESTIONS”


This email is more urgent than a regular ‘Free Speech update’. I’m contacting you about an important development that could have major implications for your free speech online. Netsafe, the “online safety organisation”, is asking for feedback on what it’s calling the Aotearoa New Zealand Code of Practice for Online Safety and Harms. In effect, it’sContinue reading “FREE SPEACH UNION”

[NZCPR-Weekly] The State of Our Nation

By Dr Muriel Newman “Totalitarianism: a form of government that seeks to subordinate all aspects of individual life to the authority of the state. Totalitarianism is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. The power of the centre… is absolute power.”– EncyclopaediaContinue reading “[NZCPR-Weekly] The State of Our Nation”