Another amazing, logical interview by a senior teacher SPEAKING OUT – and on their way to NZ HIGH COURT Counterspin New Zealand This is a powerful and informative interview with Rachel Mortimer, a senior teacher and Head of Faculty, who is actively part of NZTSOS (New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science). She wants youContinue reading “GO KIWI TEACHERS!”


The police claim that sanitary conditions were deteriorating and then they damage and take away the $56,000 shower block that Colin funded himself. What does it take exactly for more kiwis who support us to be on the ground to say enough is enough? What does it take for the good police to resign inContinue reading “NEW SHOWER BLOCK FREEDOM VILLAGE … DISTROYED”


Click Link to view Casey : https://www.facebook.com/100006797469867/videos/pcb.3318544625048754/1164333087644273 Casey Hodgkinson  ·  Hey everyone this video it for Ashleigh Wilson sending all my love to you hun. You deserve the world and all the love Message from Sue Reyland : Both of you are heros. Love and blessing to you both Casey & Jeanette  

Over 90 of us were injured, over 30 seriously, on Thursday 10th February at Parliament Buildings – why dos our government not talk about this? why will the media not report it?

Click on Link to view Jeanette’s Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZIowMtZ7kQ Jeanette on stage at the Wellington Freedom Village The police violence of 10th February 2022 in New Zealand has been covered up by both the government and mainstream media. Chantelle Bakr has unedited footage and you will also see clips on this channel. The NZ public needsContinue reading “Over 90 of us were injured, over 30 seriously, on Thursday 10th February at Parliament Buildings – why dos our government not talk about this? why will the media not report it?”

An Easy Way Out for Embattled Ardern

Capitulation is the Only Option by Cam Slater 28 February, 2022 After the High Court handed the regime their collective arses regarding mandates for Police and the Armed Forces it should have been a wake-up call for them to stop illegally breaking the Bill of Rights Act. I hazard a guess that many business owners who put in placeContinue reading “An Easy Way Out for Embattled Ardern”

Lucy Jaine Huntress NZ visits CONVOY 2022 NZ

Lucy joins us at the CONVOY 2022 NZ protest at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand. Lucy has a significant following on Instagram where she shares her hunting experiences from the lower South Island. Lucy bravely steps forward to share her views on the mandates after receiving overwhelming support from her followers. Click Link to view:Continue reading “Lucy Jaine Huntress NZ visits CONVOY 2022 NZ”

High Court rule Govt mandate as unlawful

Max Whitehead (Lawyer) Click on Link for U-tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvtJFD7Yvic 26th Feb 2022 Whitehead Group only Police and Defence staff. But I suspect the same principals that won this case will be used with other challenges to other Mandates. However, I strongly suspect this decision will be appealed by the Ministry to give them timeContinue reading “High Court rule Govt mandate as unlawful”

Detective Senior Sergeant: I’m stoked about High Court decision on vaccine mandates

Click on article to listen to interview: https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/heather-du-plessis-allan-drive/audio/ryan-yardley-nz-police-detective-senior-sergeant-says-hes-stoked-about-high-court-decision-on-police-and-defence-force-vaccine-mandates/ 25th Feb 2022 Police suspend terminations of unvaxxed staff after High Court upholds challenge to mandates A win for those challenging vaccine mandates. The High Court in Wellington has ruled a mandate for the Police and Defence Force was not reasonable or justified. Police and the DefenceContinue reading “Detective Senior Sergeant: I’m stoked about High Court decision on vaccine mandates”