Nobody Can Take This Away from Us

Freedom Village’s Very Existence Was a Powerful Reproach to Those Seeking to Smash Our Liberties and Our Way of Life. by Olivia Pierson 6 March, 2022 “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” We had Freedom Village for 23 glorious days and it was magnificent!   Its very existenceContinue reading “Nobody Can Take This Away from Us”

Warning of higher pump prices when Marsden Point oil refinery closes

Cabinet’s refusal to step in and save the refinery comes despite job losses, concerns about NZ’s fuel security, a dearth of plans for biofuels, and warnings of higher pump prices for motorists. Aaron Holroyd has worked at Marsden Point for 35 years. When its refining operations shuts down next year, the control room operator will retire. At 59 yearsContinue reading “Warning of higher pump prices when Marsden Point oil refinery closes”

From a mandated police officer:

Unwanted Police Long Service Medal For Sale: TRADEME Listing #: 3495807515 Details of the listing: “After 17 years dedicated frontline service in the New Zealand Police, my employment was terminated on 8th February 2022 as I would not submit the vaccination mandate. A successful judicial review has since found the mandate imposed was unlawful. TodayContinue reading “From a mandated police officer:”

Mady Jessup – Waipu

3rd March 2022 Good afternoon everyone, I would love for all you fencesitters to consider this…. Our PM knows 100% that if she was to meet with a protest representative that, while being recorded, she would be asked about all of the deals/paperwork she has signed us up to under the pre-arranged guise of emergencyContinue reading “Mady Jessup – Waipu”


To quote the Fresh Prince, “Now this is a story all about howMy life got flipped – turned upside down…” I’ve always considered myself a good person. I’ve done unto others etc. A few mistakes and misdemeanours along the way (I stole lipstick and gum for a dare as a teenager and might have helpedContinue reading “MY AWAKENING – THE FREE NZ EDITORIAL”

Marama Fox what a hero for her people speaking up !!

Thank You Aly Cook II Aly Cook II Marama Fox what a hero for her people speaking up and TVNZ 1 amazing you let some truth past your edit suite. Now you just need to talk to some of those vacs injured people and dig deep .. Because that story will become the biggest storyContinue reading “Marama Fox what a hero for her people speaking up !!”

Sue Grey – Outdoors Party

Outdoors Party So devastated right now, so sad for what our country has become and the lies and violence these psychopaths are prepared to go to. The police stomped on Alan this morning breaking his hip, he’s got surgery this afternoon. Destruction of our beautiful camp and our amazing medical centers and osteo/mirimiri tent, theContinue reading “Sue Grey – Outdoors Party”

From the Ashes we will Rise

Anna Webster First We weren’t allowed in cafes, restaurants or bars. We weren’t allowed in hairdressers, salons or allied health. We weren’t allowed in council facilities or at events. We were ostracized from our cultural centers; our marae, churches, mosques and synagogues. For two years we were rejected. Then We united. We rose up. WeContinue reading “From the Ashes we will Rise”