Collage Created by Sue Reyland ( This is not endorsed by DemocracyNZ )

May I suggest  people knuckle down and support a suitable Party to get this mess sorted. This mess was made by the people because they’re lazy voters. The people have to be the ones to change their own mess. Support and endorse the RIGHT people and get stuck in and put your backbone into it.Continue reading “Collage Created by Sue Reyland ( This is not endorsed by DemocracyNZ )”


The ridiculous, undemocratic mandates should neverhave happened and sadly they did with noopposition to them in Parliament. This cost of livingcrisis we are seeing has only been made worse dueto the number of people who were forced out of theirjobs. Let’s not forget that. I routinely ask the “experts” we hear from in MSM ifthey’llContinue reading DemocracyNZ


The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill will radically restructure our entire health system. Our 20 democratically elected and community focussed District Health Boards will be abolished. They will be replaced by two centralised agencies, Health New Zealand and a Maori Health Authority, that will “co-govern” New Zealand’s health services, with its workforce of 80,000, an annual operating budgetContinue reading “TRIBAL CONTROL OF HEALTH By Dr Muriel Newman”


Former National MP Matt King says while most vaccine mandates and passes are being removed, the hurt will remain for many people impacted by them. “They [mandates] will not be an issue, but the after effects – the physical, financial and all those sorts of scars – will not be dropped and people will notContinue reading “WHY MATT KING THINKS HIS ANTI-MANDATE, PRO-RIGHTS PARTY IS STILL NEEDED”

Matt King Northland was live.

27TH March 2022   DemocracyNZ – Live Q&A The Government are going to waste more tax payer money to Appeal the ‘Win’ NZ Defense Force & Police on against the ‘Unlawful’ mandates ! The Teachers Case is still Pending against the Unlawful mandates with the same Judge … Thanks Matt Click on Link to ViewContinue reading Matt King Northland was live.”

No confidence in Ardern – Dame Tariana Turia

Former Labour Party MP Dame Tariana Turia says she has no confidence in Jacinda Ardern and says her government’s treatment of the protesters at Parliament is an abuse of its powers. Dame Tariana resigned from the Labour Party in 2004 over the Foreshore and Seabed Act and went on to co-lead the Māori Party.  Continue reading “No confidence in Ardern – Dame Tariana Turia”


As Leighton Baker mentioned if we weren’t ‘Standing UP’ and Speaking out we wouldn’t be thrown in FB Jail … I’ve done 3 Stints of 30 days. An easy way to Block Fact Checkers is Go to the Arrow on your Time line (Top Right) Go to Settings and Privacy ….. Go to Settings …Continue reading “BLOCKING FACT CHECKERS ON FB”

The government is now 2 moves from checkmate.

Thoughts on this?? SENT TO ME BY A MEMBER OF KIWIS PROTECTING OUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION The government is now 2 moves from checkmate. All their pieces are in place. This is the year of hyperinflation and the end of the currency system in NZ as we have known it. While keeping us distracted withContinue reading “The government is now 2 moves from checkmate.”