Julian Batchelor

Just recently, the Mayor of the Kaipara Council, Craig Jepson, shut down a Maori councilor who insisted the council meeting start witha Maori prayer, and she be the one to pray.

Yesterday, Wednesday 14th December, there was a council meeting and also a protest march by Maori.

The following is a report from a reputable ratepayer in the Dargaville area who observed first hand what happened. I asked him to do this so that we could compare what the media reported with what actually happened.

Sure enough, and as you would expect, the MSM report and the Dargaville ratepayer report (DRR) were quite different.

Read what the DRR reported here >

Just recently, the Mayor of the Kaipara Council, Craig Jepson, shut down a Maori councilor who insisted the council meeting start with a Maori prayer, and she be the one to pray.
Yesterday, Wednesday 14th December, there was a council meeting and also a protest march by Maori.
The following is a report from a reputable ratepayer in the Dargaville
area who observed first hand what happened. I asked him to do
this so that we could compare what the media reported with what
actually happened. Sure enough, and as you would expect, the MSM report and the
Dargaville ratepayer report (DRR) were quite different.
This is what the DRR reported.

Around 150 protesters gathered in Countdown Carpark. Very organised with Gazebo, refreshments and many branded Ngapuhi SUV’s transporting folks around. Media in close attendance. At least 10 police vehicles and constables present. It was evident that more than 60% of protesters were not from Kaipara District, clearly from wider Northland area.
There was no counter protest. This was because counter protesters had work commitments.
Speeches on road were conducted by several protest leaders including Dame Naida Glavish and organiser Paturiri Toautu.
Whilst some were reasonable, most were vicious in relation to the Mayor, accusing him of racism and not tolerating a Maori voice. Dame Naida Glavish received the award for being the most vicious / hateful of all. If hate speech laws were already enacted, the Dame would have been locked up, for sure. After listening to all the speeches it became quite clear that the protest had little to do with a karakia. It was more about intimidation, bullying, pushing for co-governance, the need for the mayor to honour the Treaty, and for Maori to have a big say in controlling Council business. Attempted central government interference / influence over local councils via Local Government NZ is disturbing.

The Mayor and Councilors came onto building steps to recognise and listen to speakers. They did not respond
to the speakers.
Doors were opened for the media and VIP Iwi who were the only persons allowed to enter Council Meeting Chamber. The woke and pro-Maori council chief executive Mr Jason Marris was fawning over Iwi, ushering them into their seats. It was sickening to watch. The greasy butler. All other interested observers were directed to an adjoining room, where a small screen was setup.
There were 10 speakers in the Public Forum.
The official council agenda stated only 3 would speak. Maori ran roughshod over this agenda, insisting on doing their own thing.
The first speakers were Anthony Thomson & Dame Naida Glavish, though Dame Naida did all the talking. Not withstanding the fact that the title ‘Dame’ is a colonial tradition. She had no problem accepting the title.
Hypocrisy. Anyway…… She focused on the “whakapapa right and genealogical right since time immemorial” for Maori that cannot be denied by anybody, (even though karakia is not a requirement of any Council in New Zealand).

She was pointedly rude to Mayor Jepson and stated “we will not tolerate ignorance,
arrogance or racism!”
As with all speakers, she veered into Maori language on multiple occasions – clearly
catering to the Iwi/Hapu supporters, showing off, not appropriately addressing the Council.
After asking Mayor Jepson why her people were denied the karakia she then stated “You
may have title of Mayor for 3 years, or maybe not that long… Ngapuhi will be here forever!”
Clearly, her purpose was to intimidate the Mayor.
She advised the mayor forcefully with much finger pointing that she had a “Resign Mayor Jepson” petition in circulation.

Will be interested to see how many of those signatures are actually ratepayers of Kaipara District, who votedMayor Jepson in with an overwhelming majority. How many were ring ins, professional agitators, brought in for the day from other areas around Northland?
They looked like a ragged bunch of no hopers. 2nd speaker represented Ratana Church of New Zealand.
We received a history lesson back to 1860’s Port Albert, and how the natives were pacified, so the Crown could steal the land. We were told that “we needed a karakia for God to provide guidance, and to ensure that everything within the meeting is protected under God.” She suggested that a prayer in Maori was a good suggestion to create good laws for Maori landowners and the council.

3rd speaker
He banged on about the need for Maori to have greater say in council, particularly regarding land and water.
4th speaker Apirana Edwards
Spent most of speech validating Maori Ward Councilor Paniora, and attempting to validate the requirement for karakia, as “guaranteed in the Treaty.”
5th Speaker.
Spent first part of her time praising Dame Naida for her “Kia Ora” stand and “fighting the good fight” She said “It was important for you to know Mayor Jepson that we came in numbers to disrupt your kitchen. In 1835 we let you in.”

During her speech, there was lot of finger pointing and sneering at the councilors,
telling them to do the right thing. Her main point was that the council was racist by not
allowing the Karakia. (notice the flags at the protest are not NZ flags. In most other countries this would be seen by the government as treasonous) 6th Speaker
Recited sections of our National Anthem. Accused the Mayor of pushing God out
of council business, of trying to split the community apart by creating an ‘us and them’ situation, of the need and mandate for co-governance.

7th Speaker
The mayor & councilors had got it wrong, that the mayor was like David Seymour, “an arrogant prick”.
8th Speaker
Full of hate, he accused the mayor of being a racist. He then waxed eloquent about the United Nations, about Maori being the “indigenous peoples,” and how Maori are partners with the government in ruling the country, and the mayor needed to honour this.
9th Speaker
He focused mostly on promoting and supporting Maori Ward Councilor Paniora and the right for Maori tikanga. He accused the mayor of making the council an ‘unsafe’ place for Maori, and for shutting down their voice and re-iterated what others had said i.e “We will not be diminished or eradicated and you can do better.”
10th Speaker
Waived the petition around demanding the mayor resign. Threatened the mayor that if he did not change direction, there would be ‘consequences’. Claimed that racism was being “smuggled into the Council and colonialist system setup to serve only colonists.”

He complained his grandparents were beaten for speaking Maori at school.
Threatened the mayor with “If you don’t change we will come back to every council meeting!”
At conclusion of 10th speaker the entire audience stood with Councilor Paniora and sang in Maori, followed by a Prayer – totally inappropriate as Public are allowed into Council Meetings as observers, and may not comment at any time. They were briefed prior to Council Meeting, however ignored the requirement
At conclusion of Public Forum all presenters and their supporters departed the Council Meeting Room around 10.30 to further protest around streets of Dargaville.
On exiting, Dame Naida Glavish made an unnecessary and nasty comment directed at the Mayor – “We don’t need your permission to leave your meeting!

Having 10 “activist” speakers all pretty much saying the same thing was not appropriate.
No alternative voices were heard. Clearly, the speakers were collaborating to bully and
intimidate the mayor and councilors. Maori just ran roughshod over council speaking rules and protocols. Many Council employees appear to enable a radical agenda that does not support or represent the Kaipara District as a whole.

Council employees appear to believe they are employees of LGNZ (i.e. Local Government New Zealand) and the current divisive ethno-centric Government. That is to say, they are being brainwashed by central government to obey heavily Maorified directives.
As an observer, it is apparent that all future rights are being diminished for non-Maori.
We are on a one-way road leading to co-governance, and that nothing will stand in Iwi way.
It is disturbing on many levels and we will soon find ourselves back prior to 1840.
There were very few non-Maori in attendance.
This is not particularly surprising, for Dargaville folks do not wish to be confrontational.

The majority are the folks who voted in Mayor Jepson. They will continue to support him and the real business of the council in bettering the Kaipara

What are we to make of this?

Maori, generally speaking, are not known for being bright, for being thinkers.
As such, they are easily duped, easily taken in.
You see, many uneducated and unthinking Maori are believing – hook line and sinker – the disinformation / lies coming out of the mouths of radical Maori.
What disinformation? What lies?
That the Treaty is a partnership; that Maori were ripped off in history; that Maori did not cede sovereignty to the British in the Treaty; that through the Treaty Maori were to retain their government as chiefs over water, seas, forests, fisheries etc; that colonialism was bad for Maori; that Maori have been oppressed and robbed by white man, and so on. They ‘talk it up’ among themselves, conjuring up one fantasy after another, working themselves
up into a frenzy.
The list of lies and deceit that Maori on the street have come to believe is eye watering.
This is a big problem. Why? The average Maori on the street, like those protesting in Dargaville, are being used and abused by radical / elite Maori.
They are pawns in the elite Maori coup.
Elite Maori want boots on the ground. They want to find people who are easy to manipulate and win over, and in non-elite Maori they have found them.
What do they want them for? They want them to protest, bully, and agitate in schools, universities, government departments, councils, on beaches, on the ocean, on DOC land – everywhere.
Why? To break down society, grooming it, so that the elite Maori coup can progress without opposition.

The same thing happened in Nazi Germany in the 1920s and 30s. The Nazi party broke down German society by persecuting the jews – not just the jews – but also anyone who would not fall into line with the Nazi agenda – roughing them up, bullying and intimidating
them, eventually freely killing them. Ordinary Germans watched on. Fear reigned. Misinformation reigned. Propaganda reigned. The message was ‘fall in line, or else.’ This enabled the Nazi party to progress, grow, and gain power. Blindly, ordinary Germans joined in. This is exactly what is happening in New Zealand. Ordinary Maori, ignorant and unread, marinating in lies and misinformation, and jumping enthusiastically on the elite Maori band wagon.

  • Ask them (non-elite Maori) to recite the Treaty?
  • Ask them to give a brief account of New Zealand’s history?
  • Ask them to explain why colonialism was bad for Maori?
  • Ask them to explain what colonialism is?
  • Ask them to explain the benefits of colonialism?
  • Ask them to name 5 things which the British brought to New Zealand which helped Maori?
  • Ask them to describe Maori life prior to the coming of the British?
  • Ask them to define words like ‘sovereignty’ or ‘cede’ ?
  • Ask them to show in the Treaty where it is a partnership?
  • Ask them to explain how Maori are being denied in New Zealand society in 2022?
  • Ask them to explain the responsibilities of a British citizen towards the crown? And vice versa?
  • Ask them what cannibalism and infanticide are?
  • Ask them if they know who it was in history who beat their children for speaking Maori? (it was Maori
    parents who wanted their children to learn English!)
  • What is a racist?
  • And so on.
  • They could not answer these questions. None of them. Not one. They would not have a clue. They too have been
  • brainwashed, along with a large chunk of the New Zealand population, into believing that the Maori elite are
  • fighting a just cause.
  • I genuinely feel sorry for the Maori at the Dargaville protest.
  • They are like pre-1840 tribes who were sent headlong into battle and death on the whim of a chief ’s command.
  • They are sheep without a shepherd. They are lost. And they are looking in all the wrong places for meaning and
  • purpose. I wrote a blog about the solution for Maori.
  • It’s definitely not to be found in throwing more money and resources at Maori, more social welfare, more houses,
  • giving them separate health, justice, and education systems, having them speak their language, having the
  • weather on TV1 and TV3 spoken in Maori. No no. These are just distractions, like putting a band aid on cancer.
  • You can read what I think is the solution for Maori
  • I phoned Craig Jepson, the mayor, to congratulate him. He is a ballsy guy, an example for all Kiwis to follow. In having to deal with his Maori councilor, Craig is being forced to act like a good parent with a spoilt brat of a child who is having a melt down in a supermarket for being refused a lollie. He is having to train her and all Maori, how to behave in a civilised decent way, in a legal way, and to submit to authority. Like all spoilt children, they will find this hard, and no parent likes to discipline their children in a supermarket, but ultimately, it’s all for their good. He is standing for fairness and equity for all people, regardless of colour, creed, or religion. He is standing against apartheid. He is standing for one law for all. He is standing for having respect for authority. He is standing for democracy. He is standing for the power of character and bravery. He is standing for all New Zealand. He is inspirational. The 4,228 votes he received from the electors of the Kaipara District, representing 50.5 percent of the 8,366 votes cast, earned him the title, status, and powers of Mayor. He’s da man!
  • Contact Craig. 027 304 01 44 or mayor@kaipara.govt.nz
  • Let’s flood his inbox with love, support, and encouragement. He was absolutely right to do what he did. The Maori councilor who demanded to pray a Maori prayer was absolutely wrong.
  • What you can do?

Have these business cards printed and start handing them out, put them on car windscreens, in letter boxes, post the QR code on social media. If you really don’t want co-governance, and you want to stop the coup, then become a big picture person, start using the word ‘coup’. Then get some business cards printed, and get going.


There is a small team of us who are planning a tour of New Zealand starting mid Jan 2023.
The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness of the danger of co-governance, and to gather political support to
stop it.

We would like you to help us…. In the cities, we need a couple of people in each suburb.
In towns also a couple of people If you and/or a friend are willing to help out pls email us here: stopcogovernance@gmail.com
Some of the tasks to do are:
Help set up chairs and signs at the venue in your area
Deliver flyers.
We will obviously advertise the meeting places and times on our web site.
These events do cost money unfortunately so if you can make a donation
that would also be fantastic…head to our website to donate…… Thanks!
If you really want to stop co-governance, and the takeover of New Zealand by radical Maori distortion, then now is the time to take action.

It’s time to move out of your office and away from your computer, and hit the streets! Complaining on line can only take us so far. We need to go to the next level.
Now is the time! Email or phone me right now.

Published by Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

I am a Farmer, Wife & Mother Protecting Our Rights for Freedom of Expression. I have travelled the World Extensively ... UK, Wales, Europe, Iceland, Africa, & Australia 84 - 88 My home City is Tauranga & I now reside on our Farm on the Shores of the North Kaipara Harbour along with my husband of 25 years . I was a Founding Pupil @ Matua Primary School (65) & attended Otumoetai Intermediate plus Otumoetai College I completed a Small Business Course My interests include : Family, Politics , Cooking, Gardening & The Great Outdoors I feel strongly our Rights are being Gradually taken away by a Government we no longer trust in New Zealand. My concerns are Forced Vaccination Dual Proposed Government 3 Waters, S.N.A & Hepuapua Policies * Lack of Roading Infrustructure My aim is to keep freedom of Speech in our Country Alive Plus I would like my family to live in NZ the way we knew it Growing Up Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder) Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression Website FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/406030170125374


  1. I agree with most of what was stated by the writer of this article….. but…… I find the following by the writer very divisive and very racist, “Maori, generally speaking, are not known for being bright, for being thinkers.
    As such, they are easily duped, easily taken in.
    You see, many uneducated and unthinking Maori are believing – hook line and sinker – the disinformation / lies coming out of the mouths of radical Maori.”.
    As you would be well aware, you will find sections in any race that could be categorised in the same way.
    Some could be lack of education, financially beneficial, being mesmerized.
    I am not sure of the racial breakdown in New Zealand now, European used to be dominant, but since political parties acquiesced to the UN’s migration pact and looking at the city I grew up in, this may have change, regardless, it has been stated 90% of the population either willingly, or through coercion, have been jabbed any number of times, perhaps the majority of them European.
    In my humble opinion THAT majority of European falls right into the descriptor YOU used to describe Maori, and here’s why:
    99.7% survival rate
    never been a vax developed for ANY coronavirus EVER,
    no trials data forthcoming,
    Government, their agencies and the pharmaceutical industry given indemnity for injury or death from the vax
    NO “informed consent”.
    You’d have to be mad to trust the government knowing they were censoring doctors and scientists around the world. Not only censoring them, but striking do0ctors from the medical register.
    Sorry, gone on longer than I meant to, but you get the drift of what I’m saying?
    You will have potentially disenfranchised MORE Maori that would have been onside.


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