14th Nov 2022

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At last. An admission from the Nats that if they win the election, it will be more of Ardern’s race-based agenda. Read this from Muriel Newman;s column –
“A recent Q+A interview with a senior member of National’s Caucus, Erica Stanford, raises concerns about National’s commitment to undoing the damage being caused by Labour.
In response to a question by Jack Tame, “What role should iwi play in setting migration settings”, Erica replied, “A huge role. They’re our Treaty partner, right. And so they have a say in that. And I work really closely with the Maori members of my Caucus and also the Maori special interest group that sits within the National Party around this. And certainly, any policy we come up with needs to be consulted on with iwi as well.”
If it is official National Party policy that iwi are Treaty “partners” with the Crown – and if National intends consulting with iwi over every policy decision – then why should we have any confidence that they intend putting things right?”
Be scared, New Zealand. You cant vote National. You have to vote Act if you want your democracy back and be rid of he Puapua.

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this explains Luxons deafening silence on this issue.
And that silence is why his popularity and trust rankings have fallen from over 35% to the low 20’s in recent months.

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  1. What I have maintained throughout this debacle. the main parties and their political offshoots are the quislings of “they”, “they” being the UN, WEF and corpirate interests.

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