Sue Reyland’s Comment : Sean Plunket did Matt King a ‘HUGE’ Favour … Matt’s diplomatic skills plus patients with Plunket ; out shone Plunket by miles. As Matt pointed out when Plunket questioned the science. An experienced Undertaker of 40 years observations are part of the science. Part of science is observation which forms part of what should be an investigation.

Sean needs to understand the difference between evidence and proof – as Matt pointed out, “observation is evidence”.

  • The thousands of injured & hundreds dying … are ‘WAY OFF THE CHARTS’ … compared to other vaccinations . There are so many ‘RED FLAGS’ .
  • Sean Plunket seems adamant that the ‘National Registration Process’ is recording events. Plunket seems to not realise the Government are conspiring & hiding crucial information from the NZ Public. The CENSORSHIP is huge ! A NZ Gentleman who is known to Brendon Faithful , runs 5 funeral homes wrote a letter to the NZ Herald, going public re the deaths they were witnessing. He got a call from police telling him to retract his statement. It is willful intent by our democratically elected/appointed authorities to deceive the public. 
  • I was interested when Plunket back down from Matt Kings’ suggestion to have an Open Forum with Lynda Wharton & her team of qualified Health Professionals, Matt Shelton etc…
  • Tertia Wildy Member of
  • How can Sean Plunket stay so profoundly ignorant about all these matters? After all this he still doesn’t understand safety standards for Pharmaceuticals and how far out of this ball-park everything to do with mRNA vaccines has been?
  • Kit Philo member of
  • Sean..cognitive dissonance on steroids. Why would anyone open themselves to you when u attack like that. U render them speechless as anxiety takes over. Shame on you. Awful. Can’t imagine that yr funders who I know as a generous reasonable family would be best pleased. Matt, u have my vote. Brilliantly done!!
  • Patricia Guytonbeck Congratulations Matt, you are a powerful voice for truth. You have my Vote in next election, hopefully sooner🕊
  • Gregory Smith the worst that Brenton can be accused of, is being naive to the vitriol he was likely to receive once he went public. Yes, Sean needed to challenge the quality and veracity of the story, but humiliating him was not called for, and leads straight into the left’s standard playbook.
  • Andy Boag Good one Matt King. Sean Plunkett is in denial and oblivious. It doesn’t take much to see the enormous damage this medication has done all around the world… you just have to be willing and open enough to look and Sean isn’t. He had a heart attack shortly after his juice and just puts it down to coincidence, won’t even consider joining the dots.
  • Nigel Tunnicliffe
  • Andy Boag i dont think Seans heart problems were due to a mrna vaccine . More lifestyle and diabetes. Saying that tho it would be interesting knowing the timing. On the other hand ,perfectly healthy guy ,healthy lifestyle( according to him ) kinda makes you wonder. Interestingly there a people ( mainstream ) now asking for caution . Florida surgeon general now telling 18 -39 males there is an 84% incident of cardiovascular related death within 28 days. Sean Plunkett would never do due diligence as a journalist not just because of his bias ,but would never want the Platform to have an antivax reputation. Imagine what msm would be loudly crowing on the six oclock news. Pity really as this whole debarcle is not about antivax. Its more about a medical product thats simply not doing what its intended to do ,and has considerable harm as a reaction
  • Jessica Jones The national body for undertakers didn’t say anything to contradict what Brenton has claimed, why is that do you think? Thanks Sean Plunket for taking to he step to apologise to Brenton personally. I look forward to your further investigations into what Brenton is saying, whether he be right or wrong, the public are enormously interested.
  • Sandy Burmester That was an excellent interview with Matt King. I liked the point that Matt made at the beginning, ie, that this country seriously needs the Platform, but also think that as people constantly point out, Mr Faithfull was given no space whatsoever to state that he was simply putting forward his observations, and as I have seen in the Liz Gunn interview, asking for an investigation. Sean, despite your insistence to the contrary, you really didn’t give Mr Faithfull time to speak from the very beginning of the interview, and I agree with Matt that by mid interview the poor man was probably so flummoxed that had you given him a chance to speak, he probably couldn’t have at that point. Nice to hear your apology for hurting this man personally, Sean, he was owed that. 💖
  • Brett Gerrard I think that this is one major issue with Sean, he clearly has 100% trust that the data the government provide (via Medsafe etc), is accurate and correct. After the government’s performance during their term & especially over the last 2 years, I have 0% trust in anything they say or publish. Yet Sean trusts them with no evidence. Go figure.
  • Frances Farmer Funeral Directors Association. Did they by any chance receive any HANDOUTS FROM INHABITANTS? Many big companies were sent letters from Govt at the beginning of Mandates asking what Govt could do for there business
  • Lisa Coulson >>>> Sean Plunket …  You didn’t give him a chance to explain. He started to tell his story and you cut him off and started to talk over him, and tell your story instead. And it’s complete rubbish that we were told about the adverse effects. When I had my first vaccination I was of the understanding that it was safe – that’s the message our pm and the health system told us. When I tried to reach out to my medical centre to ask some questions because I wasn’t very well after my first vaccination and was scared to have the next one my concerns were brushed off. I was told the symptoms were not consistent with the vaccination and was urged to have the next one. I didn’t have the next one as was too scared to. For over three months my life was a blur. I had severe brain fog, weird headaches I’d never had before, dizzy spells where I would almost fall over, weird pains like period pains (hadn’t had my period in five years), aching joints, a pain in my right side and extreme fatigue. I couldn’t function well for months. I still a year later don’t feel back to my usual self. Was it the vaccination? I will never know because when I tried to reach out to my medical centre my concerns were brushed off. My potential adverse reactions were never recorded. I know a lot of people who had potential vaccination injuries who didn’t bother reporting them because they didn’t feel there was any point. These are normal everyday people. You are rude and aggressive in your interviewing techniques. It’s intimidating and many people are not used to being bullied like that. You are picking and choosing who should be believed and who shouldn’t and trying to influence the perception of your listeners based on your views and opinions. EXACTLY the same as MSM are doing.
  • Stephenie Bremer Templer   The public have been deceived and blatantly lied to and the majority are still in denial when people with knowledge speak out. Funeral director in UK John O’Looney has been very vocal speaking out with similar information
  • Jane Callaghan I tried to report my injury but couldn’t figure it out. It appeared only a doctor could report it and if all doctors reacted like yours then CARM will be well under reported!!! Many stories I heard where people were told it wasn’t the Jab but how could they know when no investigation was done any further. Doctors were to scared to admit that there was a possibility it could be the jab as that would be seen to go against the narrative. I have no respect for Sean whatsoever. He’s just like the rest of MSM
  • Delwyn McCurdy Sean talks as though those that’ve been seriously harmed mean nothing nor should they to others. A mere number, like lambs to the slaughter for some greater good. Their personal battles fobbed off and ridiculed by many. Jobs lost and families broken, some stories are incredibly sad. Most of whom now I’m sure, would prefer a flu over what they’ve personally endured. I agree with Matt, there’s alot more to come. Babies and infertility issues especially. I truly hope not but yes, will be interesting times ahead…😪 Keep up the honest good work Matt. NZ’ers need more people like you
  • Bari Duncan The one sure thing we can accuse Sean of, is be completely and willingly and blissfully unaware of some very very serious current events presently happening in this country! Sean you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing some of your OWN investigating regarding this subject. It is affecting every New Zealander either up to now or in the near future. I can’t wait for cap in hand, tail between legs from you when you’ve done your homework.
  • Wally Tribble Good interview Matt King. And you are totally correct that we are in dire need in NZ for outfits like the Platform and journalists like Sean Plunkett. BUT we are also DESPERATELY in need of people like Brenton Faithful, who are courageous enough to speak up about their observations. 40yrs experience qualifies a man to be able to say, that in that period of time he is starting to see things he has never seen before. Like Matt pointed out, science is all about observations. And Sean has had people on who have qualifications in the topics being discussed, who he has commended them on their levels of qualifications but who I’m my opinion have had a bias in a particular way because they work for or advise government. $$$ have a huge impact on the story or line of narrative that people push. If your paymaster wants you to tell a story to convey a certain viewpoint then thats what you will do. Brenton Faithful has just stood up to speak for a section of the public that have concerns, and there is enough of us with those concerns that an in depth independent investigation should be done.
  • Yvonne Alach Sean was very disrespectful to Dr Alison (30yrs experience) from NZDSOS when she rang him after Breton Faithfull’s interview. Clearly showing his bias
  • Bloo Russell ( member ) Sean definitely reads all comments and is well aware Sean is an old fashioned shock jock Attack certain easy targets and get a reputation so people tune in all the time It’s not an original marketing ploy It’s used around the world to boost audience participation
  • Sally King It doesn’t matter the number really, anybody who has or thinks they have been vaccine injured have a right to be heard which many have not ….. and many peoples injuries/ concerns are simply not being acknowledged to even being reported, many don’t even know they can report them themselves. Sean needs to remember that many of these people were not/ are not ‘anti vaxers’ , they took ‘one for the team’ and have suffered (even died) ever since …. this isn’t just NZ, these are reports from all over the world .
  • Gabrielle Monteith Sean was just his rude and ignorant uninformed self. His mother would be ashamed of him! As a so called journalist he needs to do a little research and get some credibility. I used to like him but he needs to wake up. Matt King tried hard and will definitely enjoy his dinner at Bellamy’s in 2 years
  • Peter Knight I’m in the funeral industry. Excess mortality in NZ is very high. Weekly long term average is around 600 deaths a week. Deaths in NZ are as high as 976 a week lately! In WW 2 wxcess mortality was only 10%. The data is on the govt website for all to see!
  • Raewyn Hamblyn ask the insurance companies too….they know. Its in their data. They call it SADS
  • Chrissy Müller I had always thought the Platform was an unbiased voice of truth but im so deeply disappointed Sean you have let so many of us down by not having integrity to see or listen for truth Believed in the Platform now leaving it You have done a huge injustice ti the people who are fighting for a voice
  • Raewyn Bond Sean I once read of how when Albert Einstein went to America, 100 doctors gathered & campaigned to get him & his theories ousted . So is it surprising when I heard on the mainstream media last year 100 NZ doctors had gathered to speak out against their fellow peers who were calling for more information on the injections being forced upon them ? No . And am I surprised at the stance of the funeral directors when approached – not at all . String the dots together. We know how it turned out for Albert Einstein – history proved he was right .
  • Click link to View … Lynda Wharton on the true stories of the covid injection. Rodney Hide speaks with Lynda Wharton on the true stories of the covid injection.
  • Malcolm Greenwood Funny how Sean keeps pointing out that the people who Brenton referred to were older with an average age in their eighties so it’s to be expected. The same is true of most people dying from COVID with the average age in NZ about 6 months older than our average age of death. This did not seem to matter though when shutting the country down, scaring the crap out of the population with forecasts of grim death tolls and forcing fit healthy people to take a vaccine they didn’t want and probably didn’t need. In that case the fact it was elderly, mostly with commorbidities, was an irrelevant fact that should be ignored!
  • “Our beautiful 20 year-old healthy daughter, Regan Lewis had a Covid shot yesterday so she could participate in her clinicals. Today, she went into cardiac arrest and has been flown to Kearney.”
30th Sept 2022

Sally King Lynda Wharton and a few vaccine injured did record a interview telling their stories for the Platform , one of my friends was part of it. Platform have deceided not to air it … have reposted Fionas comment from the above comments on this matter …. Fiona Lynch to Charik … I was reliably informed that the 3 hour session was not posted up, as Mr Plunket was concerned that it might look like a talk back show, if that session was posted up(or words to that effect). This was just an excuse, because the people who spoke, who were injection injured and wished to share their testimonies as well as the medical people who spoke, had been arranged and therefore this was certainly not a spontaneous or ‘talk back’ situation. They did not just ‘phone in,’ which anyone who listened to it live, would have been cogniscent of. They were courageous.

It looks more like deliberate censorship does it not? Despite repeated requests to post those 3 hours, Sean Plunket has denied these people a voice and the general public from listening… probably the only ‘Platform’ on which the NZ public would have been able to appreciate the plights of a group of citizens, who represent the statistically invisible, invisible through the tailoring of, attempts to diminish and the erasing of cases, by the authorities. This is taking place through corrupted and flawed reporting systems in NZ. There are legal terms for that type of behaviour.

It’s never too late for Mr Plunket to let those 3 hours be posted though. ……….

Raewyn Hamblyn Go Matt, and good Sean for listening to Matt, finally. you did beat him up Sean, thank God for Brenton. He makes valid points, I know him, I also know two other funeral directors who support these ideas. You say Sean, where is the science? Well, any critical thinking Kiwi knows the science is directed to support big Pharma, ie, Pfizer, and also to support an agenda that suits our countries leaders and health directives. You really need to maybe look out of the narrative and see what is out there. even one adverse reaction is one too many, and you seem to minimise the numbers, I totally agree with Matt. Maybe Sean … you should get Liz Gunn on too, she’s a match for you.

Phill Kingston you’re using Jacindas line now… a “small number of people” look back on your comments a few here a few there on each of your posts… then close to a thousand called you out in one hit and you say oh just a small number. You talk out both sides of your mouth. You mention misleading by omission is this not what the Govt do repeatedly in their stats. You simply didn’t like his perspective so wouldn’t give him half. He was speaking from his experience and from what he has been seeing in his line of work. He was making an observation. And asking a question. You seem to very strongly not like anyone questioning the jab and it was obvious. There are hundreds if not thousands of families that have serious concerns in regards to harm they have experienced from the jab.. and you and other media and the Govt won’t hear them…. It is not conspiracy its their experience they should be allowed to question. So you and your financial backer won’t be bothered by the “small” number of listeners leaving your platform and no longer tuning in! Well done.

Janet Atkinson FFS Sean, people’s real experiences ARE your evidence – where do you think your precious figures and data come from?😬 People are being censored, silenced and ignored left, right and centre by the very people you are looking to for your ‘proof’. I suggest true investigative journalism would have you up out of your Platform chair talking to people on the ground, as Matt has done rather than sitting there waiting for some peer-reviewed report or other to appear on your desk – questions will be irrelevant by then. After these last two interviews I’m afraid you’ve joined the woke culture in my mind. And no, we are not looking to be ‘right’ all the time as you purport; we are merely crying out for these things to be brought out into the open alongside the mainstream narrative and ‘sustained propaganda’ (PM’s own words) we continue to be exposed to every bloody day🤨

Gabrielle Monteith Sean: Take up Matt Kings challenge. I dare you. Get Matt Sheldon and Lynda Wharton on your platform. They are informed and can give you facts. Clearly that’s what you’re after. Then I’ll listen to you again. I think you need to up your game and do some research. Just one wee point that deserves a thought: only 5% of harm gets reported to CARM and for your information a study has identified this figure.

Scott Pritchard

Andy McGregor I think it was the other way round…. Matt was wise to distance himself from the right wing on the same bird. Based on what we all have seen, what we have a wasp nest full of destructive MP’s that don’t have NZs best interest at the centre of their decision making. What i have seen is the integrity and guts to stand up for what’s right from Matt King Northland . He is not scared to ask the questions that we all have about our slow and painful demise of our precious country. Live open dialog to debate the concerns of the people to get feedback to make decisions that benefit us all, is what we need to “build back better” What I am also seeing is that those that wear tinfoil hats (critical thinkers) are not asking crazy questions. They want answers to simple questions that demand simple answers rather than a flat rejection to answer….. we smell a rat when there is no response….

Iris McKenzie Sean have you not read the Pfizer papers? Their stats and processes are scary, wanting to keep them secure for 75 years was interesting, we would not have the knowledge we have now if USA judge had not forced the release. Check out the falling birth rates across the world, one of the contra indicators.

Tina Rameka Well done Matt King, your stand and compassion for people is being noticed all over NZ. Sean is cold, bitter and inhumane, he needs to give up journalism. Sean is too narrow minded pushing his own personal opinion which then filters out to an unbalanced biased conversation. Sean needs to know all lives matter whether it be 1, 2 or 100, he seems to have the attitude that its okay to lose a few for the many and doesn’t care that a few too many have been damaged. His frustration, anger & behaviour is very detrimental to The Platform

Jess Moore I think your listeners are upset because they have been treated in similar ways over the last two years when they questioned the vaccine. People were hammered for being vaccine hesitant, called bad teachers/nurses, lost their jobs, labeled as nutters, excluded from society. The level of hurt and resulting distrust runs deep. This injury to society and social cohesion has not been addressed and simply getting rid of mandates does not make it go away. By reading the comments, I think your interview has triggered that hurt.

Troy Lipsham As an interviewer, it is all about your choice of words, and Sean needs to be more precise in his use of some words to avoid slanting his guests words… Sean needs to understand the difference between evidence and proof – as Matt pointed out, “observation is evidence”…and secondly, there is plenty of evidence out there – Sean just chooses not to look at it… it may not be proven but it is still evidence.

Patrice Jones So refreshing to hear Matt King Northland stand up and speak coherently on behalf of what I hope will be his future constituents. Sean Plunket has sadly missed the opportunity of a lifetime with The Platform. He could have been a respected alternative voice in New Zealand but instead fell into the trap of letting his ego over rule any balance on this and various other topics. By his own admission in this interview he only accepts an “establishment” view. I expect he will only change his mind once the New Zealand establishment changes its view, which has already begun. Look at Scandinavia, Florida and a few others. I don’t expect any great about face though, just a rewriting of history according to Plunket.

Catherine Bridge Well done Matt. All we ask for is investigation. Happy to be wrong. I’m the meantime here’s a wee bit of evidence for you Sean Plunket

Linda Downing After hearing you, Sean, “interview” Brenton Faithful yesterday I said I would not listen to this platform again but I wanted to hear someone put you in your place. It was good to hear someone trying to point out your bias and poor interviewing technique. Matt pointed out that you interrupted a lot. You interrupted Matt a lot too which gives me the impression you are just plain rude. You say you’re unbiased. Some reflection might serve you well because you seem to be not self aware at all. I stand by what I said yesterday. You haven’t redeemed yourself at all. Your ignorance is astounding especially for someone in the media. Wake up! Goodbye. Never again will I listen.

Andrew Thompson Sean is scientific discovery through observation then trying to understand what is happening. Its a bit of a red herring to say he’s not a member of the undertakers association why should he be these associations aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Listening to this debate reminds me of what the Viet Nam Veterans have gone through to get the Govt to acknowledge the injury’s they have suffered from agent orange. Denials cover ups etc. I agree hind sight is wonderful but what really bugs me is the way NZ society treated people who weren’t vaccinated. We have a shortage of health workers and unvaccinated health workers as I understand it still aren’t aloud back. We need to move on.

Shannon Marjason I’m confused here as far as things were going at the beginning it was unacceptable to have one death from covid in fact we shut the whole country down for one case but it seems it’s totally acceptable to have deaths and injuries from the treatment were there is risk there should be choices without loosing your job or home or career especially for a treatment that does not stop transmission that in itself should justify investigation people are still being mandated to take it or loose their income

Jeannine De Vere Hunt

NZ law says evidence is what you ‘hear, see or otherwise experience’…NZ Evidence Act. can’t remember the year. Mr Faithfull’s observations would be evidence in court under NZ law.

Pierre Le Bas Sorry Sean I like your work but I lost my ex wife 4 days after vaccination and no mention like in the UK of Mycolitis. One of your worst interviews. It needs more investigation I did not think you would follow Jacinda!

Sarah Beesley

Wilfully blind is what l would call you Sean. The data is there. Go have a look at the V-Dafe data that has just been released in the USA. It shows shocking levels of serious adverse reactions including 4 million recorded accounts of joint pain after vaccination, out of 10 million entries. This is not normal, no matter how you try to frame it. Also look at the legal efforts that had to be used to access it by listening to the interview with the lawyer Siri with Del Bigtree. (And yes, you will need to Google it). Have a look at the adverse reaction data on the Yellow Card system in the UK, as well as VAERS in the USA. These show that the mRNA products had a substantial risk of harm. (Matt tried to explain this, but because he had to “google it”, apparently according to you, this made it less credible.) The bottom line is that the injections should never have been mandated. They did not affect all people adversely, but it did affect a significant number. The jabs were experimental. The informed consent process failed world-wide to be carried out properly because of directives to the administrators to “support” uptake. I have personally seen letters from their professional bodies to nurses, acupuncturists, chiros and GPs in NZ, that make it very clear that they were expected to provide full (and blind) support for vaccination and that anything else would result in disciplinary action or some form of repercussion. I personally know two GPs who were pushed out of their practices for daring to attempt to answer patients questions around the vaccine with anything other than “it’s fine, just do it”, so l know it is real.And your expectations that anyone coming on your show should have a perfectly prepared, indisputable set of data that you could not dispute is ridiculous. Firstly, you would not allow the time for them to explain it, and secondly, it is all there if you bother to look for yourself. Get off your bottom and go have a look at the things mentioned above and by Matt, if you are serious about investigating this. I hate to say it, but l agree with Matt.. your confirmation bias is very clearly to not wanting to see any potential issues with the jab.

Tracey Douds I understand you may be confronted by your own heart health Sean and that’s very real and who wants to admit they may have made a mistake. My sister is an embalmer however, due to our different political views, she blocked me in 2020….would love to know what she is seeing. Embalmers world wide are voicing huge clots, impossible blood removal, incredibly sad unexpected deaths and in my world, I’m seeing death more then I ever have. My sister once said we should have a funeral director business as I, as previously media and sales love to engage with the living, she prefers those that don’t speak back and she can quietly go about lovingly sending them off. These people don’t make for arguments nor interrupted interviews, however, see what we would never want to see. You were rude.


Click Link to View

Julie Elliott

Matt King Northland good interview, you took the wind out of his sails for a split second when you referenced your past expertise as a Detective. Sean selectively forgets that whilst drumming into people the ‘safe and effective’ mantra, ‘Fear’ was the order of the day, such that people of all ages, thought they would be ‘lucky’ to survive rather than being told this was largely a disease of the elderly, obese and those with serious comorbities. He scoffed at using Google, rather than listening to the detail around Govt and official websites that are being googled. So where’s Seans expertise and facts to support his argument or is that just ‘his’ opinion. It’s quite funny listening to his ongoing denial

Lara Flavell It doesn’t matter how many were vaccine injured, the issue is they WERE injured & that has not been widely publicized or investigated. The issue is that people were coerced into getting the vaccination instead of being able to weigh up the risks & decide for themselves whether to take that risk or not. It is also widely known that it is incredibly difficult to get an expert to diagnose it as a vaccine injury. As you said, myocarditis wasn’t highlighted to begin with until it became an issue. We were guinea pigs. Have you investigated any of this information your interviewees have provided? Because all I hear is you attacking & interrupting people because you don’t like what they are saying.

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