Matt King Northland responds to Sean Plunket‘s interview with Brenton Faithfull

The Platform New Zealand 11th Oct 2022

Alexandra Bell

Matt King Northland great job going “toe to toe” with Sean Matt. Thanks for sticking up for people who want to share their experiences and insights. His observations warrants enquiry. It’s absolutely mad no one wants to investigate the fact you can’t embalm someone because they have too many clots, of which he has never seen in 40 years. Poor guy was attacked. No wonder no one wants to come forward and tell their stories😔🤦🏼‍♀️

Phil Sharplin

It is obvious that there is a culture of shouting over someone, when all that shows is the person doing the shouting is trying to silence his opponent. I think it is absolutely courageous of Brenton to come forward. He knew the backlash he would incur, but chose to speak anyway. It is appalling that journalists, especially investiguve journalists would choose to close off a line of investigation so contemptuously. Does any investiguve journalists expect his sources to publicly announce over a open platform, other sources of information. All good science starts with annickdotal evidence that’s warrents further investigation. Sean your responce on this interview is the exact reason, people with anything of worth to loose will not speak out.

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Genius or conspiracy theorist? Sean Plunket speaks with undertaker Brenton Faithfull.

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Comments from above interview with Brendon Faithful :

Matt King Northland

Appalling interview Sean your bias is on display for everyone to see. This won’t age well when the full extent of this whole debacle is widely known.

Kelley Woelfel

Sean Plunket You were so rude to Brenton….he has the courage to come out and speak up and this is how you treat him. You should be greatful he joined you on your show, he does not need you! He has alot of support around the country and not just the unjabbed!

You can be so blind!

Sheree Fenwick

Sean Plunket Sean I was in a room of over 200 people the other evening where Brenton was giving a talk, and when he asked for a show of hands from anyone who knew someone who had passed away within two weeks of, or who has had a bad reaction to the jab nearly every hand in the room shot up, including my own! Doesn’t that tell you something? And, I might add, they were pretty sombre faces too, showing a great deal of sadness! So a bit of respect please! The people are waking up and the fallout from this won’t be great!

Tracy Winther

Sean Plunket so rude, you did not even listen to him! Why didn’t you hear about the weird clots unlike anything seen in 40 years of embalming experience! Are you afraid you might discover something that would make you have to think about the real reason for your own heart issues? You sounded like a scared man who couldn’t handle to hear the truth so made sure he had no chance to speak!

Guy Johnston

Matt King Northland would be good to bring up the Coroner’s Act and why did the government fast track it

Tracy le Roux

Matt King Northland thank you for your support of Brenton Faithfull. He is a very brave man putting his neck on the block to get the truth out to kiwis. A man who is well known through the community for his good deeds. Shame on Sean!

Catherine Lupton

Matt King Northland totally agree. Utterly appalling behaviour from Sean Plunket – no need at all to treat Brenton or any other guest on his show in that manner. It’s evident to most kiwis now that the government and our health authorities not only have no interest in investigating any information anecdotal or otherwise that might reflect badly on their narrative but they have actively discouraged it. The onus should not be on the public to provide scientific proof that something is unsafe because the authorities can’t and won’t. There is plenty of scientific evidence out there now but it’s of no interest to a tamed media. Disgraceful and sickening.

Tracy le Roux

Sean Plunket wow. You are the rudest and the most disprectful interviewer I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. It doesn’t matter about the age of the deceased. The families have lost a loved one. You never even gave this man a chance to speak properly.

Carolyn Leatherby

Terrible interview. Disrespectful and lacking balance. No respect for 40 years of embalming experience. I’m sure he has seen more in his time as an embalmer than many health professionals and scientists. He certainly would know if he has seen a change from before and after Covid. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions and challenge, but you didn’t even ask about what he has seen and experienced in his field of expertise. I, for one, am very interested to hear from the funeral industry as to what they are experiencing. It would be useful to hear from others in the industry if they agree (or disagree) with Brenton.

Margaret Kjoss

Sean. That was the most despicable, incredibly embarrassing interview on your part that I have heard to date.

Thank you so much, Brenton, for keeping calm and maintaining your integrity amidst the barrage of poisonous words directed at you throughout the interview.

You show immense courage and concern for people by coming forward to voice your observations which should be taken extremely seriously.

Anna Webster

I listened to this live this morning. What an absolute train wreck of an interview and honestly Sean, I can’t believe you have allowed this to be published on this page. It is nothing to be proud of – in fact, quite the opposite. The way you barked your opinion and insults over the top of this guest was an appalling display of aggressive arrogance steeped in poorly held bias. You lacked the impartiality that an interviewer (on an ‘unbiased’ station nonetheless) should posess. If you wanted to interview a medical practitioner or a scientist, you should have brought one on, but to be shouting at someone for NOT being one of the aforementioned professionals is insanity. You could have spoken about his job, his scope and the changes he has been seeing but you didn’t give him a moments grace. You had a massive audience waiting to hear this interview and you showed yourself up to be no less than a rude, opinionated bully. Brenton should be so proud of how calm he remained in the face of such unnecessarily hostile dismissal.

It makes me wonder though, Sean. What are you scared of? Were you worried deep down that he was going to give you information that you’re not ready to hear? Or are you just that aggressive with all the people you disagree with?


Barry Ashbridge

Adrian Philip yeh, but he’s vaxd to the kilt so ego is ruling over any admission of personal failure

Jennie Hodgson

Barry Ashbridge I have heard the more people are getting the jab many are becoming unreasonable, disagreeable, and hostile, Sean you are all of these on steriods. I have heard many people in Branton’s profession world wide saying the same thing. You Sean are a over jabbed rude deluded man.

John-Paty Wilson

A wise interviewer takes the time to listen and give time for the one being interviewed to finish his reply. Yes he is giving anecdotal evidence, it’s then up to good journalism to start finding out if there is more to the story. A man doesn’t put his good reputation on the line for something he just makes up. Please follow up on this, first with an apology then with professional journalistic actions and maybe you may find he really is seeing something that all New Zealanders should be concerned about.

Melanie Northmore

Phil Sharplin If you haven’t noticed, he doesn’t engage any conversation that remotely touches on the subject of jab injuries. He talked Leighton Baker down the other day with mere mention of those that were jab injured. My gut is telling me that all is not as it appears to be. Paid opposition perhaps? I’m starting to get suspicious as to who is funding this “Unbiased Platform”. Interesting indeed!

Sandy Siegel

Liz Gunn has done a wonderful interview with Brenton, which was respectful and informative. Free NZ Media. Liz doesnt yell and abuse her interviewees either. In hindsight for ‘The Platform’, Plunkett wasnt the best person for this interview, hes too much in denial of the mounting evidence coming out re the jabby and therefore his bias and fear has kicked in……or hes been socialising with Paula Penfold too much 😉


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Liz Gunn speaks with Brenton Faithfull, a funeral director and a Justice of the Peace, about his experiences over the last year in New Zealand. FreeNZ on Odysee.com—BrentonFaithfull:5
95% of the cases in Brenton’s funeral home had received the Covid-19 injection within 2 weeks.
Why is this not being investigated?
If you would like the services of the brave and compassionate funeral director, Brenton Faithfull, please contact: Faithfull Funeral Services –

Dr Matt Shelton Interview link:

Deaths by all-cause mortality New Zealand –
Stuff: Please help the NZ Public by cancelling your subscription & advertising to Stuff and its current publications:
Richard Hirschman embalmer video –
& Interview –
John O’Looney, Funeral Director, UK interview –

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