29th June 2022

Tony Wall …. who is a journalist for Stuff thinks there are no side effects with covid vaccines and has called lawyer Kirsten Murfitt crazy for even suggesting such a thing. Please ask everyone to email him directly with their death or effect stories – personal or in friends and relatives.


Sue Reyland’s email sent to Tony Wall today

Hi Tony

It is my understanding you are a journalist for Stuff & you feel there has been no side effects with the covid vaccines & you have even called lawyer Kirsten Murfitt crazy for even suggesting such a thing. 

Tony it is very important as a Journalist you are up to speed on what is actually happening in NZ & as a journalist produce articles which tell both sides of the story.

I am aware Media has been paid & sometimes bought by the Government to spread their Propaganda. 

Liz Gunn, Counterspin etc… are some of our few Media outlets who are telling both sides of the story. 

This is your chosen career … Do you want to be remembered for being on the wrong side of history or the right side ? Do you want your family & friends to remember you as an ‘honest’ journalist or a journalist that wants to stick with a narrative that is misleading NZers. 

I have had a site for 3 years  (FB & now a website)    .. 9,000 members all over NZ … Health Professionals, Farmers, Parents,Media, MPs ,  Grandparents, University Graduates, Grass Roots Kiwis … sadly many know of people who have had appalling adverse reactions. My niece is a hairdresser in Tauranga & she has clients who have been affected. I keep in touch with Casey Hodgkinson, she is still unable to walk. ACC have not acknowledged her Vaxx injuries so we fund raise for her needs ie … recently an up-graded wheelchair.

Recently her Mother Anna Hodgkinson & many other families who have been affected by the Vaxx presented a petition to Parliament & a National MP has accepted the Petition for acknowledgement of injuries & sadly deaths.

Growing up I had all my vaccinations & travelling overseas to countries like Africa, Europe , Iceland etc… I had many more. I felt uncomfortable with this vaxx as it hadn’t yet finished its trial & evidently was only meant for a small number of people to trial. A court case with Sue Grey proved this. 

I can forward more information to you ie… Sarah Barnes who died in Hokianga soon after her Vaxx, Rihara Gunn Dargaville who also died … Matt sadly there up wards of 500 now. Some Coroner Certified some still to be determined. ACC can verify the injuries & deaths if you need evidence this is happening. 

I’m sure you are aware Rory Nairn ( Dundedin) was one of NZs first Vaxx Deaths 

Sadly we have recently lost a friend who died of thoracic aortic dissection which has a 20 % inherited chance but the vax is known to have a 80 % chance it may have been hastened. This man’s wife is a Doctor & his daughter in law a nurse & they were fully aware of the risks.  

I would appreciate you  dealing with these deaths in a respectful way & if you chose to produce a story with my information , please have the respect to discuss this with me first please.

Sue Reyland

VASCULAR DAMAGE VIDEO Josef Thoma MD/PhD, general practitioner from Berlin, lucidly explains the findings of vaccine-induced vasculitis and thrombosis made by pathologists Burkhardt and Lange. He discusses the clinical consequences and does not shy away from addressing the political context and historical parallels.

Attachements Sent with email :

Casey Hodgkinson

Vaccine Injury Reporting Team

Dargaville Vaxx Death
Hokianga Vaxx Death

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  1. Fantastic. Education of the actual facts is necessary for our media to know before most of us completely disregard everything they say in the future about anything. Trust once lost can never be regained.


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