Who went to parliament and protested, who finds all of sudden has become sick or their health has declined ?

cavernous malformation

Hello Folks  I am posting this here so we can get more exposure and feedback.

For Privacy Reasons I will just use peoples Initials

AuthorPortaloo Phil

This is a comment on behalf of Suzie Reyland who is following the post. Suzie sends her heartfelt condolences, unfortunately she has been banned for a bit and can’t write the message herself. To all those who have been affected she asks if you would like to, please add your experiences on her website below. Thanks all.

C R E : Hey everyone, a bit of a topic, and not really sure how to write this, but I just jumped in to see if anyone who went to parliament and protested has all of sudden become sick or their health has declined, the best way to explain that question is to tell you my story:) I’m 24 years old and I’ve never had any severe illnesses asthma none of that was over all healthy, I went to the protest and stayed there for three weeks less then a month ago out of nowhere I was rushed to hospital due to epileptic seizures ( I don’t have epilepsy) I got taken in for c.t scan where the found I had a brain bleed among further investigating the results came back that I have a cavernoma malformation that has hemorrhaged apparently you can be born with it, or it’s in your genetics no one in my family has never had brain bleeds or anything similar after a two week hospital stay with bugger all information I started to do my own research, and this is where it gets weird… if you are exposed to to much radiation or 5g you can develop a cavernoma malformation, if you were at the beehive you’d know that there was radiation being pumped out, I didn’t immediately think of it.. one night I got in to a conversation with a man who told me he was in the Air Force and army he worked over in America told me about some war plans he wrote and more I can’t say much about that i didn’t believe him at first and I told him about the protest and radiation and i said am i crazy for thinking this happened at parliament he said no way your not crazy I asked if I have been effected or anything like that wouldn’t it happen straight away the answer was simple no and no matter what you do you’ll never know and no doctor would tell you, everything that the guy said about his life was true I seen the papers and photos and that’s why my thoughts changed. For a while now I’ve been wanting to ask but was scared too. In case I was judged or people said I was all shit, but yeah if anything has happened similar or other would you be able to share ?:) Thank you.

(Cavernomas are abnormal clusters of vessels with small bubbles (or caverns) filled with blood that make them look like a berry. These can range in size from microscopic up to several inches in diameter. Unlike arteriovenous malformations, there is little blood flow in cavernomas.)

R N : I was affected by something there in the second week. I’m not too sure what it was because I didn’t get it checked out from a doctor but I was crook for about 3 days where my body was aching sore back, headaches and loss of appetite. I had gone to one of the healing tents and got a massage and explain to them the symptoms I was having and they told me the same thing that it was from exposure from radiation I still have some symptoms now like loss of memory and just not wanting to do anything and sudden mood swings, prior to the protest I was healthy as. I’m not too sure if that helps in any way but that is my story.

J A : Only those who are still asleep will say your full of shit my friend ..Those that where there longer than a couple of days know we were being hit hard with radiation…I used to wear glasses at night for driving …wasn’t till my last night there driving back we arrived to our destination my sis says …Well done with driving without ya glasses..freaked the shit out of me to be honest ..to this day I still don’t need then vision is clear as ..so what’s happened to you doesn’t surprise me !

S M :

  • Before Wellington I’ve not had ear problems. I get low grade pain and a sensation of burning radiating from right ear through to left. It is now intermittent – flairs up but hasn’t gone away completely. I truly believe it’s linked to radiation.
  • I think most folk just think I’m being a hypochondriac!
  • Please take care out there everyone and keep your iodine levels up. 💞

M S :

  • Yep I’ve heard a few people mention they got sick and it wasn’t just cold or flu like symptoms, I wouldn’t put it pass them to do something like this, we follow Aus and they did it in Canberra protests, people got badly burnt but probably tip of iceberg
  • Gook luck and I hope you find appropriate health care x
  • Ko Luke Toku Ingua
  • I was and it took maybe three weeks to get feeling relatively normal, I started shiting maybe a quarter cup of blood, for two days , blood for two days, until I got attention from the homeopathic crew, and my legs were permanently cramping, pure depression feelings, I’m aware of three others, one ear leaked for weeks and her face peeled

M C : Regular stomach pains(to the point I simply cannot eat) and barely any energy and Lymphedema (although the lymphedema could just be coincidence as prior had 2 yrs ago lymph system cut out so vulnerable to it) however only had it after Wellington and now it comes and goes approx every 3 weeks where I literally can’t walk and it only on my right side of my body.

D M : I noticed it very strongly, mainly due to not being there the whole time and coming and going, I believe it was the second Friday when I felt it the worst, there was a very heavy negative feeling to the air, I turned to my friends I was with at the time and asked if they could feel it and they both could. It made me feel very uneasy and a bit nauseous, the same feeling a few people I’ve talked to felt during some of their time there.

R B to DM : I remember 1 day in particular just feeling really shitty for no reason. Mentioned to a friend there – he said it was likely the Lrad or other rays. The general feel in the air to me was quite negative so it’s interesting you mentioned that …. (name omitted)

  • Portaloo Phil to R B
  • yeah, I personally never felt it, but when I moved through the occupation I barely was inside parliament grounds for more than 90mins at any one time while staying at the Law Society.
  • Definitely noticed a lot of people talking about how they felt a few days after the Battle of Portaloo though. People were coming back to our camp talking about being sick (could have been whatever was going around though)

C R E : I’m really sorry this is has and is happening to you guys 😕 sounds like the really wrong thing to comment but I’m so glad I’m away you don’t understand the feelings I have after reading im not the only one who has been effected I started thinking I was crazy 😕 and I don’t feel so alone now x

 * I used to not believe the “conspiracies” especially Covid and vaccinations, About what people were trying to do to change the corrupt system to not be a “sheeple) I used to listen to the media etc it wasn’t until I opened my mind and actually went there and I have learnt so much from staying at the Parliament Protest for a few weeks I have seen so much and like many others who have commenting and more, I’ve haven’t been the same since me personally I have more and more questions about everything, thinking differently and you don’t have to listen to what people have to say, but don’t be judge others that have different opinions and beliefs:) and laugh about it that’s not you and it’s not cool 😀 instead maybe ask about it a little knowledge from some one goes a long way 🙂

D H : I had vertigo for a month where I would feel okay then I would have my head spinning and felt like passing out. I had no appetite and wasn’t really eating much. I would get nauseous when I would try to eat. One night I actually thought I was going to die. They blasted me with something @6am up on Hill St I felt a heat wave hit me. I look up and it’s cloudy? These symptoms lasted a month. They have dimmed down a little bit but my appetite still isn’t on track and my energy is way lower than usual. (I’m 25 I’m a Kickboxing/Self Defence Coach and have looked after my body for years and am very conscious of how my body operates. I have no health problems up until Wellington)

R R : Ok so… I was there for 3 weeks too. Def days I felt nauseous and physically unbalanced. Standing still I’d start to topple and have to regain footing.

  • Since March 2nd, I’ve had to wear reading glasses for reading anything . Blurry vision, which seems to get a little better if I’m able to spend a long time in the sun. As soon as I’m on the floor – leaning forward to do something like makeup in the mirror, I feel a pressure on my eyes and vision instantly.
  • Didn’t know if it’s from the assault being arrested or pepper spray. Didn’t think pepper spray effects would last this long though so – I’ve been at a loss as to the cause.
  • Suffered severe CPTSD post Wellington. The constant psychological warfare, dawn raids, watching and experiencing police brutality at the worst I’ve personally ever witnessed triggered past CPTSD traumas and added more according to my doctor.
  • Not sure if vision is linked to that or not.
  • Also my right knee became very stiff and sore after a couple weeks – never been a problem before. Still can not sit on my knees. Hard to get up from the floor without assistance. Not normal at all for me. I’m too young for that shit yet.
  • The LRAD was used at both Death and GBH levels on March 2nd. I have the operator’s statements confirming so.

R P : Not sure if you followed what happened at standing rock a few years ago, but they sprayed everyone with poison and they held a healing/rongoa clinic where a bunch of healers began immediately healing people harmed. They have absolute form!

M S: On at 9am, off at 5pm for about two weeks in the middle. Testing the technology out on us guinea pigs. How that was allowed astounds me. The Government don’t care about anyone or anything.

M S :

  •  yep, explains the bad sunburn.
  • Reading the comments and thinking 🤔 maybe it wasn’t covid but radiation ☢️poisoning that …. (name omitted ) and I had when we got home.
  • Glad I brought the kids home when I did. Shocking!

M S : freaky stuff. I think we should start producing our own research about this and many other observations we have made, and are still making, in the world we live in today. Why wait for the more ‘educated’ researchers to open up one spot in their faculty this year? We should just go for it.

N T : yep, only spent a week there outside the bus terminal, platform D. but have had severe energy loss, facial issues, loss of appetite, internal mouth ulcers, laryngitis, and weird little white pimples like milk pimples. also severe cramping of my joints, and ringing of the ears. Oh and periods are messed up. they were always on time and only for 3 days.

S M:

  • Hi everyone, I didn’t make it to the protest despite REEEEALLY wanting to. I was stuck in Auckland with my 4 children and I don’t have a car.
  • Anyway a lot of what you guys are experiencing is what I have been experiencing for the past year or so. I’m really sensitive to toxins. I can’t have any j4bs as I almost died twice from them as a child and baby. My body is like a toxin radar.
  • So I’m thinking you guys got hit directly with radiation etc in wellington but then you guys are also dealing with all the radiation we get hit with just going near a 5g tower etc. And I know I’m also affected by other people’s j4bs.
  • Migraines, no appetite, dizziness, mood swings, chicken pox blisters, bruising, burning skin which feels like chemical burn.
  • I admire all of you for fighting the way you guys did. I watched every live show I could yelling at my screen, crying, laughing, praying…
  • I hope you all have your pains eased with prayer and natural medicine 🙏❤

A S :

  • I got hit hard while at parliament. I was camped in the gated community right in front of the 5g transmitters on the scaffolding. My scalp burned, blistered and peeled. It wasn’t sunburn. The worst pain I’ve had on my scallp. My face also burned and peeled. Confirmed not sunburn from medics.
  • I got burning swirling feelings in my chest to the point I cried from the pain.
  • Never had anything like it in my life.

D H :

  • Police were photographed utilising a LRAD (long range acoustic device) at NZ parliament protest, the NZ police have also admitted under Official information act (OIA) request that they deployed a LRAD in Wellington. Wiki cutnpaste – “Law enforcement organisations and the manufacturer claim that LRAD systems are primarily designed for long-range communications; however, the device has an extremely high decibel capacity and has been controversially used as a less-lethal weapon for crowd control. Police usually use models that are not quite as powerful as the military-grade version; however, at their maximum levels of up to 154 dB, they are capable of causing pain, disorientation, nausea, migraines, and potentially permanent damage.
  • The NYPD’s LRAD use is being challenged in US federal court. Due to potential risks and a lack of studies on the health impact of sonic weapons, the American Civil Liberties Union recommended that their use on protesters be suspended.”
  • * ( Wiki Life: Cut’N’Paste · 1. Copy the text from the source · 2. Paste the text into a text editor)

K I : The Government did it openly in Oz and many knew they were doing it at Freedom Village – even on the church near by directing it towards the camp – seems the tin foil hat guy was right

R C : I took many reading on 21 st & 22nd, some as high as 6.6, most high 2s, plenty in 3-4, 5s. Came back sick, know a few others the same . A  couple days flat but another month stuffed. seems ongoing

K R M W :

Yeah I still haven’t come right.i got crushed and I was right by the emf cannon. Still held my ground. In peaceful resistance. Where  .the radiation was the highest. it’s like I was Targeted.I’m under police observation. But I think they know I’m a peace activist.I know my phone and accounts are hacked so I’m not being active. I was going to start another occupation but decided not to. We really need to get our new govt ready. And Sue Grey can’t do this alone. There are other parties. But we need to unite them before elections come. Anyway, eat good food and stay warm. Rest

R C : keep in mind the locals got the device removed from tower on Cathedral, notice served and removed immediately.

There is some good info on http://www.earthwaves.co.nz one of our NZ Freedom Businesses that I definitely learnt a few things from

  • Thank You to Portaloo Phil for bringing this Thread to the People of NZ
  • I will up-date & give feedback as more comments come through
  • Sue Reyland ( Admin/Founder)
  • kiwisprotectingourfreedomofexpression.com

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