The government is now 2 moves from checkmate.

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The government is now 2 moves from checkmate. All their pieces are in place. This is the year of hyperinflation and the end of the currency system in NZ as we have known it. While keeping us distracted with endless challenges, these same challenges have been used for economic policies, expenditure, and money printing intended to bring our country to its knees. WHY?..To introduce our saviour. The global banking interests to which our country is massively indebted. After rampant inflation and looming economic collapse, at our darkest hour, our national banking creditors are set to announce a remarkable deal. Our whole country’s international debt is to be forgiven. YES, you hear right. Easy for them, as our debt is only flat backed debit only. An incredible offer with only one condition. The national uptake of the global banking, AI controlled, cashless society, social credit system. What’s this I hear you say???? If you’ve been paying attention over the last 2 years, the Herald ran several articles about Google bringing a huge division to set up here in NZ for an “unmanned AI security project”. This is it!. It was announced in mass media that Amazon has come to NZ to invest 15 Billion dollars in a new digital purchasing system. This is it. The drive with new legislation being released in April, is to herd more sheep into vaccination by making life more difficult for the non compliant. The massive increase in Omicron driven by ( Proven very faulty) RAT tests drives numbers sufficiently to justify the release of the vax passport phone app. This is introduced “for your safety” even though Omercrom is widely acknowledged as no worse than the seasonal flu. This is also stated in several interviews with the South African team who discovered and isolated the Omercron variant.. Their leading scientist and her team stated they can’t believe the media hype surrounding Omicron as it is milder than previous variants and no worse than a cold or seasonal flu…from the horse’s mouth…ooops, no sorry, that’s the one source of sustained propaganda. The Vax passport app is initially to be used to ensure that the vaxxed static matches their location and authorized purchasing. It begins as a prerequisite for financial transactions. With one simple app upgrade it becomes the full social credit system and one’s only means of transactions. An entire currency system cannot be removed without already having something ready to replace it with. I can give you the leading cause of anaphylactic shock in a nutshell. For those of you who do suffer, I apologize for the weak pun, but for the rest of you, if that doesn’t send you into convulsions , then read the next bit. This stage which we have been in lockdowns and one source dictatorship, or as I call it, dungeons and dragons, has changed. The predators have moved to the next level. As revealed in the announcement of lifting restrictions, the fiscal clams are now clamping tighter and tighter under their own self fueling momentum. All very much planned and intended. After a period of diabolical financial stress, the banking system which is purley debt based with no other foundation (flat-based), will begin to perform bail-in actions. The government passed legislations that during extreme economic stress, the bankingwill now NOT be bailed out by the government and will use its own sources. When you put your money in the bank, you establish a contract where they invest your money as they wish, inreturn for interest (haha, sorry,excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes) In a bank your money is not yours until you terminate the contract by withdrawing it. During extreme financial stress, banks can contractually “haircut” the majority of your funds to prop themselves up till they see fit to return it. This time it will not be returned. Blackrock and Vanguard own the majority of all global banking. Collapsing the old style currency banking system, creates a system domino fall back to these owners at the top. They take all assets, (money, mortgaged property) in this process. Lease agreements are to be issued in exchange for mortgages. Not meeting the required criteria for the lease agreement, (non-compliance), means property/home lease disqualification. Still wonder why credit has been so available and encouraged for so long? Still doubting? Go to the world economic forum website and under their “white pages’ ‘, look at the promises our glorious leader has made for New Zealand’s future which she has NOT told the general population. It’s in black and white. Without your consent, she has put us all forward for the first trial country for a completely AI controlled, cashless social credit system. Her words in black and white. The white hats (American patriots) will hopefully save us from her tyranny


I’m very skeptical of the hype going around about the world’s banking system automatically going into a massive spin into a social credit system. The world has been through many political changes over generations. And these changes have become moving faster with the information technology the world has got. People are communicating so much easily. The problem is there are a lot of wacko theories out there that people get an idea and dear its coming true. Like global warming from cows farting. Our government has gone way off track from the normal and its so easy to find out the truth. We don’t owe China jack shit. Out debt is to foreign, insurance companies, banks, pension schemes and private investors. They are all easy to find in treasure reports. There maybe Chinese companies but China also has massive debts, so does Singapore. The problem with the NZ debt is that its doubled against GDP in the past 4 years of this government. No other country has doubled their debt so fast. This government is out of control in spending and has nothing to show for it. And the projection is for the debt to be 3 times as big if they continue to stay in government up to 2026. That’s just ridiculous. These are the facts. Don’t let anyone fool you about the global BS that money will all go up I’m smoke next year. But I would be very careful about any debt you have in NZ. Don’t borrow a cent and pay off any debt. People are going to loose their homes later this year when interest rates hit 8% plus. Inflation will be up to 8% to 10% plus by Christmas. We have a major problem with Willy Jackson taking to parliament the first reading about the co governance of the NZ parliament with 50% part Maori and 50% New Zealanders. That’s where people should be more worried

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  1. Yes, NZ is the Pilot Project (agreed to by our PM without communication), along with SanFrancisco, for the Age of AI. I have read the 30 page document, and every voting citizen should read it to be prepared for what is to come by 2024. This is the next step, Phase 2, of the World Economic Forum’s intention to rule. Step 1 was the Pandemic! It amazes me that other Govt Political Parties are not even making mention of it!

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