25th Jan 2022

If you bought up the toilet paper . You are a smart person! Shit is about to hit the fan! YEP the Gov is Lying to you right now saying there will be shortages because of Omicron . 3 NZ Trucking companies have the contracts for Foodstuffs and Progressive. All those supermarkets a truck driver can walk in the door as a customer, but can’t drive in the back and get his trailers unloaded without a v pass. Trucking company 1 are still trying to mandate months after starting the process.. without the loss of truck drivers screwing their company, the 2nd an 3rd companies are mandating on the 31st of Jan . (that is the bulk of the drivers and associated staff moving our NZ groceries) The inside word is there will be whole branches that cant operate its not just drivers but forklift operators and other workers are walking that don’t want the vax. On the 31st of Jan our very stretched shortage of class 5 truck drivers will get into a dire situation .You will notice you wont hear about it in the news . Just like they are blaming the shortage of Fire fighters and Ambulance drivers on anything but the mandates . Be Prepared folks ! If you hate this gov for what they are doing if you can buy up as much as you can, and pressure the system to break ! We have an opportunity to make a point .

Comment on Allys Site :

Yes it how we predicted it, it’s well and truly closing down around us.We will end up with no products as those inoculated will get sick, those that aren’t, can’t work, prices will go so high no freight service will beable to pay for the taxs and fuel, no one will beable to afford the few groceries that get through. Exactly the plan to break down society and businesses. Turn each other against each other so we all roll over to globalization .

Published by Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

I am a Farmer, Wife & Mother Protecting Our Rights for Freedom of Expression. I have travelled the World Extensively ... UK, Wales, Europe, Iceland, Africa, & Australia 84 - 88 My home City is Tauranga & I now reside on our Farm on the Shores of the North Kaipara Harbour along with my husband of 25 years . I was a Founding Pupil @ Matua Primary School (65) & attended Otumoetai Intermediate plus Otumoetai College I completed a Small Business Course My interests include : Family, Politics , Cooking, Gardening & The Great Outdoors I feel strongly our Rights are being Gradually taken away by a Government we no longer trust in New Zealand. My concerns are Forced Vaccination Dual Proposed Government 3 Waters, S.N.A & Hepuapua Policies * Lack of Roading Infrustructure My aim is to keep freedom of Speech in our Country Alive Plus I would like my family to live in NZ the way we knew it Growing Up Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder) Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression Website FB :

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