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A Message of HopeBy Emma This is an invitation to those who are awake and who are holding the line. Continue to do so, in strength and in truth. You are an inspiration to me. This is an invitation to those who are slowly waking up. STOP falling for the lies and have the courage to say “enough is enough”. I DO NOT CONSENT to tyranny! This is an invitation to those who are still asleep. You are slowly slipping into a state of oblivion.

1. Stop complying with masks. They are degrading us. You’re wearing a filthy face nappy and leaving a legacy to your children: that of blind, willful and cowardly compliance. Get a mask exemption.

2. ONLY support inclusive businesses.

3. Start demanding transparency from your government.

4. STOP paying rates to the council until they drop the mandates. They will fold if enough of us do this.

5. Stop putting your very existence at risk for the sake of following the grain or “keeping up with the Joneses”. If you have gone down that path and now regret it, refuse your boosters. It ends there!

6. Connect with people who value freedom and choice.❤

My message is dedicated to ALL the strong men out there, tirelessly fighting for our freedom, peacefully & honourably. You are appreciated. You are seen and heard. You are an inspiration. Stand in your truth & strength. Society and the media have feminized you, trivialized you and caused you to lose your way. It’s a lie. I’m calling them on their BS. It’s satanic. Men, you ARE our LEADERS. We need you or our society collapses. We need to start honoring you for who you are…For those limp wristed ones without a backbone, have some courage for a change! ❤ Lastly a message of hope. I feel loved and supported by you ALL and there is power in truth. A lie cannot last. This ends because we say it ends. I see resistance all over the world, so we will create the future we dream of. Good will prevail. Stand in your truth. God Bless each and every one of you. Merry Christmas. Emma xoxo

Published by Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

I am a Farmer, Wife & Mother Protecting Our Rights for Freedom of Expression. I have travelled the World Extensively ... UK, Wales, Europe, Iceland, Africa, & Australia 84 - 88 My home City is Tauranga & I now reside on our Farm on the Shores of the North Kaipara Harbour along with my husband of 25 years . I was a Founding Pupil @ Matua Primary School (65) & attended Otumoetai Intermediate plus Otumoetai College I completed a Small Business Course My interests include : Family, Politics , Cooking, Gardening & The Great Outdoors I feel strongly our Rights are being Gradually taken away by a Government we no longer trust in New Zealand. My concerns are Forced Vaccination Dual Proposed Government 3 Waters, S.N.A & Hepuapua Policies * Lack of Roading Infrustructure My aim is to keep freedom of Speech in our Country Alive Plus I would like my family to live in NZ the way we knew it Growing Up Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder) Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression Website FB :

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