Dr Conlon is a hero.MCNZ and Medsafe are incompetent idiots intent on destroying the nation.

Conlon said tissues that showed an “intense uptake” of the Pfizer jab included the gonads, and “fertility uncertainties” were one of the issues he addressed when responding to questions about “long term uncertainties”. !!!!!

Doctor challenges seizure of ivermectin, the unapproved Covid-19 drug he imported for patients

Murupara GP Bernard Conlon​ is taking legal action to force Medsafe to release a supply of ivermectin he is trying to import for his patients.

Conlon​, who is unvaccinated and says he has taken the unapproved Covid-19 treatment himself with no ill-effects, has filed a case in the Rotorua District Court seeking a judicial review of a Medsafe decision to confiscate his consignment of ivermectin.

The drug is used to de-worm livestock and to treat a very limited number of parasitic diseases in humans, but the Ministry of Health has warned it could cause serious harm if used to treat or prevent Covid-19.

Personal imports of ivermectin have jumped sharply this year and Conlon’s​ shipment was among 905 referred to Medsafe, 357 in November alone. That compares with a total of 13 importations stopped at the border in 2020.

Medical Council chair Dr Curtis Walker confirmed the council had received six notifications relating to medical practitioners importing or attempting to import ivermectin, and Conlon told Stuff he was one of them.

After researching its use overseas, he had bought and attempted to import a large quantity of the relatively inexpensive drug, with the intention of providing it at no cost to his high-risk patients he believes would benefit from early-stage treatment.

Conlon​ said he took ivermectin, prescribed by a colleague at his request, to protect patients when he was still operating as an unvaccinated doctor, and he experienced no side effects.

Conlon​ offered to run a small trial for Medsafe to compare outcomes from other medical practices that offered Covid-19 patients only paracetamol and a pulse oximeter as a treatment choice, but he said Medsafe was not interested.

Conlon​ was already under investigation by the Medical Council for his comments at a Māori health expo in August, where he questioned “informed consent” for children and pregnant women around the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine.

He said the Ministry of Health had also lodged a complaint with the council over the ivermectin​ importation and his court case which is scheduled for a hearing in February.

“I am aware of other doctors that have attempted a similar importation but have opted not to challenge their seizures in court.”

In October, Methven GP Dr Sophie Febery told a Christchurch anti-vax rally she was under investigation by the Medical Council for discussing risks and benefits of the vaccination with a patient, and she had also unsuccessfully tried to import ivermectin.

Conlon has served Murupara​ and the surrounding area for 30 years and his popularity with locals is such that last month hundreds of residents turned out for a rally in support of him. A website set up to provide ongoing support said residents had written to Medsafe asking it to release the rongoā (medicine).
When ivermectin is stopped at the border, Medsafe can only release it on the authority of an authorised prescriber, usually a medical practitioner, and so far this year, just 33 consignments of the 903 detected have been released.

Miniginui​ resident Andy Blick​ counts Conlon​ as a personal friend as well as his doctor, and he said attended a public briefing where the GP outlined his plan for managing Covid, including the use of imported ivermectin.

“At no time did he say, ‘don’t get the vaccine’, or anything like that. He just said, ‘this is my plan, if it comes here, I will be very busy, and I like being busy, but if we follow my plan, no one here will die, and very few will end up in hospital’.”

A website that rates doctors gives Conlon a four out of five star rating, based on three positive reviews, but a fourth said that during an October visit to get support for vaccination “we were actively discouraged from doing so, instead we were told to increase our use of vitamin C and zinc.”

Murupara’s first case of Covid-19 was reported on Tuesday, four days after worries about the area’s low vaccination levels prompted the local Ngāti Whare rūnanga to invoke a rāhui to discourage visitors from entering the nearby Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park until the end of January.

Ngāti Whare chief executive Mere George​ said she was unaware of Conlon’s ivermectin​ importation plan, but her organisation had worked hard to improve jab rates, and even though he opted to remain unvaccinated, Conlon had supported their efforts to better inform locals.

“He’s been our silent cheerleader to ensure his patients and our community get information, so I have to take my hat off to him for doing so, as well as for him continuing to provide primary health care through all this, which has been a quite stressful situation.”

East Coast MP Kiri Allan is less impressed with Conlon’s influence on residents in the remote towns he serves, and she cited his comments about the Pfizer vaccination’s potential impact on male fertility.

She understood from tribal leaders that Conlon had conveyed that men could face sterility as a result of the vaccination, leaving some of them in tears.

Conlon said the anecdote was “bizarre” and it was disappointing the MP had not spoken with him directly, despite community attempts to arrange this.

“That she could describe men from this area – Murupara, Minginui or Ruatāhuna – as leaving in tears suggests she does not know her constituents particularly well. They don’t cry.”

Conlon said tissues that showed an “intense uptake” of the Pfizer jab included the gonads, and “fertility uncertainties” were one of the issues he addressed when responding to questions about “long term uncertainties”.

When asked about the alleged fertility issues, the Ministry of Health provided a link to the immunisation advisory centre website which said such statements were misleading and calculated to cause unnecessary fear.

There was no plausible reason why the Pfizer vaccine could have such effects, and there was strong evidence that it does not, because special cells protect the ovaries or testicles from infection and damage.

A spokeswoman for Allan’s office said she had contacted the Murupara community on multiple occasions and a request to meet with Conlon was never received.

CLICK LINK TO WATCH VIDEO : https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/127360835/doctor-challenges-seizure-of-ivermectin-the-unapproved-covid19-drug-he-imported-for-patients?

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