By Suzie Reyland

 I had a message today from a Member from Manawatu. 

I will make  it clear – we don’t know if it was the jab, but too much of a coincidence to rule out & what the lady overheard the Mother  saying on the phone pointed in that direction. And the girl has never done this  before.

Very  sad & alarming experience …

 I was in getting my nails done today & there was a young girl getting her nails done for Xmas – looked about 11 -12 years old.  The next thing she looked to pass out, & went all limp, seemed to go on forever but probably about 3 minutes, then her head started to roll around, then it went back & her eyes rolled to the back of her head – it looked awful.  After a couple of minutes she was sitting up but looking odd – far away glance  & her hands were really shaking uncontrollably, & it wouldn’t stop. 

They called an ambulance & it took forever. I heard the mother on the phone to the hospital/or doctor, describing everything.  I heard her say “she has had both of them – this has never happened before”.

 Heaps of people being jabbed for Xmas so they can do things, children are needing double jabs to do sports & lots of other things, & don’t want to be left out – real push to do 12 pluses.

When the young girl  walked out she needed a person on either side of her, her legs were very wobbly & not working properly. I found it quite upsetting – poor poor girl – I think  it was from jabs that she was coerced into getting. I will never know. 

The person doing her nails told me, that her mother said “she has never done that before”. Too much of a coincidence to me & classic symptoms from what I have read.

Thank You to our Member . And I am sorry you had to experience this shocking incident. 

Published by Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression

I am a Farmer, Wife & Mother Protecting Our Rights for Freedom of Expression. I have travelled the World Extensively ... UK, Wales, Europe, Iceland, Africa, & Australia 84 - 88 My home City is Tauranga & I now reside on our Farm on the Shores of the North Kaipara Harbour along with my husband of 25 years . I was a Founding Pupil @ Matua Primary School (65) & attended Otumoetai Intermediate plus Otumoetai College I completed a Small Business Course My interests include : Family, Politics , Cooking, Gardening & The Great Outdoors I feel strongly our Rights are being Gradually taken away by a Government we no longer trust in New Zealand. My concerns are Forced Vaccination Dual Proposed Government 3 Waters, S.N.A & Hepuapua Policies * Lack of Roading Infrustructure My aim is to keep freedom of Speech in our Country Alive Plus I would like my family to live in NZ the way we knew it Growing Up Sue Reyland (Admin/Founder) Kiwis Protecting Our Freedom of Expression Website FB :

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