Republican Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers trolled after saying Kiwis are emailing her about Jacinda Ardern and Covid camps

Republican Senator in Arizona Wendy Rogers called Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a ‘nut job’.

Kiwis on Twitter have come together to respond to a Republican senator in Arizona, US, who says she’s been receiving “a lot of emails” from New Zealanders complaining about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and “Covid camps” in New Zealand.

Wendy Rogers, a conservative senator from Arizona, says the emails are coming Kiwis “who are glad I am speaking out against their commie prime minister”. The politician went on to imply New Zealand has “Covid camps” and called Ardern a “nut job”.

Tweet :

Wendy Rogers@WendyRogersAZ
I am getting a lot of emails from New Zealanders who are glad I am speaking out against their commie prime minister. They said that no one is speaking out. We need more people denouncing this nut job. Covid camps? Seriously?

“Wendy we’re not allowed to plant our own gardens and not enough people are getting this out there because our internet access is so strictly timed and controlled by the government, one Kiwi Twitter user wrote, adding that “we have to use special black market routers just to access some things”.

“I’m so glad you are sharing this truth, I live in fear that our illegal garden plot will be uncovered by the midnight helicopter sweeps through our neighbourhood,” another Twitter user responded. “The weeds growing in it can only hide it for so long. When will the UN speak out?”

“The Covid Camps are the only place where we’re allowed to garden though, some people are faking positive tests just to have the time tending vegetables and growing flowers to take home to their families. It’s lead to the dissolution of the flower black market.
Such a hell hole,” someone else said.

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